Mastering skincare techniques to make beauty easier

Master skincare techniques to make beauty easier

As a woman, you must recognize your own facial problems. Acne, moisturizing, sun protection, whitening, and anti-aging are required courses for facial care.

So, how can we make the pink and delicate face never fade?

Xiaobian Life is here to provide you with all kinds of beauty and skin care information, so that the beautiful face is always there, so that your youth will always be permanent!


hzh {display: none; }  淋巴排毒顺序  清晨醒来时,镜中的肌肤质感光滑又明净–这都是淋巴排毒的结果:平躺时,由鼻中线起,毒素顺着循环向脸的两边Mobile exclusion.
Follow the direction of facial lymphatic detoxification, from top to bottom, the three areas of the entire face, upper and lower forehead, facial jaw and chin; with the nose as the middle length, insert it on both sides sequentially.

  Makeup remover: first warm the makeup remover in the palm, activate it, then tilt it from the top to the bottom, and tilt it to the sides from the nose. After absorbing it on the forehead, face, jaw, and chin, then gently block it with the palm.Remove makeup and oil from pores.

  Cleansing Foam: Use warm water to make foam in the palm of your hand, and use the foam on the surface to clean the skin in a circular manner (use the foam to make the circular sliding movement, try not to pull the skin), then rinse with water.

  Eye cream: The eye is the thinnest part of the skin and no sweat glands.

Therefore, be sure to use eye cream before the face cream, otherwise oily particles may be generated.

Depending on the essence, it depends on whether the specific product can be applied to the eyes: if it is an essence that can be used on the eyes, use it before the eye cream.

With a rice-sized eye cream, use your middle finger and ring finger (the two lightest fingers) to gently extend the inner corner of the eye and press it. You can make a circular motion, but the amplitude and intensity must be small.

  Essence, cream: follow the direction of facial lymphatic detox, tilt from the nose to both sides, smear the entire face across the forehead, jaw and chin, and then gently pull the cream in the above direction with your palmJust fine.

Night cream and serum can be massaged a little.

  Eye Makeup Remover: Cover the eyes with two makeup sheets dipped into the eye makeup remover / liquid, and gently wipe with both hands. After warming, gently wipe off the eye shadow, eyeliner and other makeup from top to bottom.

Then put the cotton pad under your eyes, use the cotton pad to dip the eye makeup remover, comb it carefully, and clean the mascara residue.

  Toner: Gently patting the toner on the bladder with your palm may feel more comfortable and not wasteful, but this way does not best absorb the toner on the entire sheet.

The correct way is: start from the center of the forehead with the cotton pad soaked in toner, and tilt it to the left and right with the midline of the nose as the top and bottom across the entire face.

In this way, even the eye socket area can fully enjoy the cleansing and moisturizing effect of the toner.

  Skin care milk / cream: If you want the skin to better absorb moisturizing products, it is very effective to push the pores from the bottom to the top.

First apply the cream on the chin, the two jaws, the forehead and the tip of the nose, and then start from the chin in a circular motion slowly upward, through the nose, to the forehead; and then spread the cream on the cheeks from the sides of the mouth up.

If it is an emulsion, you can make better use of the palm and adhere evenly over a large area.

For soothing fragrance products, this method allows the nose with sensitive nose to enjoy the fragrance soothing first.

  Foundation: Sometimes after using the foundation, the eyes may overlap with lumps-this is most likely related to the application of the foundation.

Because the pores open downward when vertical, the top-down approach causes the foundation to better cover the pores, and also plays a protective role.

First, squeeze the foundation on the back of the hand outside the base of the thumb to let the temperature change emulsify and the brakes to absorb evenly.

Then use your fingers to place the foundation on your chin, under your cheekbones, forehead and nose.

Without the help of a professional makeup artist, a dedicated sponge is the best choice.

The foundation on the forehead and nose is smoothed from top to bottom; the foundation under the cheekbones is spread to the two jaws diffusely (this keeps the thickest part of the foundation under the cheekbones): the chin is also top to bottomApply evenly.