Lin Tian certainly does not have to bear any legal responsibility at this age,I’m not worrying about compensation。

But for a child,If the truth of this matter cannot be known,She will have a psychological shadow in the future!
and so,We must make this matter clear!
If Lin Tian is a legitimate defense,I won’t let that kid, his parents and the head teacher!
I will let them taste what life is better than death。
I have no right to judge anyone,But if I can,Will make them suffer the serious consequences of doing bad things。
I just opened the live broadcast with a try,At the same time, to prevent the other side from biting back。
Soon someone trusted me privately,Can provide strong evidence that Lin Tian is a legitimate defense!
I reply immediately,If you can provide evidence,I will thank and reward him!
The other party said it doesn’t need,Just for fairness and justice。
We are still arguing and stalemate,Someone rushed here,The other party is the one who can provide evidence。
He is a blogger,I accidentally photographed this material。
Because I was still busy,I didn’t pay attention to other things,I found this clip when I returned home for a return visit。