Men desperately hiding psychological privacy

Men desperately hiding psychological privacy

For men, there are always a few civilians who are reluctant to tell women.

For example, his work situation, he feels that his girlfriend is here to share happiness, and is unwilling to bring unhappy things over.

Similarly, in order to prevent women from being jealous, they will not disclose their emotional experiences and so on.

  Women’s privacy is usually written in the diary, locked in place, and even posted in the boudoir, only to tell her girlfriend.

What about men?

Men also have wealth, but their wealth is generally in their hearts.

Women’s personalities are usually shared with others, but men’s arbitrary anonymity is so deep that they can only chew them carefully.

Women want to know the wealth of a man, because only in this way can he easily penetrate into his inner world and become his spiritual partner.


The working situation is in the heart of the man. He feels that his girlfriend is here to share happiness. He hopes to give you the best and give you happiness.

Therefore, men do not want to let you know about things at work, especially things that are unhappy at work.

Profit or loss?

Is the bonus less or longer?

How is the boss treating himself?

Such questions, men generally do not like women to ask at home.

He knew that even if I told you, it wouldn’t help.

Because things are still there, and you can’t solve them, help.

Having told you, it will only increase your troubles.

He doesn’t want to distract you, he doesn’t want you to be.

There are some facts that men and men want to keep it secret because they don’t want to bring daytime things into the night. Therefore, men do not like women to interfere in work matters.A pleasant thing.

  Of course, if you think you care about him, you should care about his work. You think this is the most basic.

But don’t put your intention on him, he doesn’t necessarily like it.


Emotional experience Female friends are very interested in her boyfriend’s past, especially his ex-girlfriend, so you may have been tangled on this issue, and you must know his emotional experience.

  Emotional experience is their wealth to men. Generally speaking, he will not tell you casually.

Do n’t think that your boyfriend does not love you, he does n’t tell you, he is afraid that you think he still remembers his ex-girlfriend, and that you will never live in depression and be happy.

Everyone has a past, and he doesn’t investigate your past, so why bother entangled with the past, as long as he only holds you in his heart now, as long as you are single-minded about you.

Let his emotional experience be a dusty past.

Set his secret as a “minefield” in your heart, and always remind yourself not to get involved. Even if you hear only a few words, don’t dig deeper. Your stubbornness and stinginess arouse his memories and even remember the “her”What are the benefits?


This is my own thing. Maybe your man will often say “this is my own thing” before you. When you hear this sentence, please don’t give up.

You have to know that if you continue to ask questions, you will only lose both.

  If he goes out for entertainment, you don’t have to ask who he is with.

If he wants to tell you, he will definitely tell you, to trust your man.

  Women work on detail