What he said,The female priests present,Looking at Wu Hao eagerly,Not in the slightest fear because the man’s hands were just stained with the blood of the priest,But full of expectations。

“Except my convenience,The priest I picked,What good is he?”Lu Menglin was curious for a while,Ignore the hot eyes around,Asked with a smile。
Priest Lei Ji nodded,Smiled:“Of course there are benefits!The more you sacrifice,The higher the sacrifice level,The priest who accompanied you to sacrifice,The more grace she gained,The level will increase soon,Can get a lot of benefits。”
“Oh!Turned out to be like this!Why don’t you invite priest Lei Jiji to preside over the sacrifice for me??”Lu Menglin smiled casually。
Anyway, that’s what he said,Will I come to sacrifice in the future or another matter?!Let’s talk more about such nice words,Without spending money。
The so-called sedan chair,This is the truth。
really,When Priest Lei Ji heard this,,I laughed so hard that I couldn’t even close my mouth。
if we assume,Just now he pleased this lucky guy because of the oracle,Then now,He really likes this Mr. Wu Hao!
Just for this boldness,Characters willing to share with others,Cooperate with this kind of man,It’s definitely a very comfortable process。
“Ha ha!Thanks a lot,Thank you Wu Hao for your kindness,Lei Ji accepted!”
“but,You should choose another priest!I’m already a great priest in a red robe,I will get my share of grace from the income of the entire Guangming Dragon Temple。And my level is too high,It’s not appropriate to be your exclusive priest,I suggest you find a low-level priest,Cultivate slowly,Grow up with him,This kind of friendship is the strongest。”
These words of priest Lei Jiji,Really sincere,It’s already a very intimate suggestion。
Lu Menglin nodded,About to refuse,Because he doesn’t want to get a priest by his side。
“Excuse me,Can i be a priest?If it was me,Brother Wuhao shouldn’t refuse。”Unexpectedly at this moment,A clear voice came from behind Wu Hao。