Two beauty recipes made with honey

Two beauty recipes made with honey

◎ Honey white radish soup material: 100 grams of white radish, 20 grams of honey.

    Method: first wash the white radish, peel and cut into diced pieces; put the radish pieces into the casserole and cook with an appropriate amount of water; add an appropriate amount of honey seasoning to the white radish soup and serve immediately.

One dose per day, and even 20 doses.

    Efficacy: It has the effects of nourishing the lungs and resolving phlegm and relieving cough.

  ◎ Sesame honey porridge ingredients: 100 grams of rice, 30 grams of black sesame, 20 grams of honey.

    Method: Put black sesame into the pot, stir fry over low heat, and simmer into the thick end while hot; rinse the rice, soak in cold water for half an hour, remove, drain the water; add about 1000 ml of cold water to the pot, putAfter the previous rice is cooked, first boil it with a high fire; then turn to a low heat and cook until the eighth mature, add black sesame powder and honey; then cook until the previous rice is cooked and rotten, and you can serve it.

  Efficacy: Laxative, detoxification, and intestinal beauty.

Honey: “Attending the evil spirits of the hearts and minds, the fears, the insufficiency of the five internal organs, replenishing qi, relieving pain, detoxifying, removing all diseases, and combining hundred medicines.

Jiufu, strong will light, not greedy and old, prolong life.

There are five functions for medicinal use: clearing heat, filling up, detoxifying, moisturizing, and analgesic.