Three major crises facing Chinese housewives

Three major crises facing Chinese housewives

No wonder some people say that Chinese women’s motherhood and childhood are acceptable, but they lack “wifehood.”

Housewives in China, no matter how hard they work, will feel that the peace and prosperity of life are perilous underneath-they want to solve it, but they can’t find an outlet or direction.

There is nothing else but despair.

  Representative of Contradiction between Mother and Daughter in Crisis 1: “Double-sided Tape” Hu Lijuan, Liuliu Liu, a novel written for all men suffering from splint, describes a family medical story of Heilongjiang mother-in-law and Shanghai daughter-in-law.

Some people say that this illustrates the nature of door-to-door pairings, but more about the dispute between two generations of housewives.

Although in reality the dispute between mother-in-law and mother-in-law is rarely heated to the point of divorce, but those intricate relationships and stresses, no matter who wins or loses, make a housewife desperate.

  The son married his daughter-in-law, and the mother was both happy and lost.

Fortunately, “the daughter-in-law has become a wife for many years”; what is lost is that the son has been snatched by another woman since then.

In addition, this woman has no blood relationship with herself and is not even so obedient.

  Representative of Crisis 2 Child Rebellion: “Meteor Garden” The mother of Taoming Temple can send a copy from “Meteor Garden”. The reason why Daoming Temple is so violent is that he has no parents around him since he was a child.a feeling of.

This seems to be one of the most fundamental reasons why many children grow up into problem children.

  For a long time, it was women who took on the responsibilities of the husband and daughter, and education to raise children was unquestionably fallen on women.

However, for professional women whose careers are in midday, if they have children, they need to give up their careers if they want to educate them without distraction; if they are allowed to develop freely, although their careers are successful, whether their children can grow up healthy can only beIt’s up to you.

As a mother, you may be able to create a superior living environment for your child, but you cannot decide whether he will eventually become a useful person for society.

  Crisis 3 Representative character of husband and wife: “Chinese-style divorce” Can Lin Xiaofeng have happiness if he has money?

Will the prince and princess get married and live happily ever after?

It’s hard to say.

Unmarried women can still make use of the youth game world. Once the dust settles and marries someone to become a housewife, I am afraid that it will only be a matter of perseverance.

Women are naturally eager for stability. In China, most men only know how to restore their appearance, and wives with loose skin basically have no husband to see.

Energetic jealous of young girls, checking her husband’s mobile phone text message, crying, making trouble, and hanging up these means are enough for hysterical housewives who want to keep their families.

But this can’t change anything at all, but will push her husband to the other extreme.