Don’t let your body have emotions

Don’t let your body have emotions

Don’t let your body have emotions “Oh, what’s the matter with the spots at your ends?”

“Hey, why are you walking so slowly, it’s too late to send your children to school!”

“Lao Li, why haven’t you seen you running lately?”

“. All these problems may seem sudden, but they are actually caused by the ignorance of everyone over time.

Middle-aged people today, in order not to be abandoned by the fast-paced life, begin to overdraw their bodies regardless of the consequences, correct maintenance, and slowly the body will have problems, and when the problems appear, there will be few solutions.Little.

This is also telling us that conservation should be done early, whether it is for the skin or bones and joints.

  For the skin, many people think that supplementing collagen is the most effective way, but they ignore the problem of absorption. For example, in our daily diet, like beef tendons, trotters, chicken skin, fish skin and cartilage, it is rich in collagen.Protein, the collagen in these foods are all macromolecular proteins, and are unlikely to be directly absorbed by the body, and most of these foods are relatively high in trace amounts, too greasy, easy to gain weight, and can only be eaten appropriately.

  In fact, many people will ignore that collagen has an effect even on the skin and also has a significant effect on the bones.

Collagen is an important component of human bone, especially tibial tissue.

Collagen is like a small hole-filled net in the bone, it will firmly retain the calcium that will be lost.

Therefore, supplementing collagen, while helping to fix calcium, prevent and improve osteoporosis.

At the same time, the bone-to-bone connection part, such as mergers, joints and other skeletal tissues are also collagen, and muscles and bones can be kept soft and elastic during collagen supplementation.

  It should be noted that only fine molecular collagen can effectively penetrate into the dermis layer of the skin. General collagen molecules are too large to penetrate the dermis layer from the epidermis, so they can only stay on the skin surface, resulting in a short silky effect.

Therefore, collagen peptide products are easier to absorb than other collagen products. Small molecules entering the body do not need to consume other energy of the body. They can self-absorb and decompose, which can successfully eliminate the skin and prevent and improve osteoporosis.

  Do n’t let your body have “emotions” and take every chance of change seriously. The raw material of round bone peptides is from prairie cattle bones. It is a small molecule oligopeptide that is more suitable for absorption by the human body.Pure collagen, let you shine from the inside out, abandon emotions, stay away from emotions ~~~ 618 carnival strikes, more than 79 yuan to try new prices, move your fingers, enter a healthy known world!

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