Mango TCM health season

Mango TCM health season

On the 5th of the Gregorian calendar, the lunar calendar is April.

Customs and species have entered the typical summer season, and farming is based on this season. After this festival, the survival rate of crops is getting lower and lower.

This is the reason why the farmer’s farmer is busy with seeds, and once he is white.

The farmer’s farmland “there is also a thunder in the country, and the rain in the terminal is a good year”. It is said that the manger species and the rain on the Dragon Boat Festival are very beneficial to the harvest of the grain.

  There are still no living species, and when the temperature is about to get cold, don’t take off your cold clothes to cover the cold.

According to the climatic characteristics of the season, the males should maintain a happy attitude in mental health and avoid anger and depression.

To go to bed early and get up early, properly receive the sun, in order to comply with the yang yang, which is conducive to the operation of blood and uplifting spirit.

Summer is long and short, and noon at noon can help clear fatigue and help health.

  Dietary health caregivers think that the diet in summer and March should be replenished.

“Lu’s Spring and Autumn”

“Done article” pointed out: “There is no strong taste in the ruler, no heavy wine.”

“The Sun Chao of the Tang Dynasty advocated that people should always be light and sweet, and big wheat is always good.”

He also said: “Let’s eat less meat, eat more fruits and vegetables, and naturally taste and taste.

“Light diet plays an important role in health.”

  The food attribute, the so-called “four gas”, means that food enters the human body and produces “cold, hot, warm, cold” effects.

Between the four is neither warm nor hot, nor cold or cold, it is “flat”.