All this was shocked,Almost freaked out!

Just now he saw this man with his own magic shield,Knowing that the other party must be a big figure in the gods,Powerful,So I tried desperately when I came up,I just think that the other party will cherish his life,Can kill him with a fierce move。
The situation turned out to be completely opposite,The other party not only spares his life,And more courageous!I dare not fear that the two hammers fall on my head,But preemptively point to yourself。
Not to mention strength,But the guts to take chestnuts from the fire,It’s no longer acceptable to convince people。
It’s just that Bao Yongfei didn’t expect that he would be captured alive by the opponent,That finger,Looks unremarkable,But instantly stopped the blood in my body。
The two blood hammers condensed just now,Actually gradually converged back into the body,This strange change,Let Mao Yongfei not know how to be happy,Should be fear。
The other party seems to be very familiar with the way his blood runs,Even more familiar than myself!
Mao Yongfei looks drastically changed,I thought if I was captured alive,For the entire city of steel,Overall morale will be greatly affected,If the boss comes back in the future,I really don’t know how to confess!
“Mao Yongfei,Don’t try so hard in the future!The principle of being merciless,You should know better than me!”
I heard a familiar voice in front of me,Mao Yongfei raised his head in astonishment,Seeing the enemy in front of you start to change,The most weird thing is that the breath has started to change,The light energy peculiar to the god people disappeared,In exchange for the breath of energy and blood unique to the strong human race。
“boss!It’s you?Really you!”Mao Yongfei was a little confused,I still can’t believe my eyes,How come you suddenly become alive,It’s fine if your face changes,Can even the energy breath in the body change??
“You are the commander of the Guards, but you can’t do it,I’m so impulsive after being a marshal?If you hang up,Who will protect my parents?”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
Mao Yongfei heard this,understood,This is the real boss,Otherwise, I would never know about the guards,Not to mention the details of protecting the boss’ parents。
Turns out the boss defeated me!so close!Okay,Okay!Mao Yongfei thought so in his heart,Immediately relieved。
“Come all over!Our big boss is here!”Mao Yongfei shouted at the soldiers around。
Those soldiers are also confused by the second monk,The enemy seemed to have restrained the commander,Then the two chatted a few words,That appearance began to change。
I rely on!That person turned into boss Lu!When everyone is puzzled,I heard Mao Yongfei’s shout,Then they surrounded them one after another。