He felt that his decision just now was too wise,How does icing on the cake compare to giving charcoal in the snow?

The Sixth Prince was the first to stand up,The giants who support Wuhao,And his move,Have told all families,The relationship between the Six Princes House and Wu Hao is very shallow,Cooperation has started long ago,With this level of endorsement,It’s equivalent to raising Wu Hao’s worth。
Six Prince Mili believes,All that I have paid,Wu Hao should be very clear,Also know how to choose。
“Everyone be quiet!Please listen to me!”Lu Menglin didn’t expect the representatives of these rich family members to be so crazy,Isn’t it the ability to modify attributes??Why they behave so desperately?
I heard Master Wu Hao say,Everyone shut their mouths obediently,None of them wants to leave a bad impression on Master Wu Hao at this time。
One thousand one hundred and eight chapters Master of Magic
“Everyone saw it just now,The three Scarlet Moon equipment on the Three Black Blood Masters。Yes,Those three pieces of equipment are indeed my own changes。”
I didn’t wait for Master Wuhao to finish,There was another cheer from the representatives of the rich。
“First of all,The first thing I want to announce to you,Is my ability,I call it a magic,Means the magic of reconstruction。”
Lu Menglin said that,Deliberately paused,Everyone in the audience is listening carefully,The rhythm is completely under control。
“It turns out that this technique is called magic!”Many people present silently memorized this keyword that was created。
Lu Menglin paused,Keep saying:“then,Things are not what you think。to be honest,My current level of magic,Just can build on the original equipment,Make limited improvements。And the higher the level of equipment,The more difficult。”
When Master Wuhao is talking,Everyone present listened very carefully,Because of this scene,Is creating a new history of the god nation,And each of them is involved,You Rongyan。
“A simple analogy,Upgrade this Miss Mulan’s three-eye bracelet,For me,Very simple,But to improve the attributes of a Scarlet Moon equipment,It will take at least a week,And there is a risk of failure。”
“Actually, I’m not afraid of you guys,The three Scarlet Moon equipment on the Three Black Blood Masters you saw,Two of them are from our Bairimen collection,I matched it from the inventory,Only one,I personally promoted it。”Lu Menglin said calmly。
Everyone was taken aback first,Then they all laughed。