All movements start with a practice position, which is the way the body stays in a moment.

The muscles need to support the upright trunk to create the necessary tension. At this time, a dynamic balance is created between relaxation and exercise.

A correct posture is good for health.

  Correct posture requires that both sides of the body are symmetrical. The coordinated balance between bones and muscles also helps to form a correct posture. This includes tilting upwards from the waist, and the upper body and knees feel balanced and relaxed.Feeling, the body’s center of gravity is stable and balanced, and breathing is naturally soothing and regular.

  Imbalance caused by physiological defects for some reason, such as scoliosis or different lengths of legs, try to strengthen the body’s sense of balance and stability when practicing.

  The benefits of a balanced posture are many. It can enhance the consciousness inside the body, improve flexibility, increase energy, make the body function at the best state, and run the energy in the body more smoothly and freely.

Relaxed breathing makes posture exercises easier and smoother.

Due to the stability and coordination of the skeletal structure, the nervous system can also eliminate excessive muscle tension in this stable state.

  Practicing yoga can increase awareness of balance.

Practicing different postures (called “Asana” in Sanskrit) can stretch the body and strengthen it.

A natural and healthy posture helps to practice yoga correctly, accelerates the process of practice, improves the efficiency of the practice, and also makes the body less vulnerable.

Next, we will introduce the basic standing and sitting postures.

These postures help coordinate and balance the body before practicing more complex movements.

These postures can be practiced independently and gradually form the correct posture in daily life.

During the exercise, you can look through a mirror. It is better to have a companion to give you feedback, so that you can know that some parts of the body need coordination and symmetry.