Delicious health fruit wine is coming, the first choice for exquisite girls!

Delicious health fruit wine is coming, the first choice for exquisite girls!

There are thousands of wines, white wine, wine, yellow wine, and many different flavors. I like fruit wine because it tastes sweeter, alcohol is not high, and it is not drunk, only a slight feeling.

I often come to bed before going to bed, the feeling of being a little like a dream is very good, very helpful to human health.

Fruit wine is, in a nutshell, a wine made from fruit, which can be grapes, mulberry, bayberry, lychee, apple, etc. There are two types of fruit wine in the city, namely, fruit wine and fruit wine.

The configuration of fruit wine is done with very little fruit juice plus alcohol, other flavor pigments, etc., without the taste and nutrients left by the fruit wine.

The brewed fruit wine is all fermented with fruits. Except for yeast, no other substances are added. The wine produced is the original fruit wine, and its color and taste are more natural and authentic, and the fruit should be preserved.Nutritional ingredients.

Hawthorn wine is brewed fruit wine, brewed only with wild hawthorn, white sugar and fructose syrup.

Fructose syrup is a starch syrup made by crushing and alternating plant starch, and is mainly composed of glucose sugar and fructose.

It is rich in fruit, sweet and sour, and it is nutritious enough to drink.

After fermenting into wild wine, wild mountain glutinous rice tastes better than ordinary hawthorn, and the absorbed vitamins and amino acids and other nutrients required by the human body are more easily absorbed by the human body.

The nutrients of the essential hawthorn are fully released, more easily absorbed by the body, have a disease-preventing effect and a high health value, and are a natural and healthy drink.

A beautiful little fairy who loves beauty, drink a glass of hawthorn wine before going to sleep at night, to help sleep, and to improve beauty!

Hawthorn wine contains a lot of polyphenols, which can inhibit the accumulation of substances in the human body, making it difficult for people to accumulate too much and excess meat. The young ladies who are determined to lose weight do not hinder drinking a cup.

Some people say that wine is a “healthy killer”. It is not good to drink too much, but I think if you drink more hawthorn fruit wine, you can maintain health and fitness, and you don’t have to worry about being harmful to your health. What do you think?