[Are you going to eat litchi?]_Legal leave_Benefits

[Are you going to eat litchi?]_Legal leave_Benefits

Women have so many days each month that they feel unwell.

Lychee is one of the most suitable fruits for summer.

Litchi is transported in ice cubes, so it tastes cold.

Litchi used to be a tribute in the palace, and now almost everyone can eat it.

Everyone likes to eat lychees, but sometimes you ca n’t finish eating too much and you need to keep it properly.

Will you eat litchi?

1. Medical experts believe that the effect of food on a woman’s physiological cycle varies from person to person. Don’t be too attached to form, but it is best to follow the impact of food.

So can I eat lychee during menstruation? Doesn’t it come after eating lychee?

2. Litchi can be eaten during menstruation, but eating litchi has no effect on menstruation, but do not eat too much litchi, otherwise it will get angry.

3. Litchi can replenish energy and nourish the brain.

Litchi pulp is rich in glucose, sucrose, and the total sugar content is above 70%. It ranks first in many fruits and has the functions of energy supplement and nutrition.

Studies have shown that litchi has a nourishing effect on brain tissue and can significantly improve insomnia, forgetfulness and fatigue.

4, litchi can enhance immune function.

Litchi meat is rich in vitamin c and protein, which enhances the body’s immune function and improves disease resistance.

Since ancient times, it has been regarded as a precious supplement.

5. Reduce blood sugar.

Litchi contains an amino acid, which has the effect of lowering blood sugar, which is very suitable for patients with diabetes.

6, swelling and detoxification, bleeding and pain.

In addition to its well-known tonic effect, litchi is also used in surgical diseases such as tumors, scabies, scabies, malignancies, and traumatic bleeding.

7, stop hiccups, stop diarrhea.

Litchi sweet and warm spleen, and can reduce inverse, is a good food therapy for those who are refractory hiccups and five more leaks.