[Effects of mulberry dried wolfberry soaking in water]_action_necessary

[Effects of mulberry dried wolfberry soaking in water]_action_necessary

In general, mulberry and wolfberry are very common things in life and can be purchased almost in supermarkets. These are nourishing products. It is said that soaking them in water can nourish the kidneys.

Both mulberry and wolfberry have good edible value, and soaking them in water can have a good health effect.

So what is the effect of mulberry dried wolfberry soaking water?

Then let’s take a closer look!

Do Chinese wolfberry and mulberry soak up the water and drink kidneys?

Lycium barbarum level, sweetness, liver, kidney, lung meridian, mulberry cold, sweetness, acid, homesickness, liver, kidney, all are sweet into the kidney meridian, after eating it has the effect of nourishing the kidney, so wolfberry andDrinking mulberry water together has a tonic effect.

How to soak water in wolfberry and mulberry tonic 1, prepare 20 tablets of wolfberry and 8 tablets of mulberry or dried mulberry, the amount of rock sugar.

2. Put the wolfberry into the cup, rinse it with hot water, add mulberry, and inject an appropriate amount of hot water.

3, add the appropriate rock sugar according to your taste, soak for about 5 minutes, you can drink water.

4. After both wolfberry and mulberry are soaked, you can soak both wolfberry and mulberry.

5, next time brewing sexual wolfberry and mulberry.

How much kidney drink and wolfberry and mulberry soaked in water can generally eat 15 grams of mulberry (15 grams dry, 50 grams wet) and 20 grams of wolfberry.

Mulberry and wolfberry are foods with the same origin of medicine and food. As a therapeutic medicine, there are too few to have sufficient efficacy. Too much and easily affect the health of the food due to the nature of the food. Therefore, 15 grams of mulberry and 20 grams of wolfberry are generally consumed, butIt is best to consume under the guidance of a doctor.

How long does it take to drink Chinese wolfberry and mulberry soaking water and kidney tonic and wolfberry and mulberry tonic kidney have some effect after 7 days, such as reducing urinary frequency, reducing backache, reducing night sweats, etc., but the specific effect is still a matter of personal constitution, kidney deficiencyLifestyle habits and sensitivity to the effects of mulberry, wolfberry and kidney.

What to pay attention to when drinking mulberry and wolfberry soaked in water 1. When mulberry and wolfberry soaked in water, the taste is cold, so the effect of kidney tonification on kidney yin deficiency is better.To drink kidney water with bubble water, you need to see a TCM physician first and use it under the guidance of a doctor.

2. Mulberry and wolfberry are homologous in medicine and food and need to be used according to their physical constitution, so it is better to have a doctor determine the amount and time after which they can eat it.

3. Lycium barbarum and mulberry are rich in a lot of impurities, so excessive consumption may cause excessive situations. It is best to add additional rock sugar.

4. If Chinese wolfberry and mulberry supplement the kidney, once the kidney deficiency condition is relieved, you can suspend the consumption to avoid the coldness caused by the cold nature of mulberry.

How can Chinese wolfberry and mulberry tonify the kidney? In addition to soaking the water to drink kidney, you can also drink soup, cook porridge and make desserts. Those who like to drink can also soak mulberry, wolfberry with white wine or rice wine.For 3 months, anesthesia into a medicinal liquor will also have a good kidney-tonic effect.