Regular massage of 6 acupuncture points can prolong life

Regular massage of 6 acupuncture points can prolong life

Since ancient times, people have been pursuing longevity.

On old people’s birthdays, we often bless the old people for “longevity and 100 lives”, which is very useful.

How can I live longer?

Chinese medicine believes that in addition to paying attention to daily diet and strengthening exercise to improve the body’s immunity, traditional Chinese medicine acupressure also helps longevity.

Frequent massages of six points, including Neiguan, Taixi, and Zusanli, can prolong life and achieve longevity.

Massage the Neiguan point: the heart’s umbrella suitable symptoms: heart disease, such as rheumatic heart disease, myocarditis, coronary heart disease, etc., especially the prevention of heart obstruction has a prominent effect.

Neiguan acupoint is the “collateral” acupoint of the pericardial meridian, the core acupoint for traditional Chinese medicine to treat heart diseases.

Neiguan acupoint is located 2 inches above the horizontal stripes of the wrist.

After insisting on massaging this acupuncture point for a month, the patient’s symptoms such as breathlessness, upset, and palpitations will be significantly reduced or disappeared to promote longevity.

Massage Taixi Point: Good medicine for chronic kidney disease Suitable symptoms: kidney disease, chronic nephritis, diabetic nephropathy, etc.

Kidney nourishment has a certain relationship with longevity.

The Taixi acupoint is the “losing” acupoint of the foot meridian kidney meridian, also known as “one of the nine points of Huiyang”, which focuses on nourishing the kidney.

The Taixi acupoint is located in the depression of the foot, behind the inner depression, and between the tip of the inner depression and the Achilles tendon.

For patients with nephritis, there is a certain degree of reduction in hypertension after kneading, and urine protein is significantly reduced.

Massage Zusanli Point: Tonics that are as effective as ginseng. Suitable symptoms: All debilitating diseases, such as anemia, postpartum degradation, and early recovery from serious illness.

The Zusanli Point is the “he” point of the stomach meridian of the Foot Yangming. It is a strong and healthy point. It has the functions of replenishing and strengthening the body, regulating yin and yang, strengthening the spleen and stomach, and activating the meridian.

The Zusanli acupoint is located on the outside of the lower leg, 3 inches below the outer knee, approximately a transverse finger near the bone.

Use the thumb on the same side to knead or use a smooth wooden stick to knead, or use moxa stick moxibustion, which can also achieve longevity.

Massage Hegu Point: Natural Therapy to Fight Pain Suitable Symptoms: All kinds of pain, especially good at delaying pain in patients with advanced cancer.

Hegu Acupoint is the “original” acupuncture point of the large intestine meridian of the hand.

Hegu Point is located at the back of the hand, at the midpoint of the first metacarpal space.

Use the thumb on the opposite side to knead or pinch the skin at the acupoint with three fingers.

This acupoint is often massaged to relieve pain, prolong life, and achieve longevity.

Massage Guanyuan: Rejuvenation Suitable symptoms: various reproductive system diseases.

Especially good at treating infertility, impotence, premature ejaculation, dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation.

Chinese medicine believes that Guan Yuan acupoints have a solid foundation of cultivating yuan, which can nourish the power of coke, and that Fan Qi can be used instead.

Guanyuan Point is located in the lower part of the abdomen, the front midline, and 3 inches below the umbilicus.

Commonly used methods are kneading or tremor.

The tremor method is to close Guanyuan acupoint with two hands overlapping and overlapping, press slightly, and push up and down quickly and slightly.

Qi is closely related to longevity.

Tonic qi and blood can help to live longer.

Massage acupuncture points: suitable symptoms for treating gastric diseases: corrected gastric and duodenal diseases, such as: gastric and duodenal ulcers, chronic gastritis, atrophic gastritis, gastric ptosis, etc., especially to relieve stomach pain and treat indigestioneffective.

Zhongxuan acupoint is a convergent acupoint of four meridians. It is also known as the “soul acupoint of the stomach”. It has the functions of strengthening the spleen and stomach, replenishing qi, and longevity.

The middle acupoint is located on the upper abdomen, anterior midline, and 4 inches above the middle of the umbilicus.

The commonly used method is by rubbing or rubbing.

Rubbing, that is, overlapping palms or stepping on Zhongli acupoint with single palm, slowly pushing clockwise or counterclockwise to make the abdominal cavity feel hot.