The 10 most effective ways to overcome workplace stress

The 10 most effective ways to overcome workplace stress

Initially, spiritual transcendence-evaluation and positioning of life, self-life value and role positioning, setting of life’s main goals, etc., simply put: what kind of person are you going to be, and your life is going to achieve certain goals.

These seemingly unrelated pressures have always had a huge impact on us, and reflection on many pressures often comes down to this aspect.

“I am very convinced that this is one of the biggest secrets to achieving psychological calm-to have the right values,” Carnegie said.

And I also believe that as long as we can set a personal standard-that is, compared with our lives, a certain thing is worth the standard, 50% of our anxiety can be eliminated immediately.

“Step two, mentality adjustment-embrace pressure with a positive and optimistic attitude. French writer Hugo once said:” Thinking can make heaven into hell, and hell into heaven.

“We must recognize that crisis is a turning point, encountering difficulties and generating pressure, and the transformation may be a lack of ability. Therefore, the entire problem-handling process becomes an important opportunity to strengthen our ability and develop; in addition, it may be the environment orThe factors of others can be resolved by rational communication. If they cannot be resolved, they can forgive everything and try to face everything with a positive optimism.

Some people study the so-called optimism coefficient, so that a person often maintains a positive optimism. When dealing with problems, he will have a 20% chance of getting a satisfactory result than the average person.

Therefore, a positive optimism will almost calm down the error and chaos caused by stress, and will make the problem lead to positive results.

  The third step is rational reflection-self-reflection and pressure diary. The rational return, actively engage in self-conversation and reflection.

For an aggressive person, he can ask himself when faced with pressure, “What if there is no casting?

“The idea is not an excuse, but an effective way to relieve stress.

But if your own personality tends to escape, you should ask yourself to face the stress in a more positive manner and tell yourself that moderate stress can help you grow up.

  At the same time, keeping a diary of stress is a simple and effective method of rational reflection.

It can help you determine what stimulus is causing the stress, and by examining your diary, you can discover how you are coping with stress.

  The fourth step is to establish balance-leave room for rest and do not take home the stress of work. We must take the initiative to manage our emotions, pay attention to cause life, and do not take the stress of work home.

Set aside space for rest: sharing time with others, talking, talking, reading, meditation, listening to music, handling housework, participating in physical work are all great ways to gain peace of mind, choose the right exercise, exercise patience, sensitivity or physical strength… Persistently applying alternately the way you like and establishing rational habits, and gradually realize its benefits to your body.

  The fifth step, time management-the key is not to let your arrangements control you. You have to arrange your own work. The pressure of work is often accompanied by the tension of time. I always feel that many things are very urgent and time is not enough.

The effective way to solve this sense of urgency is time management. The key is not to let your arrangements control you. You have to arrange your own affairs.

When scheduling, you should weigh the priorities of various things and learn to “play the piano.”

We must be proactive in our work, put important but not necessarily urgent issues first, and prevent problems before they occur. If we are always busy fighting fires, it will always make our work passive.

  The sixth step is to strengthen communication-don’t try to bear all the pressure on your own. You should actively improve your relationships, especially to strengthen communication with your superiors, colleagues and subordinates. Remember to always ask the supervisor for assistance when there is too much pressureDon’t try to bear all the pressure alone.

At the same time, when the pressure comes, you can take the initiative to seek psychological intervention, such as talking to family and friends, and conducting psychological counseling.

  The seventh step is to improve the ability-the most direct and effective way to relieve stress is to improve one’s ability. Since the source of stress is his unfamiliarity with things, uncertainty, or inability to achieve goals, then, relieve stressThe most direct and effective way is to understand, grasp the situation, and try to improve one’s ability.

Through self-study, training, and other channels, once “meet”, “familiar”, and “clear”, the pressure will naturally be reduced and eliminated. It can be seen that stress is not a trivial matter.

The reason why evasion cannot be relieved is because its own ability can be changed, so the existing pressure still exists, and the intensity has not decayed.

  The eighth step, live today-concentrate all your wisdom, enthusiasm, and pressure to do your work today to perfection. In fact, they all have the same characteristics, which is to highlight the worry and worry about tomorrow and the future.

And to cope with stress, the first thing we do is not to look at the distant future, but to do the clear things at hand, because the best way to prepare for tomorrow is to concentrate all your wisdom, enthusiasm, and work today.Well done.

  The ninth step, physiological regulation-stay healthy, learn to relax. Another way to manage stress is to control some physiological changes, such as gradually relaxing muscles, breathing deeply, strengthening exercise, getting enough sleep, and maintaining health and nutrition.

By maintaining your health, you can increase strength and endurance and help you fight fatigue caused by stress.

  The tenth step, daily decompression. Here are 10 specific methods to help you reduce stress in your daily life. It is simple and convenient. It can be adjusted often if you use it. Good results: 1. Go to bed early and get up early.

Get up an hour before your family wakes up and get ready for the day.

  2. Share the joy of work with your family and colleagues.

  3, rest more throughout the day, so that the mind is clear, breathing is smooth.

  4, use time to exercise.

  5. Don’t rush and show yourself too much.

  6. Remind yourself that everything cannot be perfect.

  7. Learn to say “No”.
  8. Don’t worry too much about life.
  9. Occasionally listen to music to relax yourself.

  10. Cultivate an open mind.

What symptoms does yoga treat?

What symptoms does yoga treat?


Can yoga control high blood pressure symptoms?

Yoga training can help improve the symptoms of many chronic diseases and reduce the incidence of chronic diseases.

Some studies have shown that yoga can lead to a healthier mindset, peace and relaxation.

In addition, it teaches you how to feel your body and listen to the signals it sends you.

Some yoga practice methods can help to control blood pressure, such as chest and abdomen breathing can reduce your pressure to relax you completely.

By adjusting the content of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body, the body’s autonomic nervous system is adjusted, that is, to achieve cross-linking and parasympathetic nerves, thereby relaxing the blood vessels and reducing blood pressure.

The effect of long-term persistent practice will be obvious.

In addition, meditation is also very useful for controlling blood pressure. Pleasant foods advocated by yoga also have a very good effect on regulating blood lipids and lowering blood pressure.

Of course, some yoga postures should be avoided by hypertensive persons. It is best to avoid such postures as headstand and shoulderstand under the guidance of a professional before practicing, especially in the early stages of practicing yoga.


I often have migraine symptoms due to work pressure. Can yoga help treat migraine headaches?

Migraine headaches are usually caused by sudden contraction of the blood vessels in the brain and may be caused by factors such as heredity or stress.

Regular yoga practice can help reduce symptoms.

Many asanas help reduce stress and increase blood circulation.

But don’t do too much forward or backward bending, because it will increase the pressure and make the pain worse.

You can choose a very simple position to practice breathing and meditation. It also helps to relax the nerves and maintain a balanced mentality, thereby reducing or eliminating headache symptoms.


Blood pressure, high blood pressure, high blood pressure, people who have had children, have undergone major surgery can practice Yoga A.

It ‘s true that yoga can be suitable for all kinds of people to practice, but for people with special physical conditions, it is recommended not to take classes with ordinary members. It is best to choose a private education course. It can be safely and effectively practiced by a pair of guidance from professional yoga instructors.Pioneering to avoid unexpected things.

If the coach is not fully grasping the patient’s condition, teaching a good course recommends that the client first consult the doctor before practicing, and once the guest starts practicing, he should also remind the guest to conduct a phased physical examination.

This will ensure that guests practice yoga in a safe situation.


What effect does the body’s glands have on the body?

Yoga practice has a potential impact A in it.

The endocrine adenosine ligand inside the body moves the body to secrete adenosine and secrete hormones into the blood. These hormones are distributed to different organs by the transportation of blood to control the digestion of the body, the vitality of the body, and the temperature of the bodyWater, body growth, supplementary functions of cells, etc.

Yoga believes that through yoga practice, the secretory recovery of internal secretory glands will be maintained in good condition.

When the glandular secretion is normal, a person’s body is healthy and mentally stable.

When you have glandular dysfunction, that is, when the secretion is imbalanced (whether it is too much or too little), it will lead to disease in the human body.


Is it hard to practice yoga?

Many people think of yoga when they put their feet on their heads. They think it is a very painful and horrible thing, and they feel that they cannot practice it.

Some people are determined to try the exercise and the result is scared away by the painful position and fracture pain.

In fact, yoga is not just a crazy training of body position, otherwise it is no different from practicing soft skills.

Yoga is about returning to nature. The more natural the better, the best and most effective one is.

Practice step by step, learn to relax and learn to enjoy the practice process will not feel pain and will gradually enjoy the feeling of leaning, so relax and practice the exercise, you will definitely find a real sense of joy.

How many skincare minefields have you stepped on?


How many skincare minefields have you stepped on?

Are you doing everything right for skin care?

In fact, you accidentally stepped on the minefield of skin care.

How many of the following five skin care tabs do you have?

  One big taboo: Every time you remove your makeup, always wipe the lipstick directly with a tissue before washing your face.

  Analysis: Wipe the lipstick directly with a paper towel, which will cause excessive irritation to the lips, transform the capillaries of the skin under the lips and cause damage. In the long run, it will change the lip color and even cause complications.

  The correct way is: special makeup remover is also needed for lip skin.

Take an appropriate amount of eye and lip makeup remover on a cotton pad and gently apply it to allow the lipstick to float off your lips, then wipe it off with a cotton pad or paper towel.

  Taboo two: I am used to washing my face directly with water in the morning, I ‘ve washed it the night before anyway.

  Analysis: After a whole night of metabolism, the skin is not as clean as you think. How can it be completely removed with just water?

If the dirt is not cleaned and makeup is applied later, it is easy to insert pores, resulting in blackheads, acne, etc.

  The correct way is: wash your face with a cleanser, and give the skin rich moisture while thoroughly cleansing, so that the skin is calm and comfortable, and the skin is refreshed and soft.

  Taboo three: I think the same is true with cleansing milk makeup remover, do not necessarily have to use a special makeup remover.

  Analysis: Is it enough to just use a regular cleanser / deodorant?

Everyone knows that general cleansers often cannot achieve the purpose of complete makeup removal. At this time, you need a special makeup remover to help.

  The correct way is: removing makeup is the first step. After removing makeup, use cleansing milk to remove dirt, oil and residual cosmetics from the pores again to make the skin cleaner and fresher.

  No. 4: When facial massage, the longer the better.

  Analysis: The time of facial massage should be moderate, not too long or too short, it must be determined according to the skin quality, skin condition and age.

  The correct way is: Generally speaking, normal skin massage time is about 10 minutes.

The massage time for dry skin is generally 10-15 minutes.

Massage time for oily skin should be controlled within 10 minutes.

Allergic skin is best not massaged.

  Don’t pour five lotions directly on your hands, thinking that if you try to pat, the lotions will be more easily absorbed.

  Analysis: Pour the firming water on your hands and pat, it will not play a role in cleaning again.

  The correct way is: take an appropriate amount of firming water and soak the cotton pad, and then gently apply it on the cleansed face, which is also more hygienic.

Regular massage of 6 acupuncture points can prolong life

Regular massage of 6 acupuncture points can prolong life

Since ancient times, people have been pursuing longevity.

On old people’s birthdays, we often bless the old people for “longevity and 100 lives”, which is very useful.

How can I live longer?

Chinese medicine believes that in addition to paying attention to daily diet and strengthening exercise to improve the body’s immunity, traditional Chinese medicine acupressure also helps longevity.

Frequent massages of six points, including Neiguan, Taixi, and Zusanli, can prolong life and achieve longevity.

Massage the Neiguan point: the heart’s umbrella suitable symptoms: heart disease, such as rheumatic heart disease, myocarditis, coronary heart disease, etc., especially the prevention of heart obstruction has a prominent effect.

Neiguan acupoint is the “collateral” acupoint of the pericardial meridian, the core acupoint for traditional Chinese medicine to treat heart diseases.

Neiguan acupoint is located 2 inches above the horizontal stripes of the wrist.

After insisting on massaging this acupuncture point for a month, the patient’s symptoms such as breathlessness, upset, and palpitations will be significantly reduced or disappeared to promote longevity.

Massage Taixi Point: Good medicine for chronic kidney disease Suitable symptoms: kidney disease, chronic nephritis, diabetic nephropathy, etc.

Kidney nourishment has a certain relationship with longevity.

The Taixi acupoint is the “losing” acupoint of the foot meridian kidney meridian, also known as “one of the nine points of Huiyang”, which focuses on nourishing the kidney.

The Taixi acupoint is located in the depression of the foot, behind the inner depression, and between the tip of the inner depression and the Achilles tendon.

For patients with nephritis, there is a certain degree of reduction in hypertension after kneading, and urine protein is significantly reduced.

Massage Zusanli Point: Tonics that are as effective as ginseng. Suitable symptoms: All debilitating diseases, such as anemia, postpartum degradation, and early recovery from serious illness.

The Zusanli Point is the “he” point of the stomach meridian of the Foot Yangming. It is a strong and healthy point. It has the functions of replenishing and strengthening the body, regulating yin and yang, strengthening the spleen and stomach, and activating the meridian.

The Zusanli acupoint is located on the outside of the lower leg, 3 inches below the outer knee, approximately a transverse finger near the bone.

Use the thumb on the same side to knead or use a smooth wooden stick to knead, or use moxa stick moxibustion, which can also achieve longevity.

Massage Hegu Point: Natural Therapy to Fight Pain Suitable Symptoms: All kinds of pain, especially good at delaying pain in patients with advanced cancer.

Hegu Acupoint is the “original” acupuncture point of the large intestine meridian of the hand.

Hegu Point is located at the back of the hand, at the midpoint of the first metacarpal space.

Use the thumb on the opposite side to knead or pinch the skin at the acupoint with three fingers.

This acupoint is often massaged to relieve pain, prolong life, and achieve longevity.

Massage Guanyuan: Rejuvenation Suitable symptoms: various reproductive system diseases.

Especially good at treating infertility, impotence, premature ejaculation, dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation.

Chinese medicine believes that Guan Yuan acupoints have a solid foundation of cultivating yuan, which can nourish the power of coke, and that Fan Qi can be used instead.

Guanyuan Point is located in the lower part of the abdomen, the front midline, and 3 inches below the umbilicus.

Commonly used methods are kneading or tremor.

The tremor method is to close Guanyuan acupoint with two hands overlapping and overlapping, press slightly, and push up and down quickly and slightly.

Qi is closely related to longevity.

Tonic qi and blood can help to live longer.

Massage acupuncture points: suitable symptoms for treating gastric diseases: corrected gastric and duodenal diseases, such as: gastric and duodenal ulcers, chronic gastritis, atrophic gastritis, gastric ptosis, etc., especially to relieve stomach pain and treat indigestioneffective.

Zhongxuan acupoint is a convergent acupoint of four meridians. It is also known as the “soul acupoint of the stomach”. It has the functions of strengthening the spleen and stomach, replenishing qi, and longevity.

The middle acupoint is located on the upper abdomen, anterior midline, and 4 inches above the middle of the umbilicus.

The commonly used method is by rubbing or rubbing.

Rubbing, that is, overlapping palms or stepping on Zhongli acupoint with single palm, slowly pushing clockwise or counterclockwise to make the abdominal cavity feel hot.

Women’s beauty is maintained by moxibustion

Women’s beauty is maintained by moxibustion

With the public’s awareness of health, moxibustion has become a frequently used treatment and health care method for many families.

But did you know that moxibustion can also be used as a common method for women’s beauty and skin care!

  Women’s constitution is negative, and they are susceptible to cold and cold.

The so-called “hundreds of diseases start from the cold.”

The womb is the coldest place in a woman’s body.

In particular, those women who are afraid of cold and have cold hands and feet are easy to appear cold because of the cold and evil.

In addition, some girls are particularly fond of cold drinks; or they want to cool down and turn the air conditioner temperature too low; or for beautiful, they often wear navel clothes or thin clothes in winter.

  If the uterus is warm, the body’s qi and blood can run smoothly, and the menstrual period is normal. Once the uterus is invaded by cold and humidity, the blood gas condenses when it is cold, which can easily cause irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea, aging and even infertility.

In the spring, it is neither cold nor hot, and the yang is born. At this time, the effect of conditioning the “cold cold” is more effective, and it can prevent the recurrence of summer degradation and lay a good foundation for winter and the next year’s health.

  And if moxa is often used to moxibustion the human body, it can quickly replenish the Qi and blood in the female body, so that Qi and blood are accessible, the body is relaxed, and various functional organs are operating normally.

  At this time, the beauty of a woman is the beauty of the body itself, a healthy beauty, and the appearance of beauty can only be said as a by-product.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that people can live and thrive without blood and qi. They use qi to carry blood, use blood to nourish qi, and balance yin and yang. Talents are healthy and disease-free.

Women’s constitution is negative, and they are susceptible to cold and cold.
After the cold evil enters the body, it consumes a small amount of yang in the female body, resulting in poor blood circulation and no viscera.

  The wormwood is purely positive, which can quickly replenish the yang in the human body, making it too bloody, and the occurrence and charm of the wormwood from the inside to the outside.

It can be said that women and wormwood are born as a pair, or that wormwood is born for women.

According to medical records, the Dragon Boat Festival that everyone is approaching is also known as “Women’s Day”. Every year on Dragon Boat Festival, women have to pick wormwood and bathe in wormwood soup, which can be healthy and long-lived, as well as beauty.

  At the same time, Dragon Boat Festival is the time when wormwood grows most violently and its medicinal properties are the most intense.

The novel wormwood picked at this time has extremely strong achievements, which is also the real reason for the Chinese nation to celebrate the festival with “picking Ai” over the years.

  These collected wormwood leaves can be used as raw materials for moxibustion. You can mash these moxa sticks, remove impurities, purify them, and make them into moxa. After the moxa sticks are rolled into strips, you can perform mild moxibustion.Now, if it is not rolled into strips, direct moxibustion with these moxa can also be used, but such moxa can only require the highest purity. Because moxa that contains impurities is easy to hurt the meridians, so buy moxaPay attention to your choice when you make a bar.

  Facial warming and moxibustion method: Method: Forehead → Temple → Eye (pupil gum, weeping, four white) → Cheek → Nosewing → Mouth area → Jaw tip → Survival → Earth circle, and then circle downward from top to bottomPowerless.

  Face time: 10 minutes, eye time: 3 minutes.

  Warm moxibustion is one of the ancient Chinese therapies and is most suitable for summer.

It is not only good for health, but also can be used as one of the methods of “winter disease and summer treatment”.

  It uses moxa or other medicines to scald hot spots or pains on the surface of the body, and iron it.

By using the gentle heat and medicine of moxibustion fire, through the meridian replacement, the meridians can be used to warm the meridians, reconcile qi and blood, coordinate yin and yang, and recuperate and eliminate evil to achieve the effects of treating diseases, preventing diseases and health, and maintaining health and beauty.”Lingshu · Alkaline” says “What acupuncture does not do, what moxibustion is suitable”, and “Introduction to Medicine” also says: “Beyond the medicine, the acupuncture cannot reach, you must moxibustion.

“It can be seen that moxibustion has been valued by people for a long time. Because of its high safety, no toxic and side effects, and health care, it has spread widely.

  Warm moxibustion is suitable to “treat the disease” Warm moxibustion belongs to the scope of acupuncture, but it is not necessary to use acupuncture, but to treat it by igniting the heat of moxa.

Chinese medicine believes that Artemisia leaves have the functions of unblocking the meridians, warming and stopping bleeding, dispersing cold and analgesic, and maintaining health.

According to western medicine analysis, artemisia leaves contain a major component of volatile oils of absinol and colodone, which have antipyretic, hemostatic and analgesic effects.

The anti-oxidant substance generated after the moxa is burned is attached to the skin at the acupoint and penetrates into the body through the heat of moxibustion, which has the effect of removing free radicals.

  Comfortable warm moxibustion in summer is because it conforms to the theory of “winter disease and summer cure” of traditional Chinese medicine, because traditional Chinese medicine believes that most people who are ill belong to Yang deficiency constitution, and summer is the time when yang is most vigorous.Kind of disease.

In addition, there is less clothing in summer, self-moxibustion is more convenient, it is more sensitive to temperature, and it is not easy to be burned.

Want to rely on oats to control sugar, reduce fat, lose weight?

These 2 tips are not unknown!

Want to rely on oats to control sugar, reduce fat, lose weight?

These 2 tips are not unknown!

As the only grain among the top ten healthy foods selected by Time magazine in the United States, oatmeal has many benefits. It can control sugar and lipids and prevent constipation. The satiety can also help to lose weight. Therefore, the marketThere are quite a lot of such products.

How to choose nutritious and healthy oatmeal?

A look: the ingredients on the food packaging table oatmeal content is better than the best, preferably pure oatmeal!

· If there are only two words on the ingredient list: oatmeal!

Congratulations, get it right, you can go to checkout.

· If the ingredients list shows the addition of sugar, maltodextrin, creamer (cream), flavors and the like, although it can enhance the taste of the product, its health benefits will be greatly reduced.

Adding sugar and dextrin will reduce the nutritional value and increase the rate of blood sugar rise; adding non-dairy creamer is not conducive to cardiovascular health.

· If there is no oatmeal in the ingredients, then you should get the ordinary oatmeal next door, and put it back immediately.

Second look: ready-to-eat oatmeal or cooked oatmeal?

Ready-to-eat oatmeal is only “boiled” with boiling water, while cooked oatmeal is “cooked”.

From a health point of view, cooking oatmeal is better.

The thicker the same amount of oatmeal is, the better the health care effect.

Fan Zhihong, an associate professor in the Department of Nutrition and Food Safety, College of Food Science, China Agricultural University, pointed out that it is best for the three high populations to choose oatmeal, oatmeal, no loss of nutrients in a certain oatmeal, no loss of oat bran, and slower glycemic response.It is very suitable for people with high blood sugar.

Student families and office workers can choose ready-to-eat, of course, if they are willing to cook better.

Oatmeal is not delicious?

It may be missing these matches!

Most people think that pure oatmeal is healthy but not delicious. The light, rough taste doesn’t want to eat a second bite (bowl)!

(It is a hero who can eat the second bowl!

Yes, it is really hard to eat!

However, it doesn’t matter, here is a free oatmeal recipe that you don’t want to eat, take it away, thank you.

1, oatmeal pizza ingredients: 2 eggs, 30g of oatmeal, half a bag of milk, 1 banana, moderate amount of vegetables, a small amount of olive oil.

Practice: Eggs go yellow, as long as the egg whites, then add oatmeal, milk, bananas into a mud, put in a container with a small amount of olive oil, sprinkle with vegetables on the top, put in the oven 180 degrees, about 15 minutes just fine!

2, soy milk oatmeal ingredients: 500 grams of soy milk, 50 grams of oats.

Practice: Add the soy milk together with the oatmeal in the pot with the right amount of water, first boil it with a fire, then switch to a small fire and slowly simmer on the surface to have porridge oil.

3, longan red dates oatmeal ingredients: 30 grams of longan meat, 50 grams of oats, red dates several grains practice: add longan and oats together with the right amount of water in the pot, first use the fire to boil, then add red dates, with a small fireCook into a thin porridge.

4, milk oatmeal banana slices ingredients: pure milk 250ml, instant oatmeal 30 grams, 1 banana.

Practice: Slice the banana, pour the milk into the cup and add the instant oatmeal. Add the banana for two minutes.

Of course, oatmeal can also be made with other fruits and vegetables, nuts, yogurt, etc., and all kinds of dishes can be played.

Tips: Although oatmeal is good, eating too much at one time can cause ulceration or flatulence of the stomach ulcer!

Fashion: Yoga clothing transformed into fashion

Fashion: Yoga clothing transformed into fashion

In recent years, yoga has become a popular sport for women’s physical fitness. Puma has launched the nuala yoga clothing series as early as nine years ago. Although it is advertised as designed for sports, its combination has always been combined with life, and this season’s works can be more realized.The spirit is manifested. I feel fashionable after wearing it, and the material used is full of elasticity, which is completely suitable for the decomposition of yoga, so that yoga clothes can also be worn as casual clothes.

  Absolutely, the nuala series was created by supermodels Christy Turlington and Puma in the spirit of yoga. It combines Christy’s love for yoga and fashion, and Puma’s spirit of perfect combination of sports and life, so nuala has never been from beginning to end.But the sportswear worn when playing yoga is so simple, it is actually casual clothes that combine fashion elements.

Some plants that have mosquito repellent effect?

Some plants that have mosquito repellent effect?

On hot summer days, mosquitoes that are still raging with degraded chemical pesticides will detour by the following plants.

  Mosquito repellent.

Containing citronellal and other medicinal ingredients, it has a lemon fragrance all year round, which can repel mosquitoes and purify the air.


Contains menthol, menthol and other medicinal ingredients, with a special fragrant aroma, mosquitoes will faint when they smell.


Contains jasmine flavonoids, mannitol and other medicinal ingredients, with a strong floral fragrance. When placed indoors in summer, it can keep mosquitoes away.


Contains citronellol, citral, and other active ingredients, which have bactericidal and insect repellent effects. The taste is slightly like roses.


Contains linalyl acetate, linalool and other active ingredients, known as “after vanilla”.

Open a kind of blue-purple flower, the faint fragrance can repel insects, soothing effect.

  Evening incense.

Containing medicinal ingredients such as aromatic alcohol, in summer and autumn, clusters of yellow-green bell-shaped flowers will bloom, with a strong fragrance. This fragrance makes mosquitoes afraid.

  Seven Mile Incense.

Containing linalool and other medicinal ingredients, the leaves are small and bright, the flowers are dense and dense, and the leaves will emit a thick, sweet fragrance to repel mosquitoes.

The ancients used it to collect books, to avoid insects, and to remove fleas under the mat.


A herbaceous plant of the family Asteraceae, a plant with a few yellow flowers for a few months, with slime around the heads of the flowers, and mosquitoes falling on it.

A carnivorous plant with strange leaves and an oblong “pest trap bottle” hanging from the top. The bottle can be opened and closed to catch insects.

Seven ways to make your love heat up

Seven ways to make your love heat up

Women love roses, not because they are beautiful, or because they represent love.

With that in mind, you do n’t want to ask, “Does she like roses?

“Tangle on such stupid questions.

  1. Send her a text message every day, not necessarily “I love you”, but you must express this meaning.

It is best to touch her off at night and then send it after going to sleep. Then, every morning when she is turned on, she can read your good intentions and feel like eating honey in her heart.

Never think that sweet words are superfluous. A woman is the most insecure animal. Direct words are the most secure information for her.

  2. From time to time, buy some small gifts for her. At the same time, you can attach your wishes.

For example, you can buy a fluffy dog and give it to her, and say to her, “I’m like a puppy and I will always guard you faithfully!

“Or send a beautiful doll and gently say in her ear:” I hope our baby will be so cute in the future.

“She must have softened a little bit.

When the table on her bed was full of small gifts you gave her, she didn’t want you to die.

  3. Roses represent your heart.

Women love roses, not because they are beautiful, or because they represent love.

With that in mind, you do n’t want to ask, “Does she like roses?
“Tangle on such stupid questions.
When she was holding a bunch of roses and listening to the envious voice of her friends and colleagues, “Well, you who love you!

“The pride in her heart is hard to compare with words.

  4, go shopping with her.

When she eagerly waits for you to accompany her shopping, you must not escape with pains.

She also knew very well that all men were unwilling to visit the mall.

Because of this, she will be grateful if you go shopping with her.

  5. Ask her to hang up first.

After each call, gently said to her, “You hang up first.

“Qing Qing and I, when the idea is still over, people who hang up on the phone listening to the busy tone of” Beep “will be somewhat lost.

So, let her take the line first, and let her remember the warm sleep you brought to her.

  6. Travel.

Can take her to a completely strange place.

Among the bustling crowd, no one is familiar, only your hand is all she depends on.

You can also take her to the uninhabited suburbs, the world is big, only you and her, the two hearts will become more sincere and close in nature.

  7. Watching movies.

The dark fluctuations in the movie theater and the super visual effects are unmatched by TV and computers.

You can choose a reunion comedy film that is happy and happy. When you see the hero and heroine being too sweet, she can’t help but clenched your hand.

You can also try a horror movie, but when she is too scared to watch the screen drill into your arms, you must not get into her arms first.

If you dare not look, the best way is to have her right and close your eyes.

Why do men indulge in online erotica

Why do men indulge in online erotica

How tempting is online sex?

  Case: Desperate wife, thirsty husband, 8 o’clock, dinner is over, Yu Qing is as usual, sitting impatiently in front of the computer and going straight to pornographic websites, one after another, popping out of the windows of pornographic websites, step by stepOne step to put Yu Qing on a dateless sensual bottomless pit.

Seeing Yu Qingxin staring at the screen without a doubt, Hui Shan, whose sex life is quieter than standing water, once again questioned her charm, her confidence crumbled in Yu Qing’s growing indulgence.

  Hui Shan wondered, how could Yu Qing, a decent and decent lawyer during the day, have such a stingy preference at night?

  According to the analysis of psychologists, ladies can watch his sexual attitude from the boyfriend’s favorite underwear color, so that many things do not need to repent after getting married. Why do men indulge in online erotica?

  Mature and normal men watch pornographic works, it is recognized that the direct feeling brought by the picture and sound, “watching” itself is the ultimate purpose.

If it is boring for men to browse erotic works occasionally, then men who watch pornographic sites regularly and need pornographic websites need the wife’s deep care.

Experts believe that usually, interpersonal relationships are uncoordinated, and men who do not work well often seek vents through erotic works.

  Other men are physically tired, and sometimes purely physical stimulation can’t arouse their sexual desire, so the mental stimulation of adult films becomes their “stimulant”.

  Recently, sociologists in the United States have sounded alarm bells. After the spread of the Internet, pornographic works have become available.

Men don’t have to go to those vulgar corners of the city.

As long as they turn on the computer in their home, they can watch pornographic videos and browse pornographic pictures without worrying about being discovered by acquaintances.

  It is exactly how to please men, so most of the female compatriots may all aim together to point directly below the man’s waist, and spend a lot of energy to capture it.

Of course you can’t be wrong, but you can have more powerful tricks.

  Psychologist Al Cooper classifies men in pornographic websites into three categories. 70% of men are in the first category. They are just “entertainment” and “casual”, just like scanning advertisements for lingerie with their eyes or flipping through “HuahuaBoy Magazine-Driven by curiosity, tempted, but not deliberately pursued.

  The second category accounts for about 20%. They have just set foot in this trap. If pornographic sites disappear one day, they will be on the cliff and get lost.

  The third category accounts for about 10%. Going to pornographic websites has become their daily compulsory requirement.

Porn sites are like drugs to his life and addicted to him, which can be described as “porn poisoning”.

  If you have “pornosis”, you can only ask for help from a psychiatrist!

  Before saving men, we need to understand that lust is part of the primitive essence of men’s existence, but men must feel this essence by touching the body of women and the pleasant response given by women.

  Porn site rich sex knowledge?

  Hui Shan once took some higher postures under the encouragement of Yu Qing, and both of them rushed to retreat. Either Hui Shan’s pain was unbearable or Yu Qing’s action was not in place.

At this point, Hui Shan became more foul to Yu Qing on the Internet, and Yu Qing also blamed Hui Shan, “Why can you do it?

“, The husband and wife continue to quarrel, and they become more divided when they have sex.

  In fact, adult movies are not sexual mentors.

Although it can open the door to sex for couples, adult films have overstated the proportion of sex life in normal life and distorted the relationship between men and women. It seems that the true meaning of life lies in the climax.

In particular, some adult films also provide some tactile and thrilling sexual stimulation methods, which are enough to provoke social science research.

  Every couple trying to learn sex from porn should think about it: After watching martial arts, will you be as brave and fearless as the martial arts in the movie, and jump down a few floors?

Obviously not, because you know, all movies are branded by “DreamWorks”, and the jokes and scolds are manipulated by the screenwriters just to surprise you.

The same goes for adult movies.

The ups and downs of this period were directed by the director, the result of starring in “hard work”. Of course, those good shows that break through the limit of human physical strength cannot of course be easily performed in your bedroom.

  On the issue of sex, the gap between desire and ability has led to the development of aphrodisiac and excitement drugs, and the prosperity of sexual technology, but humanity has encountered an unprecedented decline in sexual ability.

  It is better to say that the adult film has unlimited erotic desires. ● In adult films, the male protagonist’s sexual organs are often exaggerated, which makes some men very unconfident.

In fact, most adolescents’ sexual organs are different from those of Asians in the past, and it is often rare to become the leading actor in a persona.

  ● The main characters in adult movies are all marathon athletes, thanks to the editor.

As long as a man can ejaculate after three minutes, it is completely normal.

  ● Do not easily imitate the novel ways of sex between men and women in adult movies, and do not constantly change positions during one sex.

The strange sex positions can only bring freshness and are not necessarily comfortable.In addition, women’s orgasm needs continuous stimulation, changing multiple positions in one sex, and the excitement that women just ignited has been left cold and needs to be stimulated again.

  First of all, ask a common sense. Men often say that the sexiest women are the cherry mouth, the strong breasts and the long beautiful legs. Have you ever thought that men are the sexiest places?

  Do you know that men like some kind of “enter the drama”?

You also have to know: how long is the ideal length of sex?

  Who is susceptible to pornosis?

  The term “poisonous poisoning” originally appeared in the United States.

Professor Susanna of Cornell University in the United States said that the symptoms of pornography include: finding sexual partners everywhere, masturbating, obsessed with pornography, making pornographic calls, etc.

  According to the United States Child Protection and Family Alliance, the following types of people are considered to have “pornosis”.

  1 company employees who travel frequently.

Before each business trip, I vowed not to watch paid pornographic programs in the hotel, but in the end, I still didn’t keep my mind.

  2 Housewives who have sex fantasies after reading romance novels.

“Insert” the romantic plot in the novel into real life.

  3 office workers who sink into adult websites.

Although always regretful and determined after going online, the “last time” can never be fulfilled.