“That one,good friend!Dying,I only have one last small request,Can you promise me?”Wei Xiaoxing blinked,Wryly smiled。

“You said!”He Bu answered without looking back。
Wei Xiaoxing laughed loudly:“Why don’t you help me hold Teacher Cao?!Let me kiss her,Don’t kiss a woman,I’m not willing to die!”
This remark,Everyone present couldn’t help but burst into laughter。
Although Wei Xiaoxing said so,But he didn’t do anything,Obviously joking。
Has reached this critical moment of life and death,This guy can actually joke,I really can’t help but say that it’s a very special character。
Cao Wen was surprised when she heard Wei Xiaoxing’s words,I was immediately infected by the laughter of these teenagers。By contrast,These children are much cuter than so-called suitors like Mausen。
If you really want to die,Then when death comes,She doesn’t mind letting that naughty kid kiss her。
Just thought of here,Cao Wen actually took a peek at that annoying Lu Lin,do not know why,Obviously that guy brought everyone into the red zone,But I can’t hate him in my heart。
And why would I look at him?at this time,Cao Wen is also a little confused。
Seeing the ice fog getting thinner and thinner,And the bee colony has surrounded these people in the ice mist,Surrounded by water,Maybe the next attack,It’s the last moment everyone died。
at this time,Lu Menglin finally stood up。
I saw him cough slightly,Took the initiative to walk to the forefront of the team,Shen Sheng:“Everyone get ready!The ice mist broke,You run towards the lake!”
“run?Can run?”Wei Xiaoxing muttered in her heart,But dare not say it。
Other people are like him,Looking at Teacher Lu with a face full of disbelief,They don’t want to lose hope of survival,But I can’t believe the grim situation in front of me.。
“I will block all the bees,Buy time for you!”Lu Menglin said lightly,Full of confidence in the tone。
Cao Wen said with surprise:“you?Can stop?”
“Ok,No problem!I’m your national martial arts instructor,This is just a small scene,do not worry!Just trust me。”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
Everyone looked at each other,I still can’t believe it,Teacher Lu is a martial arts instructor,But can Chinese martial arts and martial arts deal with such a large group of mutant bees??These mutant bees rushed over,As powerful as a rain of bullets,Teacher Lu can block it with bare hands?It’s this time,He’s still bragging?
“I should be able to hold it for five to eight seconds。You rushed along the lake,I’ll be fine if I get into the water。Remember not to go the wrong way,It will take too deep into the water