Marriage: The Embarrassment of the Female Leader and the Male Leader

Marriage: The Embarrassment of the Female Leader and the Male Leader

Anthropologists have always believed that the most important task for women is to choose a spouse that can support the functioning of the family.

Laura followed this rule, and her husband of choice had a job that most women thought was a poor job-lawyer.

  ”Marry a lawyer,” she said, “I always thought it was a great choice because lawyers have a high income.

“Because she didn’t need to work hard to make ends meet, Laura began to try to have a light-weight casual worker, which could guarantee that she would have the whole afternoon to take care of the children.

  In the initial acceleration, Laura did realize her dream.

Her husband Jonathan earns a six-figure salary every month, and she spends a little time as a relaxed pet rearing consultant.

  But the good times didn’t last long. In May last year, Jonathan lost his job and he didn’t find a job again.

The burden of supporting the family suddenly fell on Laura’s shoulder.

Although their 5-year-old son Dylan often praises his father for taking care of him, it seems that Dylan is the only one who is satisfied with the change.

“This is not the life I want.

Said Laura, busy with her work.

At the same time, Jonathan was annoyed that he couldn’t cook a good meal. “I’m very frustrated.

“He wrote.

  Unemployed fathers, like many families, the Earp family is experiencing this pain and helplessness-the father is unemployed and the mother must go out to make money.

The unemployment crisis is gradually rising, and the number of unemployed men across the country has now exceeded 8,800,000.

Some of them are doing temporary jobs, including some who make money by playing online games.

However, this can only bring a small amount of income.

What’s more serious is that many frustrated employees have even given up the opportunity to continue looking for work.

  It is gratifying that at least 1,700,000 unemployed men have the assistance of competent wives. These women have abandoned their “weak roles”
in history and resolutely rely on hard work to reduce the financial burden on their families.

  At present, women’s education is generally higher than men’s.

In 1983, 34% of high-paid jobs were held by women; by 2001, half of the work had been done separately.

Although the average income of women is still lower than that of men, in the 2001 statistics, 30.

In 7% of families, wives have higher incomes, and they earn far more than their husbands.

  In this case, the husband can only do the heavy housework.

  The single-income era has a more obvious marriage pressure for some households where unemployed husbands do housework: money.

  When the Internet was on the rise, Gregg Wetterman succeeded by organizing a network for the Dallas Institute of Technology.

His wife Jennie is proud to recall those days.

“In the summer of 2001, I was in the pool every day