We are all angels

We are all angels

Two years ago, my wife and I resigned from a small city in the north to Hangzhou.

My wife is an editor at a newspaper office, and I continue to be my old-funded DJ.

  We lived in a friend’s old house, a very old house, in a small alley not far from the West Lake, it has been three years.

There are also four or five households inside, and we have few contacts with those who speak the southern dialect.

  There is a large iron gate in the yard with a huge lock on it, and each one in the yard has a key on the iron door.

Our iron gate key has always been in the hands of the wife.

I don’t know how it is formed. Everyone who lives in the yard comes back from the outside and pushes the bicycle into the yard. Even in the daytime, I have to lock the door.

Sometimes I wonder if it is because southerners are more vigilant than northerners.

  It happened on that hot afternoon.

  At that time, I was doing a music program in the afternoon.

I usually arrive at the radio half an hour before the live broadcast begins.

I have the habit of taking a nap in the summer.

The wife just happened to be in the newspaper, and it will not come back in the afternoon.

  Usually, my wife asked me to get up in the nap. I slept over that day and woke up only half an hour from the live broadcast.

At this time in the past, I was sitting in the office with a bunch of records ready to enter the live room.

I climbed up in sleepy eyes, went to the yard, saw the big black lock on the iron door, and then remembered the key in the wife’s hand.

I first saw if there were other people in the yard. As a result, I found that I was alone in the entire yard.

  I am in a hurry.

The wall is surprisingly high. I know that I can’t do it at all, and there is no phone in the room.

  I was so anxious in the yard.

I stood by the iron gate, like a prisoner who longed for freedom.

Then I saw him through the door.

He is a little girl who just passed through the hall.

He is still a child and will not be over 10 years old.

In the summer afternoon, he wore only a pair of dirty big shorts, his hair was like a straw, and his hand clutched the bag on his back as if it were filled with treasure.

  I shouted at him, I want to ask him to go to the alley to call his wife.

It seems that there is only this way.

The first thing I thought before I spoke was whether I should give him a little change as a reward.

I rummaged through my pocket and there was nothing but Zhang Baiyuan’s banknotes.

I am a little embarrassed, I can’t seem to do 100 yuan as a “change” to a beggar.

  I quickly ran back to the house to find some change, no success.

Then I saw two big gimmicks left in the cupboard last night.

Through the iron gate, I handed the two very soft hoes to him.

I can see that he is very happy. He thanked me with a mosquito-like voice and turned to leave.

I stopped him and told him very short that I needed him to go to the public telephone booth in the alley to help me make a call and put a hundred dollar bill on his palm.

He looked at the banknote he was trying to try and then shielded me.

I tried to smile at him, across the door, I then subsidized to say to him, I need your help, I am very anxious.

Then I saw him rushing to the alley.  He hasn’t returned since 10 minutes, I don’t think he will come back.

The comfort I gave myself was that he didn’t come back right – he ignored a stupid child.

  Then my neighbor came back and the neighbor opened the iron gate.

I borrowed the money from my neighbors and flew to the street to arrest the taxi.

  There was no delay in the live broadcast.

  In the evening, she asked Tai Qing, she said that no one called her.

I smiled and said to my wife that I trust the child.

My wife laughed at me.

My wife and I agreed that the child took the money to improve her life.

It’s just that.

My wife and I live as always.

  One day after two months, my wife and I were busy moving.

On Wenhua Road, we finally got our own house by installment.

The big iron gate is open, and I am busy with Taiqing and those who move the company.

The wife suddenly said to me that someone was staring at you at the door. When he looked at his wife’s gaze, the nail stunned: it was the child!

  He stood at the door and looked at me motionlessly, it seems to have been a long time.

When I looked at him, his brow stretched slightly, and then he punched his hand and slowly spread his palm.

  It is a hundred dollar bill that is huddled together.

He extended the hand to me, his black eyes looking at me and his wife.

He seems to be a consistently silent child.

  He also reported in the tiny voice of the mosquito. On that day, I was going to make a phone call. That day he had been running out of the long alley, and a sudden minivan hit his leg.

His little friend saved him. He was lying in his humble room for two months.

  Although we told him that he could keep this banknote, the 100 yuan was his, but when the man left, he still stubbornly left the money.

My wife and I watched his departure quietly, with a near-worship look.

  Perhaps life can vulgarly divide people in the city into three or six, etc., but at that moment, I began to believe that honesty as an ancient quality can make any person shine like an angel and illuminate himself.Representing the lives of others.