Wonderful case: adolescent sexual psychology

Wonderful case: adolescent sexual psychology

A 16-year-old student G, due to some bad behaviors of the 14-year-old sexual obscurity period, caused psychological disorders and behavior disorders, fear and pessimism, and almost died.

Diagnosed by a hospital as: neurosis; obsessive-compulsive neurosis; schizophrenia.

On January 21, 1990, he was accompanied by a guardian for treatment.


D society?

D physiology?


“D Medicine” is a five-dimensional medical model based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and the theory of pharmacology, which combines the treatment of the mind and the body, the combination of mind therapy and drug therapy, and carries out dialectical treatment.

Distinguish the disease as: depression.

Differentiation is as follows: bile indecision, unfavorable cardinal, internal disturbance of phlegm, and uneasiness.

After 36 diagnoses and treatments, psychological cues, psychological counseling, psychological cognition, psychological support, behavioral therapy, and recreational therapy were used; 24 doses of Chinese medicine were decoction, and 2240 grams of “Yang Xing Dan” (developed by our institute) were swallowed; it took more than 2 years,Finally, he gradually entered a good situation and recognized and established his “life goals and ways to achieve”.

In the past 12 years, he has been working hard to enrich himself and become a healthy man. He has received a car license and a skilled computer operator from a certain unit. He has repeatedly improved and advanced.

The treatment experience is introduced as follows.

  I. Brief introduction of medical history G, male, 16 years old, student, medical record number: 9001008.

Initial diagnosis on January 21, 1990.

Tensions, fears, guilt and suicide thoughts for more than a year.

He has been diagnosed and treated in several major medical schools with no significant effect.

The city psychiatric hospital was diagnosed as: (1) neurogenetic disorder; (2) obsessive-compulsive neurosis; (3) schizophrenia.

On examination: sinus bradycardia and arrhythmia; “Anti-O” 1200 units; EEG, voltage is too low.

It is said that one year ago, she “fighted” with her sister. She was afraid of being told by him. She was often silent, depressed, and pessimistic. She was not interested in all kinds of things. She behaved strangely.
Introduced to my clinic.

  Second, treatment overview At the first diagnosis, complained of chest tightness, abdominal distension, dizziness, nausea, restless sleep, dry stool.

The tongue is red, the edges are uneven, the white fur is slightly greasy, and the pulse strings.

Diagnosis: Depression (phobia).

Dialectics: biliary indecision, unfavorable cardinal, internal disturbance of phlegm, and uneasiness.

At first, Artemisia qingdantang decoction was added with mother-of-pearl, jujube kernel and rhubarb in three doses. After treatment, the symptoms were relieved.

Following the three-decoction of Wendan Decoction and Pinellia Houpu Tanghua Recipe, 100 grams of “Natural Dan” was swallowed 3 times a day, 5 grams each time.

He hinted that he had a pain in his heart and hoped to spit it out quickly.

At the 7th clinic, on February 18th, the patient said that since taking “Yangxing Dan”, “the courage is more than before”, the psychological symptoms have been relieved, and she is ready to continue to school.

On the 12th, March 7, the weather was fine. At 3 pm, the patient vomited more than a year of secrets and pain.

He said, “. At first I doubted and feared, and did not believe that my illness could be cured, and now my health is much better.

The weather is fine today, I decided to take time off to talk to you about my heart . “.

Due to the ignorance and curiosity of the obscure sexual period, the patient made some insults to her sister.

One day I saw the relevant law book by accident and felt that I had committed hooliganism and it was a crime. I was often afraid of being charged and arrested .

During the conversation, the doctors kindly, patiently and meticulously conducted psychological counseling, psychological awareness and psychological support to the patients. The patients’ expressions were lively, and their eyes were calm, excited and happy.

This is the turning point in the treatment process.

Since then, the patient’s psychosomatic symptoms have gradually improved.

At the 23rd clinic, on May 12, the patient expressed his confusion: What does it mean to live?How can I live a good life?

The doctor gives answers one by one while talking with the patient.

Writing while talking, explaining while drawing, the patient nodded frequently and smiled.

On the third day after the individuality (May 14th), the doctors sent the arranged pictures and texts of the “paths to achieve life goals” to the patients when they visited the home.

  Since then, the patient’s mental and physical condition has gradually entered a good condition.

There are often small repetitions, and the doctors all join in time to resolve.

  This case went through 36 consultations (each medical record), from January 21, 1990 to July 8, 1992, which lasted more than 2 years.

Psychotherapy includes: psychological cues, psychological counseling, psychological cognition, psychological support, behavior therapy, recreation therapy, etc.

Drug therapy: take 24 decoctions of traditional Chinese medicine, 2240 grams of “Yang Xing Dan” (developed by our institute).

  Third, the outcome of the disease on July 8, 1992, the patient visited, informed that the graduation examination and assessment have passed, received a certificate in mid-August, assigned work in September, and sent two recent full-body photos.

  After 12 years of contact, patients are still working hard to enrich themselves and reflect their value in life.

Now that he is physically and mentally healthy, he has become a technician and backbone of a certain unit. He has obtained a driver’s license for a car, is proficient in operating a computer, and has inherited advanced technology many times.

  Fourth, what are the examples of this case is that the doctor follows the “natural?”

D society?
D physiology?

The “D medicine” five-dimensional medical model, based on the traditional Chinese medicine’s theory of health and rationale and prescriptions, combines the treatment of mind and body, mind and medicine, and carries out dialectical treatment.

  ”Nei Jing” reads: “The gall is the official of Zhongzheng, and he is determined to make a concubine.”

Decisive bile and unfavorable cardinalities will produce many psychological and physical symptoms and cause various diseases.

The general rules for treating typical diseases are: helping them to make decisions, “adjusting where yin and yang are located” (Ke Yunbo); reconciling cardinals, “yin and yang self-healing must heal” (Zhang Zhongjing).

The treatment of this case is its evidence.

Psychological disorders and behavioral disorders caused by different reasons are more common in adolescents.

What is the meaning of life?

How to achieve your own life goals and values?

It is the suspicion of excessive youth.

The treatment in this case has always been around this theme.

  Lao Qiu said: Psychological consultation is only one of the methods to solve various psychological problems.

While we use pure consulting theory to solve psychological problems, there are also many people exploring how to solve psychological problems more effectively.

The ancients said: Interlacing is like separating mountains.

The ancients also said: Do not separate every other line.

  As a psychological counseling practitioner, I hope we can learn more about the problem-solving methods than the counseling technology.

Therefore, Lu Fangweng said: “You want to learn poetry, poetry is outside of kung fu” Admittedly!