[Baby food supplement taro]_ infants and young children _ delicious practice

[Baby food supplement taro]_ infants and young children _ delicious practice

Many places prefer to eat taro, especially in the southern and southern regions. In fact, taro is very similar to the tadpoles in our northern region. However, taro has a higher nutritional value and is more suitable for some babiesIt is said that taro is also more suitable. Most taro can be added with some grains to improve the nutritional value. So what is the practice of baby supplementing taro?

Daquan baby food supplements Daquan: corn taro puree material: corn kernels 60g, taro 60g practices: 1. First, be careful when peeling taro with a spoon or a tool, it is best to wear thin gloves), and cut into small pieces, Wash with water and cook with water.

2. Put the washed corn kernels into a pot and cook them. Put them into a blender and stir into corn slurry.

3. Sub-knead the taro into a mud with a spoon, then pour into the corn slurry, stir well and blend together.

Tips: Both corn and taro are rich in nutrients and are very suitable for baby’s complementary food.

This complementary food is suitable for babies over 7 months.

Daquan baby food supplements: taro sago ingredients: 2 small taro, 400 grams of coconut milk, 200 ml of water, 80 ml of sago, the right amount of sugar: 1, prepare half a pot of water, add the water after boilingCook the rice, remove and add cold water for later use.

2. Peel the taro, cut into small dices, then add coconut milk and beat well with a juice machine.

Taro puree coconut milk is boiled with sugar and boiled over low heat. Adjust the amount of sugar to your taste.

3. After the sugared taro coconut milk is chilled, add sago and mix well.

Tips: When cooking mashed coconut milk, you need to stir it a little to avoid scorching.

Coconut milk can also be replaced with coconut milk, and those with a lighter taste can also be replaced with fresh milk, breast milk or formula milk.

This complementary food is suitable for babies over 1 year old.

Daquan baby food supplements: Taro porridge Ingredients: 1 bowl of rice, 2 fresh shiitake mushrooms, 1 small taro, pork hot pot slices 2-3, minced celery practices: 1, peeled mushrooms, taro peeled and set aside.

2, shiitake mushrooms, meat slices, taro cut into small dices, add to the pot, add water, stir-fry and cook.

3. Add white rice, appropriate amount of water, stir well, cook over medium-low heat until taste, add ground celery and cook.

Tips: If your baby likes light flavors, you don’t need to add ground celery. If you prefer strong flavors, you can add broth and cabbage to increase the sweetness of the soup.

This complementary food is suitable for babies from September to November.