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Chapter Three Hundred and Ninety Five Gambling Box
Hu Yang glanced at the back of the young man leaving just now,Speak softly:“That buddy,Is a master。”
“No matter how tall,You are not as tall as Brother Hu!”Huazai now,Almost a fan of Populus euphratica。
Populus euphratica shook his head slightly:“Don’t underestimate people,Just now,They didn’t take a closer look,Just so sure,This is a gilt Buddha statue from the Ming Dynasty,This vision,Even some old people can’t do it。”
They walk,While chatting,Know this,It will be spread in this antique market soon。But they still didn’t expect,News spread quickly。
No matter where they go,I can hear someone discussing what he just missed。
Dongtai Road Antique Market,It was the last few days。at this time,Very much needed“story”To stimulate everyone’s final craziness and consumer enthusiasm。
Pick up,It will always be exciting news that the antique industry talks about。
Someone picked up the Ming Dynasty gilt ware,Worth over ten million,Completely detonated the antique market on Dongtai Road,Whether it is the player,Or business,Are talking about this。
The stall owner and others took the opportunity to sell their things,Someone has already made money,Don’t you hurry?
The players are tickled by the news,I fantasize that I am also doing my best here,Pick up a treasure,Get rich overnight。
Populus, they are calm,No matter how others discuss,I’m very low-key anyway,For the time being, no one else knows,They are the ones who pick up the leaks。
And Hu Yang behind them,Unknowingly following a man,It is Ge Ping Peng who communicated with them before。
Ge averaged out,Although the young man is not very old,But strong。Follow people like this,Even if you can’t take up luck,Can also avoid punching?
Anyway,anyway,He intends to follow Hu Yang today,Make good relationships。
“Uncle,You won’t be convinced?”Lin Shaofen couldn’t help but ask Ge Ping on the back。

Su Ran is really touched,I think I can have such brothers and sisters,I am really lucky and thank Xiao Fan for giving her this opportunity。

Let her take her siblings to do some tasks,Do what they find meaningful。
Xiao Fan didn’t say anything more,Just tell Su Ran:“In that case,This matter is so settled。”
Then turned his head and said to Shen Lin:“Shen Lin, you need to add an article to the document of the new base on when Su Ran was punished,Because of something,And asked Su Ran to write a review。
I will not make qualitative requirements for the number of words in the review book,Su Ran, just write your sincere confession,I will read the review book carefully,If you are not serious,Then double the penalty,Understand?”
Su Ran nodded and said:“Knowing boss,I’ll go back and write。”
Xiao Fan nodded,Then Shen Lin said:“During this period of time, you have almost rested, but your body shouldn’t fully recover, just look the same as before。You still have to pay attention to your body。”
Shen Lin nodded,He knows Xiao Fan cares about him,So I didn’t say anything more,I just promise Xiao Fan that I will take care of myself,Xiao Fan didn’t say much。
After all, sometimes their young people have strange thinking,Different ways of thinking,So Xiao Fan feels that some things still have to be decided by themselves。
Make them feel right,What is wrong,I will do my best to do something。
Xiao Fan doesn’t want to see everyone alive,No emotion, no expression,Just live in this world dumbly,For some money for profit or for someone。
That kind of life is really boring,Xiao Fan hates life like that most,That’s why he thought about whether he should be stronger and protect more people。
Then he met Yoona Lin,Xiao Fan never thought that he would get married and start a business before,When Xiao Fanlin and Yoona are together,Xiao Fan doesn’t seem to be that particularly cruel president anymore。
Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty Six result
Xiao Fan’s time is too early,Everyone should go back to rest,Shen Lin and Su Ran are also the first1Day back,There are still many things to take over。

I go!Look at Huang Siye’s expression on seeing Xiao Fan as if seeing a ghost,How could he just teach him a little lesson!

Lin Yuner sees Xiao Fan really doesn’t want to go on,So there is no idea of continuing to ask questions。
Anyway, no matter what secrets are hidden in Xiao Fan’s body,She just needs to know a little bit,That is Xiao Fan will always stand by her side to protect her,It’s okay to never let her get hurt。
On the way back,Lin Yoona thought a lot,From the very beginning, Xiao Fan entered the Zhulin family,After arriving at Lin’s house,Xiao Fan became a veritable useless,Don’t do anything, don’t say anything,He even opened a mental hospital with the money he gave him to start a business。
And why Xiao Fan was so frustrated,It is completely reflected in his character,Regardless of your own mother,Outsiders,How rude to him he never replied,Letting it go is always his attitude towards this kind of thing。
My dissatisfaction with Xiao Fan is increasing day by day,So that I was annoying to see him later,If it wasn’t for marrying him, it was grandpa’s last wish,I believe she divorced Xiao Fan a long time ago。
Take a look at Xiao Fan,Since when did he change little by little?
Oh!correct,After grandma’s birthday banquet,He seems to have changed。
Facing Fang’s rudeness,He scared the Fang family to death with a single call,He also offered valuable compensation。
With proud medical skills、He also knows antiques,Kung Fu,And I don’t know how high Kung Fu is,I only know that he can easily resolve the crisis even when many people besie him!
Especially just now,A gray society boss that everyone is afraid of,Seeing Xiao Fan turned out to be like a mouse meeting a cat,And I came here with the heart to avenge my son,But the moment he saw Xiao Fan, he taught his son a lesson indiscriminately.。
Where does his power come from!
Lin Yuner’s eyes involuntarily looked at Xiao Fan again!

Frown,Eyes squinted,Just about to get angry,Suddenly it occurred to me that Yang Liu gave me the first time,I feel better。

“If you don’t want to say,Don’t say it then,remember,Your man is me,Although the ability cannot be said to be the best,But not bad,Something that is not easy to solve,Must tell me,Understand?”
“Know it,thank you。”
Yangliu smiled,This time sincerely,I didn’t expect Huo Yunhe to be so reasonable,I thought I was going to coax it for a while,“and also,I love you,Really。”
“I love you too。”
A sentence that I don’t want to see,So he eliminated Huo Yunhe’s anger all night,The thoughts that shouldn’t have last night were really crazy。
He should believe his vision,I should believe in Yangliu’s character。
Yiyi is a very good girl,Her past cannot be a blank paper,As long as she draws a line from the past,He is the only one in the future,others,Can’t force。
In a good mood,Walk briskly,Open the closet and start changing clothes,Black shirt、Dark tie,That is his standard。
Do not,Good mood today,Change to bright colors。
What he called bright colors,That is, put on a white shirt,Pull out a few ties and compare them carefully,Still the silver blue pleasing to the eye。
Suit,Still dark and stable,Wait for him to get dressed,Looking at the handsome young man in the full-length mirror,The curvature of the corner of the mouth rises slightly,There is a smile at the corners of the eyebrows。
Forehead is too full,The male protagonist in street advertising has bangs,He also tried to put down a few strands of hair,Ok,Is good,Compare age reduction,That’s it。
When you stroke your hair,It feels like something is missing,Thought for a while,Understand where the problem is,Turn around and find a pair of cufflinks with azure blue light and put them on,This is all alive。
A steady, mature, and contemporary man,Will definitely make my girlfriend shine。
When going downstairs for breakfast,Grandma Huo looked at her paralyzed grandson and even smiled,Look at each other with his wife,Laugh tacitly,Made Huo Yun and the inexplicable。
Look at grandma,Look at mom again,I really don’t understand what women are thinking,He should eat。

Your efforts are not in vain。Warm and warm,Just because you want to fight me,Next life。

Don’t know,Warm and warm is now called“Next life”。
Chapter Twelve Wen Yunyun’s cry
After Wen Yunyun ran away,I ran into the monitor of the warm class at the entrance of Little Plant Corner——Ouyang Yuan。
Ouyang Yuan and Wen Yunyun are old acquaintances。Last year at the campus art evening,Wen Yunyun’s show,Lingering in Ouyang Yuan’s heart。
So Ouyang Yuan always called Wen Yunyun the goddess。
Ouyang Yuan saw his goddess so wronged,Very distressed,Hesitate for a moment,Still choose to hold Wen Yunyun,Ask her what happened。
Wen Yunyun was pulled by the corner of her clothes,Raise your head carefully,Like a little rabbit。
Wen Yunyun choked softly and cried out of the warmth“offense”,A little girl’s house。
I’m so sorry for Ouyang Yuan,Ouyang Yuan is also very angry at Warm Nuan, which is also so vicious to his own sister。
Ouyang Yuan decided,For Wen Yunyun“Walk for the sky”!
Night falls,Warm and Nuan decided to go to Star River City,Try your luck。

“That one,Do you know what a life form in a different dimension is??”Wei Xiaoxing had an idea,Take the initiative to add drama。

The voice has not fallen,There are already several buddies dressed as Taoists,Waved on the spot,Summoned a few skeleton soldiers,Wei Xiaobing was so scared that all the nonsense was stuffed into his throat。
Mu Feiyan laughed:“This spirit pet is so long-winded!Don’t talk nonsense about those who have it,Hurry up and focus。”
Wei Xiaoxing looked helpless,Just nodded,Keep saying:“To practice《Hero Summon》,First, a condition must be met,Is to have a heart of innocence,Only innocent heart,So that the hero’s heart can be surrendered,Willing to use for the master。Like our Master He Bu,Everyone also saw,His young blood,Not afraid of power,Only qualified to practice this technique。”
Wei Xiaoxing just finished,There was a lot of discussion in the hall suddenly。
“what?Juvenile blood?Heart of a Child?Sounds a bit mysterious!Does it take the body of a boy to cultivate this??”
“Probably!If the heart has evil thoughts,Distracted when summoning heroes,It will probably fail。”
“but,If you want to be a child,It seems that not many people can use this magical skill?”
“Not necessarily,Do you really have a heart of innocence?,I have to practice before I know。”
Everyone, you and I say a word,Opinions vary,There is no conclusion。
At last,The Bei Gongwang coughed slightly,Speak loudly:“Mr. pet,Please go on。”
When Wei Xiaoxing heard this,,Suddenly I feel pretty good,See how polite people are,It’s from the big family,Be so polite to me,Not bad,Not bad!very good。
then,Wei Xiaoxing can’t help but straighten her chest,Completely replaced the role of the spirit pet,Said seriously:“This friend is right。Everyone listen to me,In fact, the heart of a child,Can also be cultivated。”
“to cultivate?This can also be cultivated?”Bei Gongwang was puzzled。
Wei Xiaoxing glanced at the scroll in his hand,Nod,Tao:“Not bad!Of course the heart of a child can be cultivated,The first is righteousness,Want to be right,Get it right,In line with ritual,In love。”

But things have reached this time,Lin Feng still wants to ask Lin Yang again,It’s like someone who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness,But still want to have a dying struggle。

really,After Lin Feng saw Lin Yang’s facial expression,His mind is completely dead。
This time,I really gave up my heart completely!
Because after Lin Yang listened to his words,Just laughed。
After Lin Yang laughed,Lin Yang took two steps forward,Came to Lin Feng,Extend one’s right hand,While pointing Lin Feng’s chest with his finger,Humiliated:
“Lin Feng,You are not,brothers?Blood relationship?These words,What did you say?For my Lin family,Our Lin family child,There will always be only Lin Yang、Lin Hai、Lin Ping。There has never been a person named Lin Feng。”
“you,Lin Feng,Will never be the brother of a few of us,Will never be our family,you,understand?Forever,far,Do not,meeting。”
Lin Feng was so devastated that Lin Yang stepped back a few steps,Until Liu Chunlan reacted,Lin Feng who was about to fall after holding on。
Liu Chunlan shouted to Lin Yang, anxious:“Lin Yang,Don’t go too far,How to say,Lin Feng is also father’s son,Is your brother,You do,You will suffer retribution。”
Who knew Lin Yang would laugh when he heard this。
“retribution,OK,I am waiting!but,I have a chance to wait,but,As for you,Is there a chance to wait,That’s not necessarily!”
“Nowadays,About those Lin family’s industries in Yunshi,You have to give it,Give or give。”
After Lin Yang said this,,Just take out the phone,Made a call,Said:“Lawyer Wang,The contract I asked you to prepare,Bring me home now。”
After Lin Yang said this,,Just hung up。
And Lin Feng and his family,To this time now,I understand why Lin Yang took the initiative to invite his family to attend Lin Tiansheng’s ceremony this time.。

Geologically for the determination of weathering,Various natural rocks formed by decomposition and redeposition,Mixtures of minerals are also effective,Especially the quartz,Feldspar can be used as a sample。In studying the age of the loess layer,Also achieved satisfactory results。

Ye Xin tells everyone,This technology,Can measure the range from hundreds to one million years。
“but,We can’t completely rely on this so-called science,sometimes,It will deceive,Too easy to receive interference,The result will be different。
Like porcelain,Thermoluminescence dating can measure the age of ancient ceramics,But the required dose of a chemical element is different,Can disturb the age of ancient ceramics,That can make it older。
This limitation of thermoluminescence is often used by counterfeiters。”Old Chen told everyone。
Hu Yang couldn’t help but ask humbly:“Test age,How long will it take?”
“not always,According to the specific situation,Thousands and hundreds of years old,Results in a day or two。For those who have a longer time,The statistical data is naturally huge,So the time will be a little longer。”Ye Xin introduced。
It seems,The limitations are quite big,Not suitable for appraising treasure,Only some appraisal agencies will use。
Everyone listened,Also a little disappointed,I thought it was so awesome。There are so many loopholes to drill,According to Old Chen,Some people use those limitations to fake。
“Although there are limitations,But it is still very helpful for our work。Not everyone,Can use your eyes to determine the age of a cultural relic。”As young people in the new era,Ye Xin respects scientific instruments,More scientific methods。
Chen Lao is impartial,Smiled:“Single traditional method,And a single scientific method,Actually it’s not good。The best way,Is a combination of both,To minimize errors。”
After visiting the black technology,Everyone back to the original place again,Check the degree of dissolution。
Everyone found,Pretty fast。For a while,Porcelain bowls that were originally glued together,Has fallen off。
Chen Lao looked expectantly,Remove the top porcelain bowl,Put aside。At this moment,Everyone will see,As expected by Brother Hu,There is really a porcelain bowl inside,Too thin。
Old Chen and Ye Xin couldn’t help being excited,Seems to have guessed,What’s that baby。
“fast,Go and invite the curator over。”Old Chen told Ye Xin。
The live room was in an uproar,This is the first time,Hu Ge found a lost national treasure?

Lin Tian certainly does not have to bear any legal responsibility at this age,I’m not worrying about compensation。

But for a child,If the truth of this matter cannot be known,She will have a psychological shadow in the future!
and so,We must make this matter clear!
If Lin Tian is a legitimate defense,I won’t let that kid, his parents and the head teacher!
I will let them taste what life is better than death。
I have no right to judge anyone,But if I can,Will make them suffer the serious consequences of doing bad things。
I just opened the live broadcast with a try,At the same time, to prevent the other side from biting back。
Soon someone trusted me privately,Can provide strong evidence that Lin Tian is a legitimate defense!
I reply immediately,If you can provide evidence,I will thank and reward him!
The other party said it doesn’t need,Just for fairness and justice。
We are still arguing and stalemate,Someone rushed here,The other party is the one who can provide evidence。
He is a blogger,I accidentally photographed this material。
Because I was still busy,I didn’t pay attention to other things,I found this clip when I returned home for a return visit。

All this was shocked,Almost freaked out!

Just now he saw this man with his own magic shield,Knowing that the other party must be a big figure in the gods,Powerful,So I tried desperately when I came up,I just think that the other party will cherish his life,Can kill him with a fierce move。
The situation turned out to be completely opposite,The other party not only spares his life,And more courageous!I dare not fear that the two hammers fall on my head,But preemptively point to yourself。
Not to mention strength,But the guts to take chestnuts from the fire,It’s no longer acceptable to convince people。
It’s just that Bao Yongfei didn’t expect that he would be captured alive by the opponent,That finger,Looks unremarkable,But instantly stopped the blood in my body。
The two blood hammers condensed just now,Actually gradually converged back into the body,This strange change,Let Mao Yongfei not know how to be happy,Should be fear。
The other party seems to be very familiar with the way his blood runs,Even more familiar than myself!
Mao Yongfei looks drastically changed,I thought if I was captured alive,For the entire city of steel,Overall morale will be greatly affected,If the boss comes back in the future,I really don’t know how to confess!
“Mao Yongfei,Don’t try so hard in the future!The principle of being merciless,You should know better than me!”
I heard a familiar voice in front of me,Mao Yongfei raised his head in astonishment,Seeing the enemy in front of you start to change,The most weird thing is that the breath has started to change,The light energy peculiar to the god people disappeared,In exchange for the breath of energy and blood unique to the strong human race。
“boss!It’s you?Really you!”Mao Yongfei was a little confused,I still can’t believe my eyes,How come you suddenly become alive,It’s fine if your face changes,Can even the energy breath in the body change??
“You are the commander of the Guards, but you can’t do it,I’m so impulsive after being a marshal?If you hang up,Who will protect my parents?”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
Mao Yongfei heard this,understood,This is the real boss,Otherwise, I would never know about the guards,Not to mention the details of protecting the boss’ parents。
Turns out the boss defeated me!so close!Okay,Okay!Mao Yongfei thought so in his heart,Immediately relieved。
“Come all over!Our big boss is here!”Mao Yongfei shouted at the soldiers around。
Those soldiers are also confused by the second monk,The enemy seemed to have restrained the commander,Then the two chatted a few words,That appearance began to change。
I rely on!That person turned into boss Lu!When everyone is puzzled,I heard Mao Yongfei’s shout,Then they surrounded them one after another。