Yoga: Serenity and Peace, Practice Inside and Outside

Yoga: Serenity and Peace, Practice Inside and Outside

Now more and more people are joining the ranks of yoga practice. Some people are for weight loss and bodybuilding, while others are for spiritual peace or peace of mind.

Yoga has become one of the lifestyles of urban people in pursuit of physical health.

  Yoga is self-cultivation. Through the practice of yoga postures, the softness of the body is enhanced, the sense of balance of the body is improved, the excessive aunts of the human body are eliminated, the human body is more perfect, and the self-confidence is enhanced.

Yoga also cultivates the mind. It nourishes the nervous system through yoga’s meditation, eliminates tension, stabilizes and calms the mind, and achieves relaxation and harmony of the body and mind.

  The ultimate goal of yoga practice is to pursue the perfect combination of spirit and body, and gradually enter the best state.

In the process of practicing yoga, every joint, every ligament, and every bone of your body will be tilted, and your soul will be completely released, as if you are placed in a peaceful and beautiful state.
  Breathing is the key to yoga practice.

Many people have only noticed the external display of yoga asana, and believe that as long as the posture is in place, they can practice yoga.

The internal breathing method, which is related to the success or failure of yoga practice or whether it can achieve the desired effect, is often ignored by people.

Actually, this is very wrong.

In yoga practice, breathing is the bond that connects the mind and body.

  For practitioners, yoga breathing has two main functions: to provide sufficient oxygen to the head and blood, absorb the vitality of life, and control consciousness.

Yoga breathing method can clean the respiratory system, eliminate toxins from the body, and achieve a state of pure mind.

During the practice, each yoga position must be completed with breathing. This is also the biggest difference between yoga and other forms of exercise. During practice, you must continue to maintain conscious breathing and use the breath to drive movements. If you maintain a posture,Shortness of breath, shortness of breath, you should reduce the range of motion.

  As long as you feel the feeling of each action to the body, don’t always pursue the perfection of the action, and not cooperate with the breathing.

The purpose of the practice is to change from pursuing the perfection of external physical movements to the deeper, wider, quieter world.

Use the yoga lifestyle instead of the physical trainer’s requirements to let the body, mind, and spirit integrate and grow, instead of practicing an action just to lose weight, you should pursue both a gentle and peaceful mind and elegance and health.Externally, practicing yoga should be a hobby, a pursuit, a career, and the focus should be on the process, not the result.

  Yoga can be practiced by anyone, and it is a form of exercise that a person can arm throughout his life. It does not distinguish between age and gender.

Yoga is very particular about personalization. One sentence that people who have practiced yoga have heard most from their coaches is to practice step by step, listen to the feelings of the body, and do what they do best. You are the standard and you are the scale.I am stiff, I am afraid that some postures can not be done. I am worried that yoga is not stressful, there is no competition, and it is not a show for others. No one asks beginners how to do well.

  You can slowly progress during the practice, let it go, and cooperate with the teacher’s guidance to practice breathing and contraction. Progress will occur unknowingly. You will find that you have more physical strength and perseverance than you think.Many, this is the mystery of yoga.

  Practicing yoga is not only about pursuing physical health, but also to get peace and quiet in the mind. To get the most benefits from these fitness exercises, we must maintain a peaceful and peaceful mood to do these exercises. Correct yogaThe exercise process is a process of enjoyment and enjoyment. It is a process that enables people to get decompression, relax and eliminate depression, tension, and maintain a young, peaceful and peaceful mentality.

With perseverance, there will be gains, and the essence of knowledge will eventually achieve success.