Qin Feng’s heart

Already understand what is going on,No wonder someone troubles him,Turned out to be the idiot。
Is it just that interesting?
“Gao Shao,I accidentally knocked this kid’s car into flight,How to do this?”
The person who hit Qin Fengche also came down,But he didn’t mean to apologize,Instead, he showed off at Gao Hao。
“Haha,There is such a thing,Why are you so careful,You see, this car hasn’t broken yet,There is no big problem。But it’s nothing,You are all car drivers,You pay him for a new motorcycle,Isn’t that。”
Gao Hao said with regret,It seems to regret that the car was not completely crushed。
Qin Feng glanced at the owner’s car in front,Then I glanced at Gao Hao’s car,He didn’t say a word,Just watch them perform in silence。
Jiang Yan is holding Qin Feng’s hand tightly,She knows that some people want to wait for Qin Feng to make any mistakes,So she can’t make Qin Feng impulsive。
“What Gao Shao said is。”
The guy who deliberately asked for trouble also took out dozens of dollars from his pocket,Then walked in front of Qin Feng,Deliberately shook Qin Feng’s face,I want to face Qin Feng。
Qin Feng gently dodges,Then he said slowly:“This big brother,At first glance, you are someone with a mine,I don’t know the price of this motorcycle,This is given to me by my friend。”
Since you are rich and willful,Then wait for the traffic police to come over,Today is the landing of a new car,I don’t make it difficult for you,You give me a car like that,You can get this car back。
To say when there is no money,Qin Feng will do it himself,Do it with these guys now,That’s one’s own downgrade,Especially this person is still Gao Hao’s little brother,It’s even impossible for Qin Feng to do it。
Gao Hao and others immediately realized something was wrong,Especially the guy responsible for making trouble,He looked at Qin Feng hesitantly and asked:“what did you say,Your motorcycle is expensive?”
“I have already said,Do you have a mine?”Qin Feng asked gently,What is contained in this word makes people a little scared。
“Gao Shao,This person is not a poor man?”That person doesn’t even know who Qin Feng is,Otherwise, he wouldn’t dare to trouble Qin Feng。
This person is obviously no brain,If Qin Feng is really a poor man,Gao Hao has the ability to clean up people。

Zhu Zhengkang looked downstairs thoughtfully,Xiao Ke couldn’t help but sigh with emotion。

“Open your eyes and see clearly,This uncle’s sloppy is a little sloppy,But look at the brand of his clothes,And the gold glasses he wore,Everyone is not a little white of luxury,How much is his outfit worth,Needless to say,You should know too!”
If others refute Xiao Ke like this,Young Master Xiao directly greeted the household registration book,But Zheng Weiwei is the one who refuted him,Xiao Ke could only put those words that came to his lips,Xiao Ke swallowed it again。
But after Zheng Weiwei’s reminder,Xiao Ke and Zhu Zhengkang also noticed Xiong Yu’s clothes,People who have been in the luxury circle for a long time,The ability to distinguish authenticity,Still have。
“Wait and see!Nowadays,Xiang Chen won!”
Zheng Yao is the final conclusion of today’s affairs,The rest is how Xiang Chen won。
Downstairs, Xiang Chen and Xiang Yang walk towards Xiong Yu。
“Uncle Seven!”
“Grandpa Seven!”
Looking at Xiang Chen and Xiang Yang,Xiong Yu who can change the color of those big guys on the second floor,Actually cried first。
“You two little rascals,Left without a word!Don’t tell me if you have no money!”
With some crying when speakinghuamaoren.,Eyes are red too。
“I’m thinking about retiring,I won’t cause trouble to your brothers!”
Xiang Chen said with a smile,She stretched out her hand and rubbed the curls on Xiong Yu’s head a few times。
Just the action of Xiang Chen rubbing Xiong Yu’s head,Many people are terrified。
“Uncle Zheng,Who is this uncle??”
Glanced around,Many people have expressions of horror on their faces,Zhu Guoquan and Xiao Zhubo around them are dull and cute。
I know that asking these two people is not very useful,Zhu Zhengkang had to deal with this matter for himself,Pinned on Zheng Yao。


Rosemary stopped talking,Thought for a while,After confirming that this is indeed possible,She asked inexplicably:“why?”
Chen Geng explained:“Because of Lee·Alacocca and Henry·The grievances between Ford。”
Rosemary thought about it,Suddenly!
Lee·Alacocca and Henry·The grievances between Ford have almost become a topic of interest throughout the United States,With ChryslerfamilyHot sale,Lee·Iacocca’s frequent appearances in major media have been interpreted by the media as Li·Iacocca was using this method to treat Henry·Ford takes revenge、Face slap,Why doesn’t she know these?
But because of this,She was particularly puzzled:“Just because we have a partnership with Ford,So Lee·Iacocca will target us?Let’s introduce theirPoer FliteThe technical and combat capabilities of hydraulic automatic transmissions were rejected,It is probably for this reason……
Lee·Is Iacocca stupid??
He targeted us so,In addition to only pushing us to his old rival Ford,What good is it for him?Chrysler’s board of directors allowed him to behave like this?”
Rosemary can’t understand Lee·How could Iacocca make such a stupid decision?,It is impossible for ordinary people with normal online IQ to make such a decision, right??
“Hatred can easily blind one’s soul,”Chen Geng can only use this reason to explain:“Besides, I seriously doubt that the Chrysler board of directors did not know that we intend to introduce themPoer FliteHydraulic automatic transmissions and what our business in Indiana is targeted at,These are Lee·Alacocca’s decision,You know,This pair Lee·It’s not difficult for Iacocca。”
Really not difficult,Reject the introduction of FernandezPoer FliteRelated technologies and patents of hydraulic automatic transmission,No need to report to the board for approval,Li as the Group CEO·Iacocca can make the decision,The same,The same goes for the business expansion of Sniping Fernandez in Indiana.。
Rosemary shook her head disappointedly:“before this,I also think he is a great entrepreneur,Is a master of business,but……”
Chen Geng said nothing,Nodded silently。
but what?
But one is blinded by hatred、Always thinking about revenge、Even when this obsession has affected his normal judgment and professional ethics,This person is no longer worthy to be called a great entrepreneur。
I know it’s Lee·Iacocca is fucking behind the scenes,Rosemary said it would be fine to leave it to her,As for what she plans to do,Rosemary didn’t say,Chen Geng did not ask,As the chairman of Fernandez,He only looks at the result,As long as the result is what he wants。
Rosemary didn’t let him down,Just three days,Good news from Indiana,The companies that have been dragging their reluctance to sign before take the initiative to call,Expressed hope to sign a contract with Fernandez as soon as possible……
Chen Geng is a little curious,Don Lee·How would Iacocca react when he knew his plan was broken by himself?unfortunately,Lee·Iacocca did not call Chen Geng from beginning to end,It seems that this matter has nothing to do with him,Makes Chen Geng a little regretful。

“You say。”Deputy Director Wan nodded immediately。

“next month,Delta Airlines、Southwest Airlines、Four airlines, United Airlines and American Airlines, organized an auction of second-hand aircraft,One of the auction items is Boeing737McDonnell DouDC—9,All the ages8To12Between years,”Chen Gengdao:“Are you interested?If you are interested,I can buy it with6The money for the new plane will buy the next batch of planes and give it to you。”
8To12Aircraft age?
And it’s Boeing737McDonnell DouDC—9Such an advanced jet medium and short-range trunk aircraft?
Wan Dong’s interest was immediately raised,Such a plane is equivalent to a young man of 27 or 18 years old,Just take care,Wailing in good condition,He asked immediately:“These planes are still very new,Why they sell?and also,What is the approximate price?”
Don’t feelDC—9Is relatively backward,DC—9The latest model isDC—9super80,That is, McDonnell Douglas just launched—80,basically,McDonnell Dou—80/90The series is considered the second generationDC—9。
“Because of the economic downturn in the U.S.,”Chen Geng explained:“This oil crisis has too much impact on the economy of the United States and the entire Western world,Now there is great operating pressure in all walks of life,The civil aviation industry is even more so,In this economic downturn,The four largest airlines in the United States are under great operating pressure,It is also an inevitable choice to sell part of the assets in hand to reduce operating costs and pressure。
As for the price?In accordance with past practice,Probably about 30% of the price of the new machine,The final transaction price is about 50 to 60% of the market price of the new machine,But considering the current bad market environment,I estimate that half of the market price is the highest,Maybe there are still unsold。”
only8To12Boeing737McDonnell DouDC—9,It turned out to be only 50% or less of the market price?
Now,Not only Wandong,All the leaders of the Civil Aviation Administration present were all heartened instantly:Doesn’t this mean the money for buying an airplane before,Can buy two now?This is not the most important,The most important thing is that these planes are in stock,No need to wait。
Think of up to three or five months,China Civil Aviation has twelve, three or even 13 or four Boeings737、McDonnell DouglasDC—9,The leaders of the Civil Aviation Administration are all calm。
After more than twenty years,China Civil Aviation is absolutely indifferent to second-hand civil aviation airliners,The average age of China’s civil aviation companies does not exceed12year old,Not more than12The aircraft of 2015 was sold to foreign airlines at low prices。But now Huaxia is different,The ability to do big things with a small amount of money,When the country has no money,From Chen Geng in the form of a joint venture“cheat”Come6Boeing737/McDonnell DouglasDC—9It’s already enough to make the Civil Aviation Administration brag for several yearsXUp,If we can double the plane now……
So happy!
There are already little stars in happy eyes。
Some people can’t restrain their curiosity,Can’t help but ask Chen Geng:“Mr. Chen,Why are you so clear about the situation inside?”
“Oh,I have an airplane dismantling company that specializes in airplane dismantling business,”Chen Geng said:“The business development is pretty good now,And those airlines in European and American countries are fairly familiar。”
Who can think of it,Among the famous companies of Chen Geng,There is even a humble airplane dismantling company?Really……
The leaders of the Civil Aviation Administration were speechless:You are so abrupt, just surprise us。
Although very exciting,But Wan Dong’s head is also very calm,He immediately said:“such,Mr. Chen,I will ask the leader immediately after I go back,Do you think?”


Chapter 275 Ran?
The heads of the two major barracks in the core battlefield are now very depressed。Because they found a team of less than a thousand people came near them。
I thought these people would enter the battlefield,But they didn’t do it,Instead, he settled down a few hundred meters away。
the most important is,Those people are stationed down, yes,But none of them came to greet them。Don’t talk about respect or disrespect now,They just want to know what purpose this group of people came with。
The issue is,If you let them put down Duan and send someone to ask,They can’t do it。The fact is that they think that between the two sides is their big barracks.,Naturally, it’s them。
Besides, all along,They are all great generals,So even those military camps that are not far from their own strength are just Sabi in their eyes.。
Because of this kind of superior thinking,So that they can’t figure out the situation。the most important is,They stayed outside for three days,But nothing happened!This is why the two generals are anxious。
They originally planned to send spies to investigate,In this way, you can’t expose your sense of needs and also get some information you want。
However, the spies were shot into the soul before they could touch the other party’s camp.。
These two generals are even more uncertain。They are a little angry,Also a little confused,Still a little afraid。
In fact, the two generals did not know that Qin Feng was the only master in the entire barracks.,As for Liu Xing and Zhong Fa, even Yamu Tea was dispatched by Qin Feng。
Of course, what they did was to come and catch a mantis to catch the cicada when someone else attacked.。
Yamu Tea is naturally the one with the most opinions,Because in terms of mentality,He doesn’t think he is at the same level as Liu Xing and Zhong Fa。
However, Qin Feng regards him as that rank to train and let him do things,So in desperation,He can only bite the bullet。
Qin Feng has no way of knowing what happened to Zhong Fa。But there was some movement among the two barracks on his side.。
On the fifth day of Qin Feng’s station,The two barracks dare not send spies over this time,But came to talk to Qin Feng in person。As for why dare to come alone?They don’t believe what Qin Feng really dares to do to them,After all, the two barracks combined have more than 3,000 troops。Fully equivalent to three regular groups!

The Thousand-Year Tree Fairy came back from his thoughts,Seeing another world, I have entered the hall,I also hurried to keep up。

Inside the main hall of Lanruo Temple,Monkey King looked at the Gray Wolf who was still practicing,Somewhat helpless,Why did all the people he met in the chat group who didn’t let the monster worry?
One is with a demon,About to go crazy,One is fascinated by the peaceful life,How long has it been,Still staying on the second order。
Think again about the people in the chat group,I’m already very old and still stick to the way of writing,Want to regain lost ground,Xin Qiji group member who expelled the gold thief,Zhang Chulan’s hard-working members,Make Monkey King feel that the monster race has fallen?He is the only demon clan chief who is still working hard?
Monkey King suppressed the indisputable anger that rose in his heart,Think about the Zhao Gao group member in the chat group who seems to be not thinking about making progress,In each group,Demon,It’s just that he saw a lot of evil spirits,Not get in the way,As long as he is still there,all,All unknown。
“Monkey King group members,Grey Wolf Pack?”
At this moment,Dryad grandma also returned to the hall,Looking at the gray wolf who is still cultivating,Said hesitantly。
“No problem,But it’s harder to practice,After this mission is completed,I will let the Grey Wolf pack members go to be beside Teacher Wan Jianyi for a while,To learn how to become stronger。”
Monkey King looked at the obsessed Big Gray Wolf,Said in a leisurely tone,They are here to do the task,Not here to practice,and,The perception of the outside world is already weak to this point,Make Monkey King very helpless,I can only hope that Teacher Yu Wan Jianyi can untie Big Gray Wolf’s heart knot。
“Wan Jianyi?”
Dryad grandma asked suspiciously,How does this name feel familiar,As if I heard it somewhere。
“It’s the subordinate of the emperor Zhang Xiaofan,The third-order existence that taught me to recite the Analects,Teacher Wan Jianyi。”
Monkey King said with a smile,The past is not embarrassing for him,Who is not young and frivolous?He also has,but,He has changed now,such,Is enough,Explain that the sufferings he had suffered were not in vain,Can’t kill him,Will eventually make him stronger。
“Heart disease still needs heart medicine,I am a demon who wants to manage so many subordinates,Already very busy,Unable to concentrate on treating Gray Wolf,I can only ask other people to treat Big Gray Wolf。”
“And among the people I know,Only Teacher Wan Jianyi is the most suitable,rest assured,Teacher Wan Jianyi is a measured person,I won’t send the body of Big Gray Wolf back。”
Monkey King said with a smile,This is why he really can’t help it,I can only turn to Teacher Wan Jianyi for help,After he completes this mission,I’m going back to teach his patriarchs,therefore,First send Gray Wolf to Wan Jianyi,Then he concentrated on disposing of that lazy pig。
Dryad grandma reacted instantly,The words of Monkey King group members mean that as long as they can cure the Big Big Wolf group members,Life or death?Do not,Just don’t die,because,No matter how bad the gray wolf is,Monkey King has enough power to save Big Gray Wolf back。

“Is there any mistake,This can continue to win?”Qin Feng pretended to beep。However, other guests felt even more uncomfortable after seeing Qin Feng’s 500,000 extra chips in an instant.。

And at this moment,The manager came over too。Because Ozawa is only the security manager who manages the outside of the ship,And this person who comes in is the ambition who is in charge of technical issues in the store。
“Mr,I don’t know what you think。”
Hear the question of Ye Wang,Qin Feng pointed at Jinjiu,“This guy keeps staring at me like this,Then fight against me,But don’t bet。Did your gambling ship specifically find me disgusting??”
“Sir, I think you misunderstood。This one is also a guest。It’s just that it’s impossible for some customers not to bet,Sometimes I watch the road signs。”
Because everyone is a guest,Ye Wang is obviously to please Qin Feng, but he doesn’t want to offend Jinjiu. See you,So I helped find excuses。
“Oh?Then if I change the room and he follows me,Does it prove that he is the one you got for me in your gambling boat??”Qin Feng asked。
Ambition is also somewhat inexplicable,He had heard Ozawa talk about this before。But he doesn’t understand the specific situation,I only know that there must be some grievances between Qin Feng and Jin Jiu Jian。
Qin Feng didn’t bother to manage,Just take the chips and go out。
VIPOf course there is more than this one,After all, some people can’t play together,Even some rooms have very big stakes,So it’s unrealistic to let those people play with people who bet thousands。
Qin Feng enters the supreme classVIProom,The minimum bet required here10In case,of course,The admission principle is a bargaining chip for one million dollars。
Jinjiu saw Qin Feng leave,Of course he has to follow。

But now Lena and Qiangwei don’t like this kind of calmness,Instead of,They want to know the coffee in Xin Zhao’s hand,Did you take it wrong?。

I was a little dazed to see them,Zhao Qijin smiled with a dark belly,Then continue to collect,It feels like it’s a unique delicacy in the collection world。
Watching Xin Zhao treasure again,Lena and Qiangwei step back silently at the same time,Then come together。
“I said you made a mistake,Is this coffee sweetened?,Still say that this coffee has something different,It smells bad,But after drinking,But it’s delicious。
It’s like the stinky tofu on your planet,Smells bad,The one that tastes delicious?”Lena looks at Qiangwei,She really wanted to drink a bitter coffee just now to refresh her mind,But after receiving Xin Zhao’s comfort,,Lena suddenly felt that this bitter coffee,Need a glass for Xin Zhao,Let him enjoy。
But when Xin Zhao feels enjoyment,Lena felt something was wrong again。
She is purely trying to pit Xin Zhao,I didn’t want Xin Zhao to enjoy it!
“Why don’t you change Lena with him?,Anyway, you two are so close!”Qiangwei also wants to know what’s wrong with it that she doesn’t know,So I started to propose to Lena。
Lena looked at Qiangwei with suspicious eyes,Seems to be wondering why she didn’t change。But Qiangwei smiled directly at her,And then returned a look。
Rose did not say what this look means,Lena can only do what she wants。
“Xin Zhao,Let’s change the two!”Casually talking,Rena directly put the coffee cup in her hand in front of Xin Zhao,Then he picked up Xin Zhao in his hand,Don’t give Xin Zhao time to resist。
Smell the bitter taste of coffee,Reina noticed that Xin Zhao blinked at her at this time,Then she seems to understand something。
A bite,Coffee in your mouth,Lena promised that she really understood what Xin Zhao meant。
This guy is a scam,Obviously it’s such bitter and awful coffee,Why can Xin Zhao do it like this?。
This unscientific!
Fortunately, Lena’s genetic control ability is very powerful,After a little hesitation,She took a sip,And then make an aftertaste look。
“Feel good,It seems Qiangwei, you can go back and make another cup to try!”Lena said,Carefully,I’m afraid that Qiangwei will snatch her cup,Took a step back slowly。

Only arrange all this in advance,That’s why Lu Menglin can enjoy this wonderful university time leisurely!

Lu Menglin returns402In the dormitory,The lights are almost off。
None of the people in the dormitory slept,Instead, the conversation was full of enthusiasm。
Zhu Xiaoguang leaned back against the wall,Sitting cross-legged on the bed,Shouted:“I made a decision,I’ll go find Lin Ling for dinner tomorrow,Go the day after tomorrow。”
Zhang Bo laughed:“Seeing the eye so quickly?You actually like tall girls?”
Zhu Xiaoguang grinned:“That is!Gao Pan Liang,Take it out。The eldest woman is like that。I’ll buy her a mink when it gets cold
“right?Why don’t I give you an internally increased insole?!”Zhang Bo laughed。
“Screw you!Which one you didn’t like?Just know that I am pastime。”Zhu Xiaoguang shook his head and thought。
Zhang Bo was slightly startled,Can’t help but look at Lu Menglin who just opened the door and came in。
It is estimated that Zhang Bo also liked a certain girl,It’s just that he feels unsure of winning,I don’t want to fight with my roommate for an unfamiliar girl,So just think about it。
Zhang Bo is a calmer person,Fair-minded,Naturally, I don’t spend too much time on this kind of thing,That’s why he didn’t say anything at all。
At this moment,Liu Taosheng, who hadn’t said a word for a long time, didn’t know he was talking to himself,Or to the roommates:“I think that classmate Xiaoxin is pretty today。”
This remark,The roommates all laughed。

Lu Menglin thought Jin Soyan was a caged bird,Hope she can have her own life,But Jin Suyan thought that Lu Menglin encouraged her to choose life again,Is to imply willing to associate with her,Don’t care about her past。

The two of them obviously listened to each other’s meaning,Mainly based on incorrect positioning of each other’s identities,That’s why I put out such a big oolong,I’m afraid the jokes behind will make more noise。
text Chapter Two Hundred and Eighty Seven Who knows the prodigal son
“You really don’t mind?”Kim So Yeon blinks beautiful eyes,Said excitedly。
“What do you mind?Life forever,But it’s only 36,000 games。Besides, people are not sages,You can be right,As long as you know your mistakes,Good things。In fact, these things are no big deal for you,You have your difficulties,As long as you can get lost。”Lu Menglin said seriously。
“Get lost?Oh!My Chinese is not as good as you think,Is this an idiom?I don’t know much!”Kim So Yeon shrugged,Said with a smile。
Lu Menglin stared at her with a frown and smile,Dump all beings,Alone again,Alone in a room,To be honest,But the more he likes,I feel more respectful,I don’t want to destroy the goodness in each other’s hearts。
“Can you hold me?”Jin Suyan gently put her head on Lu Menglin’s shoulder,As soft as boneless,Whisper。
Lu Menglin looked at her swan-like jade neck,So white,I had to try my best to suppress the original impulse in my heart,Embrace her lightly,Attribute all this to the effects of alcohol。
“This villa is left to me by my mother,She is Chinese。I grew up here when I was young。I’m not willing except this place,Nothing else。”Kim So Yeon chuckled。
Lu Menglin nodded,Of course he can see,The owner here is unique,Many details in the room are just right blank,Just like Chinese painting,Retain the flavor。