The latter felt dumbfounded when he heard this。

“All right,Almost done。Stop touting!Too high is a bit fake。Then,Are you bringing people over from the barracks or?”Qin Feng’s original idea was that since it was a compilation,Of course it would be better if all hands and resources are unified。
But now Vincent has become part of the barracks in a different way,But his more idea is not to join the explosive mercenary group,But want to be a soldier under Qin Feng。
Qin Feng could see that this kind of performance cannot be performed by acting。Besides,There is no need to come here to please him。Didn’t you see that the other small soldier envoys sent out have not reacted at all until now??
This incidates that,These little soldier messengers are afraid that they are too bad!
“Vincent,You sit here first。We need to clear the other three barracks。”Talking,Qin Feng stood up,Then he stroked his right hand that was still helping with the bandage。
Although beforeLCang removed the plaster。But it’s still not that sensitive。Even if Qin Feng wants to raise his hand, there will be a pain all over his arm。
He clearly knows that his body is not suitable for fighting,But no way,Things developed to this point,He can’t help。
“Do as you said at the beginning。”Qin Feng looked at Zhong Fa and Liu Xing。
Zhong Fa is very simple,Liu Xing also stood up after a slight hesitation。
“Mr. Qin Feng,Where is this going?attack
Barracks??Can you take me?I also want to see the idols!”Vincent actually stood up too,Then he looked at Qin Feng with a look of longing in his eyes。
It’s like saying,If you don’t take me,Then you are unreasonable and unreasonable!
“Not bad,Come,Come over and be my driver!”Qin Feng is not at all polite,Since joined,That’s one’s own。
Vincent called a happy,“Good,Mr. Qin Feng, don’t worry,I drive that is the safest。Not only less bumps,And also fast!”
“All right,Do not talk nonsense,ready to go!”Qin Feng prevents Vincent from talking about it,I walked out of the meeting room after looking at other people。

Listen to Donald·Rumsfeld’s introduction,Li Jianguo was a little lost:AmericanB—29Has been retired for so many years,And we?We are still using Soviet imitationsB—29Graph of—4Where’s the bomber……

“The next airplane you see isF—111Fighter bomber,As you can see,This is a supersonic fighter bomber with variable swept wings,The maximum flight speed can reach amazing2.5Maher,Practical ceiling exceeds20000Meter,Maximum range exceeds6700Kilometer,A figure far superior to the Soviets—22MLong-range bomber……
of course,What everyone seesF—111The fighter-bombers were not placed here because they were about to retire.,We are upgrading and modifying this powerful combat weapon,These onesF—111Stop here for now,Waiting for subsequent upgrades……”
“These planes,I believe Chinese friends all know,Yes,this isB—52Strategic bomber,Known as‘Stratofortress’,One of the most powerful strategic bombers on the planet,You can project to enemy positions in one takeoff31.5Tons of ammunition,It’s a flying bomb train,The attack power is much greater than the Soviet figure—95……These onesB—52Is temporarily sealed here,Once needed,It can be put into use after only three days of preparation……”
I don’t know this Donald·Does Major Rumsfeld have hatred with the Soviets?,Whenever he introduces a certain piece of equipment to the Chinese delegation,Always pull the Soviets up and down。
First613chapter Really fragrant!
? Donald·Rumsfeld is proud,As one of the managers of the nation’s largest air force combat weapon reserve base,Donald·Rumsfeld knows how great the war potential of the United States is。
Just now,No one cares about donald·Why does Rumsfeld pull the Soviet Union when introducing every piece of equipment,All the way down,Watching these stop here“Cemetery”inner、For China, the combat weapons that are hopeless and unavailable can only lie here so quietly“grave”in,All the members of the Huaxia representative map have only one thought in their hearts:show off!Americans, this is Chi@bare@The naked ones are showing off their power to China、Their power。
A deep sense of powerlessness rises from the bottom of my heart:The gap between us and the Americans is too big。
Just with this sense of powerlessness,There is also a sense of urgency of waiting:Fucking!We are so much behind the world advanced level?!I have to hurry up and catch up,If you fall behind, you will be beaten。
Even the people of this era,Still immersed in“Xiaomi and rifle can also defeat the planes and cannons of American devils”In the mind,But as long as they are not stupid,Know when“Xiaomi plus rifle”match“Aircraft cannon”It means what kind of tragic way to win a battle——If there is braised pork、Chicken stewed with mushrooms can eat,Who would like to eat boiled Chinese cabbage?。
After a full two hours,Donald·Rumsfeld finally brought the Chinese delegation to the sealedCH—54AwithCH—54BIn front of the helicopter,Seeing that all the glass in front of you is blocked by a hood、All windows、hatch、door、Heavy-duty helicopters whose intake and exhaust ports are sealed with special protective materials,Li Jianguo finally asked his doubts:“Major Rumsfeld,Excuse me,How do you keep these airplanes?”
As the office director of China’s defense department,Li Jianguo didn’t know the method used to seal China’s aircraft,But he knows,The preservation methods on the American side must be a bit more advanced than China,It would be great if I could learn a little by this opportunity。
Donald·Rumsfeld didn’t keep it secret。Facing Li Jianguo’s problem,He gave a detailed introduction to the US military“Cemetery”Aircraft preservation process:“First of all,After the plane arrived here,Our maintenance center will first conduct a comprehensive“Physical examination”,The test results will be recorded one by one,Then edit the classification management。
In terms of classification,All aircraft will be divided into four categories,They are kept in good running condition、Aircraft ready to take off for missions;Aircraft that can be reused after a short period of maintenance;The use cost is too high or the life of the body is running out、But aircraft whose parts can be recycled and completely lost value,Can only be destroyed、Aircraft recycling scrap metal。

Every capable person,People who want to be motivated,The most hope in the company is to be recognized by the big boss,Now their company has received this task,But they participated in this project again。

So they feel very proud,Even if sometimes there is no way to say a word or two to Xiao Fan,But as long as Xiao Fan communicates with them or talks about this project。
They feel very honored,Because they feel like they have received Xiao Fan’s approval,To be able to be in this position today。
Able to participate in such an important project,Such a project that Xiao Fan saw,So everyone knows,I won’t betray Xiao Fan easily。
But Xiao Fan’s idea is right,If someone threatens them,If someone threatens them to betray Xiao Fan with what they care about most,So how should they choose??
Xiao Fan himself has some people who care,So Xiao Fan will not force them to ignore their family or people who care about them for Xiao Fan.。
That’s too demanding of one person,So Xiao Fan doesn’t want to be like that,Xiao Fan made a relatively complete plan。
Then I thought if something unexpected happened at that time,Or if any employee involved in this project encountered some problems,There is also a solution。
So during a meeting,Xiao Fan brought up the matter directly,I didn’t make a mistake with everyone,Just tell them clearly。
Xiao Fan said:“Everyone needs to understand,Many people are staring at this project,I don’t want this project to progress smoothly。
One is that they are jealous of our company’s capabilities,The second is some rivals over the years,So I don’t want this company to make such a high-level project,Everyone should know it in mind。”
Everyone nodded,Actually everyone knows,How many people are watching this project,How many people hope that this project will fail in half。
Or it doesn’t really have any effect at the last minute,But everyone still wants to do this project,Do this thing well。
The hard work and hard work of such a long time is also the crystallization of each of them,So I don’t want anyone to interrupt the pace of their efforts。
Or a result of their struggle,So when Xiao Fan said this,,Everyone nodded knowingly。
Xiao Fan continued:“In that case,I’ll tell him clearly,Everyone knows,Many people are staring at this project,I also hope that this project can be unsuccessful。
So they will use some other means to threaten which one of you betrayed me,Or sell some data of this project,As a result, the project could not progress smoothly。
Make it half way,Can’t progress smoothly to the last step,Or it can’t get obvious benefits,Destroy the fruits of everyone’s labor。
But i won’t criticize him,But the premise is that you have to report this to me,I will help you find a solution。”

And now one asks the peak of the gods to be able,Master the original law of time and space,How could this make Lone Wolf not surprised?!

At this time, the lone wolf half-squinted his eyes,There was a little solemn expression on the expression,With his understanding,This Xia Chenglong is even the dragon king who can’t beat Dahua Country,I should be able to get a tie,Shouldn’t be labeled as the current fled!
Therefore, the lone wolf at this time is both bad and very curious about Xia Chenglong’s purpose for coming to him.,The reason why the lone wolf is entangled,It’s entirely because if he wants to seize his own territory,Just shoot it directly,Not so much trouble。
But in fact there is no。
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty The confusion of the lone wolf
Xia Chenglong didn’t mean to seize his own territory at all,Seems to be exactly what he said,He came here to live temporarily,But this nonsense is called Lone Wolf,I won’t believe it!
But everything about Xia Chenglong,It’s too weird,So at this moment,The lone wolf doesn’t know how to treat Xia Chenglong。
At this time, Xia Chenglong looked at the lone wolf with an embarrassed look,The corners of the mouth rise slightly,Evokes a playful smile。
As for Wang Xiaoluo’s smile when he saw Xia Chenglong’s mouth,The complexion suddenly became complicated。
Xia Chenglong didn’t even look at Wang Xiaoluo, but just coldly squeezed a few words out of her mouth.:“Give you a chance,Go away now or choose one!”
This Wang Xiaoluo is just an ordinary dude,Naturally, it is impossible to smash Xia Chenglong for the sake of one’s so-called face.。
So at this time, Wang Xiaoluo quickly nodded at Xia Chenglong,Then just turned around and left,Only when she turned around,A cold murderous intent flashed across his eyes suddenly。
Today, Xia Chenglong called himself so shameless,My own royal family is in the entire Lone Wolf Town,Can be considered a little majestic,Now that Xia Chenglong gave me a shame,Wang Xiaoluo naturally cannot give up。

“No,No,how could be?do not worry,after,I will definitely work out with you。”Song Haiyang said quickly。

Anyway, I can completely agree to her now.,How to deal with this matter,That’s not the final decision。
“When I was just now,I told you to let you work on the issue of warming your heart in the future,When you think of a solution with me,Your expression immediately becomes ugly,What do you mean?”Liu Shanshan asked。
to be frank,Liu Shanshan’s heart is really very angry now,She didn’t expect that after what happened just now,Song Haiyang still doesn’t have the heart to come to my heart-warming home with him to find a way。
How can she not be angry??
“No,No,Shan Shan,You must be wrong,How can my face become ugly??At that time, I was thinking about what method I should use to help warm my homeland,So,There is no change in face at all,You must be wrong,I read it wrong,You are absolutely wrong。”
Song Haiyang seemed to be trying to make Liu Shanshan recognize that she should be wrong,He said this question several times with a face。
Fortunately,Liu Shanshan is indeed because of Song Haiyang several times“I read it wrong”,But I really began to suspect that I had misread Song Haiyang’s expression at that moment.,after all,that time,Song Haiyang’s expression can be said to be fleeting,It is true that I may have misunderstood it。
“Is it true that I am wrong,Do you really not think like that?”Liu Shanshan said suspiciously to Song Haiyang。
Song Haiyang saw that Liu Shanshan was suspicious of herself now.,Don’t mention how happy I am,to be frank,He is really afraid of what he said just now,Will be exposed by Liu Shanshan?
If it was really exposed by Liu Shanshan,Then when I was just now,It’s hard to calm Liu Shanshan’s emotions,It might collapse again。
If that’s the case,At that time, Liu Shanshan would definitely not be able to comfort him in a few words.。
Fortunately, Liu Shanshan is a relatively simple girl,She really believed what she said just now。
and so,After Song Haiyang heard Liu Shanshan tell him like that,,Just said quickly:“Of course,Shan Shan,Didn’t you say you want to help warm your heart?,But you saw the situation just now,Relying on the strength of the two of us,There must be no way,It won’t do much,right?”
Facing the topic of Song Haiyang,Liu Shanshan knew that he was deliberately changing the subject,but,But there is no way to refute,Because of the problem Song Haiyang said,It’s a real but very difficult problem。
Take her for example,Although she has the heart to help the heart-warming home to get out of trouble,but,Even if she doesn’t eat or drink,If you donate all your income for a month,It is absolutely impossible to help the children who get a warm home.。

After all this is a good thing, isn’t it?

“Yoona,Haven’t you already said you are hungry??What are you doing there,Hurry up!”Brother Xiao Fan wants to take a step and walk in the direction outside the door,I just noticed staying in place,Lin Yoona who hasn’t taken a step。
Look at this little woman,I’m afraid I’m still mad at myself!
Thought of here,Xiao Fan really had a wry smile unconsciously,This little woman,She obviously joked with herself first,The result is now,She is the one who can’t afford it。
Really speechless!
It seems,There is a saying that is right,It’s difficult to raise only villains and women。
Sighed slightly,Xiao Fan took a step in Lin Yuner’s direction,Came to her and said:“Go,what happened to you?”
“Humph!What’s wrong with me,Could it be that you don’t know?”Lin Yuner said angrily。
“Don’t you say this,How would i know?”Xiao Fan said helplessly。
Is it possible that Lin Yun’er regarded herself as a roundworm in his stomach??
“Didn’t you just be arrogant?She even dared to tell my mother about me,so,I dare not be it now,is it?”After saying this to Xiao Fan with a pair of eyes,,Lin Yuner directly raised her hand and pushed Xiao Fan away,Past him and walked straight to the door。
Looked blankly at Liu Chunlan and Lin Yoona who had gone downstairs,The huge bedroom only left Xiao Fan alone in the wind。
Gosh!Who will tell him now,what happened to him?
Spent so many years,He has settled Liu Chunlan without giving himself a look,Is it because I changed to Lin Yoona to torture myself
If this is the case,So Xiao Fan is really helpless!
but,My wife’s emotions are definitely better than the mother-in-law’s.!
after all.
Xiao Fan’s mouth rises slightly,I feel like I have made up some idea,The depression in my heart is gone,Then followed in the footsteps of Lin Yuner and Liu Chunlan and walked towards the door。
Although just now,It’s for Liu Chunlan to say something about Lin Yuner,He deliberately told Liu Chunlan that he was hungry,but,Just when Xiao Fan walked downstairs,When I smell the smell of rice,His stomach is really very cooperative“Cuckoo”Screamed。
Bowed his head and glanced at it“Cuckoo”Sound belly,Xiao Fan also raised his hand very speechlessly and patted it a few times,Then I talked to myself:“You will cooperate。”

Originally considered Abao this car is enough,Go to Qinghe at night and then come to the securities department and drive away.,So Chen Wenjin didn’t drive,He brought it up now,Which is to give Xiao Xiao a signal——He has a girlfriend,They must keep a proper distance between them。

“Also good,Let’s just take the four of us in Chen Wenjin’s car,Leopard work hard,Pick them up,We will go to Dongjie to meet in a while。”Wang Shuai hopes Chen Wenjin keeps his distance from Xiao Xiao,Lest Xiao Xiao say anything against,Hurry up to express your support。
“OK!”Abao drove back to the securities department,He doesn’t really want to ride with Wang Shuai,I’m always worried that Wang Shuai will call him abruptly。
Xiao Xiao didn’t comment,just,obviously,She moved towards Amei,The legs are not close to Chen Wenjin。
Back to the securities department,Abao and Xiaoyu drove away first,Pick up the tank。
May originally thought it was good to be so crowded just now,If you don’t need to squeeze,Obviously she sat in the back with Xiao Xiao。
When Chen Wenjin was driving,Wang Shuai made a call。
Got in the car,Wang Shuai said:“Kotaka,Big bear,peach,Huang Hui also agreed to go。Di I didn’t call,His mouth……The big guys can’t stand it,Some people say they want to beat him,Conflict,I can only call him when there are few people。correct,Do you have Lin Shangyun’s phone number??”
“No。”Chen Wenjin knows Wang Shuai’s abacus,Call Hui out intentionally,A piece of Wang Shuai can learn something through Huiduo,Second, use Hui as an invisible wall,To isolate him from Xiao Xiao。
but,This was originally what Chen Wenjin wanted。
After all, the distance with Xiao Xiao suddenly narrowed,It was caused by the Qinghe incident last night,Keep a little distance,There is room to cool down,It’s the reverse operation of hitting while the iron is hot。
Xiao Xiao’s situation,Should be used to the passion of facing others,I have also encountered many people racking their brains trying to impress,Will not form lasting emotions because of temporary passion,As long as there is room for cooling,It won’t take long to restore the psychological distance of friends。
just,Chen Wenjin saw Amei’s cold eyes,I know I offended her。

Sneered,Instructed the bodyguard behind him:“Give me a palm,Until he knows the rules!”

Chapter Seventy Four Who abolished who
The bodyguards behind Qiao Shan have long wanted to find a chance to act in front of Qiao Shan.,When I heard Qiao Shan asked them to do it,One by one came over。
Someone is carrying a tool,Someone directly picked up the wine bottle on the table。
Qiao Anan, who was paralyzed on the ground, took a look at this posture,I don’t know where the strength comes from,Got up from the ground immediately,In front of Xiao Fan,Outstretched arms,Shouted like an eagle guarding the little eagle behind:“Qiao Shan,I warn you,You must not hurt him!”
Several bodyguards saw Qiao An’an actually blocking Xiao Fan,They don’t know for a while if they should continue to do it,Several people turned around and looked at Qiao Shan。
Asked:“Son,This,What to do?”
Qiao Shan raised his hand to make a few people retreat temporarily,I came to Qiao An’an by myself。
Qiao An’an looked at Qiao Shan very resentfully at this time。
But Qiao Shan didn’t say a word,Just staring at Qiao An’an step by step came to Qiao An’an。
Qiao Anan looks at Qiao Shan,I was a little scared inexplicably,But thinking of Xiao Fan behind,Still be strong,Said:“Qiao Shan,What do you want?I tell you,Don’t mess around!”
Qiao Shan glanced at Xiao Fan behind Qiao An’an,Sarcastically:“Qiao Anan,Unexpectedly,Do you care about this wild man?!”
When Qiao Anan heard that Qiao Shan said Xiao Fan was a wild man,Immediately like a rooster,Shout at Qiaoshan:“Qiao Shan,You better keep your mouth clean,I don’t allow you to say that to him!”
“Qiao Anan,You pay attention to your attitude,You are not allowed,How old are you,Dare you say in front of me that you don’t allow。”Qiao Shan said viciously。
“Qiao Shan,Get out of here,Get me out of this bar,Did you hear?”Qiao An’an was stimulated by Qiao Shan to be on the verge of collapse again。
Qiao Shan ignored Qiao An’an’s hysteria,He turned his head and walked back to his seat to sit down,And the revealing woman came to Qiao Shan immediately,Handed a glass of wine,Sow discord:
“Mountain brother,The two of them don’t take you seriously,You can’t just let them go like this!“
“Do not worry,baby,The one who offended me,When have you seen it will end well!”Finished,It turned out that the glass that the woman handed over was drunk。

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Chapter Three Hundred and Ninety Five Gambling Box
Hu Yang glanced at the back of the young man leaving just now,Speak softly:“That buddy,Is a master。”
“No matter how tall,You are not as tall as Brother Hu!”Huazai now,Almost a fan of Populus euphratica。
Populus euphratica shook his head slightly:“Don’t underestimate people,Just now,They didn’t take a closer look,Just so sure,This is a gilt Buddha statue from the Ming Dynasty,This vision,Even some old people can’t do it。”
They walk,While chatting,Know this,It will be spread in this antique market soon。But they still didn’t expect,News spread quickly。
No matter where they go,I can hear someone discussing what he just missed。
Dongtai Road Antique Market,It was the last few days。at this time,Very much needed“story”To stimulate everyone’s final craziness and consumer enthusiasm。
Pick up,It will always be exciting news that the antique industry talks about。
Someone picked up the Ming Dynasty gilt ware,Worth over ten million,Completely detonated the antique market on Dongtai Road,Whether it is the player,Or business,Are talking about this。
The stall owner and others took the opportunity to sell their things,Someone has already made money,Don’t you hurry?
The players are tickled by the news,I fantasize that I am also doing my best here,Pick up a treasure,Get rich overnight。
Populus, they are calm,No matter how others discuss,I’m very low-key anyway,For the time being, no one else knows,They are the ones who pick up the leaks。
And Hu Yang behind them,Unknowingly following a man,It is Ge Ping Peng who communicated with them before。
Ge averaged out,Although the young man is not very old,But strong。Follow people like this,Even if you can’t take up luck,Can also avoid punching?
Anyway,anyway,He intends to follow Hu Yang today,Make good relationships。
“Uncle,You won’t be convinced?”Lin Shaofen couldn’t help but ask Ge Ping on the back。

Su Ran is really touched,I think I can have such brothers and sisters,I am really lucky and thank Xiao Fan for giving her this opportunity。

Let her take her siblings to do some tasks,Do what they find meaningful。
Xiao Fan didn’t say anything more,Just tell Su Ran:“In that case,This matter is so settled。”
Then turned his head and said to Shen Lin:“Shen Lin, you need to add an article to the document of the new base on when Su Ran was punished,Because of something,And asked Su Ran to write a review。
I will not make qualitative requirements for the number of words in the review book,Su Ran, just write your sincere confession,I will read the review book carefully,If you are not serious,Then double the penalty,Understand?”
Su Ran nodded and said:“Knowing boss,I’ll go back and write。”
Xiao Fan nodded,Then Shen Lin said:“During this period of time, you have almost rested, but your body shouldn’t fully recover, just look the same as before。You still have to pay attention to your body。”
Shen Lin nodded,He knows Xiao Fan cares about him,So I didn’t say anything more,I just promise Xiao Fan that I will take care of myself,Xiao Fan didn’t say much。
After all, sometimes their young people have strange thinking,Different ways of thinking,So Xiao Fan feels that some things still have to be decided by themselves。
Make them feel right,What is wrong,I will do my best to do something。
Xiao Fan doesn’t want to see everyone alive,No emotion, no expression,Just live in this world dumbly,For some money for profit or for someone。
That kind of life is really boring,Xiao Fan hates life like that most,That’s why he thought about whether he should be stronger and protect more people。
Then he met Yoona Lin,Xiao Fan never thought that he would get married and start a business before,When Xiao Fanlin and Yoona are together,Xiao Fan doesn’t seem to be that particularly cruel president anymore。
Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty Six result
Xiao Fan’s time is too early,Everyone should go back to rest,Shen Lin and Su Ran are also the first1Day back,There are still many things to take over。