Symptoms of chronic gastritis have some common manifestations

Symptoms of chronic gastritis have some common manifestations

Chronic gastritis is a common gastrointestinal disease, and too many people have gastritis. For chronic gastritis, because of the lack of understanding of its symptoms, many people can not find it in time, so there is no nursery care, which leads to increased gastritis, soFor early onset of chronic gastritis, it is important to understand that the symptoms of chronic gastritis have some common manifestations.

What are the common symptoms of chronic gastritis?

1, the symptoms of chronic gastritis are asymptomatic, and a considerable number of patients have no clinical symptoms.

2, the course of chronic gastritis is relocated.

The duration of the disease varies from six months to several decades, and the symptoms are light and heavy.

Due to weather changes, especially in autumn and winter, it is easy to get sick, too cold and hard foods such as fried foods, tired, and mental factors cause symptoms to worsen.

3, about 50% of patients often have abdominal discomfort, stuffy pain, burning pain, fullness, no obvious rhythm, generally heavier after eating.

Insufficient appetite, belching, acid reflux, nausea, snoring, dyspepsia such as fullness or dullness after a meal are also common.

Some patients’ appetites were not affected, but the symptoms of eating a little more bloating were significantly worse.

4, there are gastric mucosal erosion can have a small amount or a large number of upper gastrointestinal bleeding, long-term small amount of bleeding can cause iron deficiency anemia.

Type a gastritis can appear obvious anorexia, systemic weakness, weakness, weight loss, and apathy.

In typical pernicious anemia, tongue atrophy and peripheral nerve damage may occur, such as paresal paresthesia.

Gastrointestinal symptoms of type b gastritis are more obvious, especially in the case of bile reflux, sometimes similar to peptic ulcer, there may be repeated small amount of upper gastrointestinal bleeding, and even hemostasis.

Signs are not obvious, sometimes mild tenderness in the upper abdomen.