Summer travel care makes skin hydrated and translucent_1

Summer travel maintenance makes skin hydrated and translucent

When traveling, I can’t help but take a few photos at local attractions to leave a memorial. I don’t want to expose myself to imperfect skin conditions such as dullness, sunburn, peeling, and oily skin?

Come and follow the editor to see what these travel cares are best for your delicate skin!

  Travel destination Southeast Asia Whether it is Thailand, Malaysia or Singapore, Southeast Asia, the climate is vertical at around 30 degrees, which is a sultry tropical climate. Therefore, in Southeast Asian countries, sun protection is a must-do maintenance and moisturizing must not be ignored!

  Oily skin-gel-based sunscreen, oil control products are used in sultry Southeast Asian countries. Because of the hot high temperature, the body sweats unconsciously, and it has a sticky feeling that is difficult to resist.

Therefore, if you have oily skin, remember to choose a gel type sunscreen when using sunscreen care.

Although the water resistance is insufficient, at least it will not feel sticky and uncomfortable.

People with oily skin are more prone to acne and oil problems in tropical regions, so they use products that contain both fruit acid components or oil control factors.

At night, don’t be afraid of skin being too oily and neglecting moisturizing care, you can simply choose a serum containing hyaluronic acid stock solution.

  Dry skin-refreshing lotion and water-resistant sunscreen travel in hot tropical regions. The climate changes during the day and it is sticky. Therefore, even you with dry skin are less likely to have dry skin. Therefore,You can choose a larger refreshing lotion during the day.

People with dry skin are also more likely to develop solar dermatitis due to the stimulation of sunlight. Therefore, it is recommended to choose waterproof sunscreen products to avoid sunburn caused by forgetting tonic.

In terms of maintenance at night, it is recommended to choose the usual night cream products.

  Mixed skin-T-shaped parts do well with oil control, and people with mixed skin who replenish moisture on their face, if they travel to Southeast Asia, the maintenance will be more troublesome.

Because the T-shaped part is more prone to oil and acne problems, but the two-toe part is relatively clean.

So it is recommended to do some different maintenance for different facial areas.

For T-shaped parts, you can use acne-reducing products topically, such as fruit acids, salicylic acid or products containing oil control factors.

And the double top part can bring emulsion-like products to improve the dryness of the skin on both toes.