[Can kelp and mushrooms be eaten together]_kelp_diet conditioning_diet taboo

[Can kelp and mushrooms be eaten together]_kelp_diet conditioning_diet taboo

Kelp is rich in nutrients, suitable for people of all ages, and there are many ways to make kelp. For example, it can be stewed with ribs and has higher nutritional value.

Some people like to eat with oyster mushrooms, but can kelp and mushrooms be eaten together__Can oyster mushrooms and kelp be eaten together?

These two kinds of food can be eaten together, and the method is relatively simple. It is good to stew with meat together.

Ingredients required: Kelp, fresh mushrooms, eggs, 2 eggs, salt. Method 1: Put the fresh kelp in a pot, wash them, and cut the fresh mushrooms into slices.

2 Add an appropriate amount of water to the pot to heat, add mushroom slices and simmer in water.

3 kelp swill (the kelp will change color when it is put in, and immediately remove it).

4 Soak in the prepared cold water.

Add the right amount of cooking oil to the 5 pots, add the green onion and ginger slices when the oil temperature is 70%, and fry the aroma.

6 Add the right amount of hot water.

7 Cut the kelp that has been soaked into water and beat the eggs evenly.

8 After the water has boiled, add mushroom slices.

9 Add kelp strips after cooking for a while.

10 Continue to cook until the water is boiling and add the beaten eggs.

11 When the eggs are boiled, add salt to taste.

12 out of the pot?
Notes on consumption Mushrooms are rich in dietary fiber. Regular consumption can reduce cholesterol in the blood and prevent atherosclerosis. It is effective in preventing cerebral hemorrhage, hypertension, hypertension and diabetes.

Mushrooms are rich in arginine and lysine, so mushrooms are often eaten to improve health.

The combination of kelp and mushrooms helps to clean up the stomach and achieve weight loss.