But things have reached this time,Lin Feng still wants to ask Lin Yang again,It’s like someone who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness,But still want to have a dying struggle。

really,After Lin Feng saw Lin Yang’s facial expression,His mind is completely dead。
This time,I really gave up my heart completely!
Because after Lin Yang listened to his words,Just laughed。
After Lin Yang laughed,Lin Yang took two steps forward,Came to Lin Feng,Extend one’s right hand,While pointing Lin Feng’s chest with his finger,Humiliated:
“Lin Feng,You are not,brothers?Blood relationship?These words,What did you say?For my Lin family,Our Lin family child,There will always be only Lin Yang、Lin Hai、Lin Ping。There has never been a person named Lin Feng。”
“you,Lin Feng,Will never be the brother of a few of us,Will never be our family,you,understand?Forever,far,Do not,meeting。”
Lin Feng was so devastated that Lin Yang stepped back a few steps,Until Liu Chunlan reacted,Lin Feng who was about to fall after holding on。
Liu Chunlan shouted to Lin Yang, anxious:“Lin Yang,Don’t go too far,How to say,Lin Feng is also father’s son,Is your brother,You do,You will suffer retribution。”
Who knew Lin Yang would laugh when he heard this。
“retribution,OK,I am waiting!but,I have a chance to wait,but,As for you,Is there a chance to wait,That’s not necessarily!”
“Nowadays,About those Lin family’s industries in Yunshi,You have to give it,Give or give。”
After Lin Yang said this,,Just take out the phone,Made a call,Said:“Lawyer Wang,The contract I asked you to prepare,Bring me home now。”
After Lin Yang said this,,Just hung up。
And Lin Feng and his family,To this time now,I understand why Lin Yang took the initiative to invite his family to attend Lin Tiansheng’s ceremony this time.。