What to do if the baby is wetting?

What to do if the baby is wetting?

It is normal for a baby who can urinate to urinate in the potty at the age of 1 year. At the age of one and a half years, his ability has returned, and he revisits the old industry-diapers.

The baby may not be able to figure out why he doesn’t like the toilet, just like an adult is too lazy to move one day not because he is tired.

  If the mother and the baby compete, and the baby has to sit on the potty, the baby will cry and the mother will get angry, and the result will be even worse.

The generosity of the parents at this time is not indulgence or self-esteem for the baby.

  But shouldn’t he continue to train his baby to control his urine?

Of course not, parents should continue to encourage their babies and wait for their progress with the greatest patience.

  Controlling urinating babies at night is able to wake up to urinate at night.

However, if the baby is not able to wake up at night to urinate, the mother does not need to wake the baby to urinate again and again, this will make the sleeping baby cry and disturb the baby’s sleep cycle.

  There is no evidence that it is enough to wake the baby to urinate at night, or to wake the baby to urinate at a fixed time, so that the baby learns to control urination at night earlier.

The urine-filled bladder sends a signal to a sleeping baby, wakes him up in sleep, and tells his mother to urinate.

Don’t worry, your baby won’t keep wetting because you didn’t wake him up to urinate.