Chapter one hundred and thirty end

Subsequently,The Earth Alliance headquarters where the news was received,Send someone to the scene in a certain country the first time,After investigating the traces of fighting in this neighborhood,Formally filed a serious condemnation and protest to the government of the country。
The National Security Agency without permission,Send troops to attack the human hero Lu Menglin,In the end, he was successfully killed by Lu Menglin,In flesh and blood,Directly destroyed three gunships and four tanks,And caused dozens of military casualties。
When the fighting videos in the block circulated,The intelligence agencies of all countries were taken aback,The power analysis of Lu Menglin, the master of Jingshen Valley, restarted。
I thought he was already a low-key character,Now it seems,Not like this at all!Lu Menglin is still strong,Even in terms of individual combat power,He can definitely stand on top of the earth world。
but,Something unexpected happened,The country that initiated the action,Although the security chief was removed from office,,But it does not admit that this small-scale military operation was wrong,They refuted the condemnation of the Earth Alliance,And propose,Lu Menglin’s people without permission,Enter another country without permission,With his combat power,This in itself is an extremely dangerous move。
And the current superpowers,Actually acquiesced to this statement,They announced,Request the establishment of new defense regulations,Super combat power like Lu Menglin is not allowed,Enter their country at will,Otherwise it will be regarded as an extremely dangerous terrorist accident,They will retain the right to launch military strikes。
The strong backlash from these superpowers,Make the upper ranks of the Earth Allied Forces be devastated,But nothing to do。
Because of this signal,Not just from a political standpoint,It shows that these superpowers have been recuperating and rejuvenating in the past two years,The threat of the red zone has not been taken seriously enough,And in the hands of these politicians,And gradually mastered some high-end combat power,This is also where they dare to attack a strong like Lu Menglin.。
After all,Or because the threat of the red zone has been reduced,It’s been a long time since dark creatures descended on the earth,The huge military expenditures have made governments of all countries reluctant to hand over their military power and wealth to the Earth coalition forces to continue to squander.。
Including the inside of the Earth Alliance,Also have different voices。
As the information of the city of steel is gradually revealed,Some military leaders think,The Earth Alliance should be like Lu Menglin,Send troops to the Shenmin continent,Build more strongholds over there,Because only this,Humans will be stronger,To get more resources for the new world。
And Lu Menglin disappeared from the eyes of all parties once again,Including the Earth Alliance can’t reach him,Because he is so busy。
The last few days,Lu Menglin stayed in the Shocking God Valley,Stay in that broken alien warship。