Symptoms of chronic gastritis have some common manifestations

Symptoms of chronic gastritis have some common manifestations

Chronic gastritis is a common gastrointestinal disease, and too many people have gastritis. For chronic gastritis, because of the lack of understanding of its symptoms, many people can not find it in time, so there is no nursery care, which leads to increased gastritis, soFor early onset of chronic gastritis, it is important to understand that the symptoms of chronic gastritis have some common manifestations.

What are the common symptoms of chronic gastritis?

1, the symptoms of chronic gastritis are asymptomatic, and a considerable number of patients have no clinical symptoms.

2, the course of chronic gastritis is relocated.

The duration of the disease varies from six months to several decades, and the symptoms are light and heavy.

Due to weather changes, especially in autumn and winter, it is easy to get sick, too cold and hard foods such as fried foods, tired, and mental factors cause symptoms to worsen.

3, about 50% of patients often have abdominal discomfort, stuffy pain, burning pain, fullness, no obvious rhythm, generally heavier after eating.

Insufficient appetite, belching, acid reflux, nausea, snoring, dyspepsia such as fullness or dullness after a meal are also common.

Some patients’ appetites were not affected, but the symptoms of eating a little more bloating were significantly worse.

4, there are gastric mucosal erosion can have a small amount or a large number of upper gastrointestinal bleeding, long-term small amount of bleeding can cause iron deficiency anemia.

Type a gastritis can appear obvious anorexia, systemic weakness, weakness, weight loss, and apathy.

In typical pernicious anemia, tongue atrophy and peripheral nerve damage may occur, such as paresal paresthesia.

Gastrointestinal symptoms of type b gastritis are more obvious, especially in the case of bile reflux, sometimes similar to peptic ulcer, there may be repeated small amount of upper gastrointestinal bleeding, and even hemostasis.

Signs are not obvious, sometimes mild tenderness in the upper abdomen.

Delicious health fruit wine is coming, the first choice for exquisite girls!

Delicious health fruit wine is coming, the first choice for exquisite girls!

There are thousands of wines, white wine, wine, yellow wine, and many different flavors. I like fruit wine because it tastes sweeter, alcohol is not high, and it is not drunk, only a slight feeling.

I often come to bed before going to bed, the feeling of being a little like a dream is very good, very helpful to human health.

Fruit wine is, in a nutshell, a wine made from fruit, which can be grapes, mulberry, bayberry, lychee, apple, etc. There are two types of fruit wine in the city, namely, fruit wine and fruit wine.

The configuration of fruit wine is done with very little fruit juice plus alcohol, other flavor pigments, etc., without the taste and nutrients left by the fruit wine.

The brewed fruit wine is all fermented with fruits. Except for yeast, no other substances are added. The wine produced is the original fruit wine, and its color and taste are more natural and authentic, and the fruit should be preserved.Nutritional ingredients.

Hawthorn wine is brewed fruit wine, brewed only with wild hawthorn, white sugar and fructose syrup.

Fructose syrup is a starch syrup made by crushing and alternating plant starch, and is mainly composed of glucose sugar and fructose.

It is rich in fruit, sweet and sour, and it is nutritious enough to drink.

After fermenting into wild wine, wild mountain glutinous rice tastes better than ordinary hawthorn, and the absorbed vitamins and amino acids and other nutrients required by the human body are more easily absorbed by the human body.

The nutrients of the essential hawthorn are fully released, more easily absorbed by the body, have a disease-preventing effect and a high health value, and are a natural and healthy drink.

A beautiful little fairy who loves beauty, drink a glass of hawthorn wine before going to sleep at night, to help sleep, and to improve beauty!

Hawthorn wine contains a lot of polyphenols, which can inhibit the accumulation of substances in the human body, making it difficult for people to accumulate too much and excess meat. The young ladies who are determined to lose weight do not hinder drinking a cup.

Some people say that wine is a “healthy killer”. It is not good to drink too much, but I think if you drink more hawthorn fruit wine, you can maintain health and fitness, and you don’t have to worry about being harmful to your health. What do you think?

Mango TCM health season

Mango TCM health season

On the 5th of the Gregorian calendar, the lunar calendar is April.

Customs and species have entered the typical summer season, and farming is based on this season. After this festival, the survival rate of crops is getting lower and lower.

This is the reason why the farmer’s farmer is busy with seeds, and once he is white.

The farmer’s farmland “there is also a thunder in the country, and the rain in the terminal is a good year”. It is said that the manger species and the rain on the Dragon Boat Festival are very beneficial to the harvest of the grain.

  There are still no living species, and when the temperature is about to get cold, don’t take off your cold clothes to cover the cold.

According to the climatic characteristics of the season, the males should maintain a happy attitude in mental health and avoid anger and depression.

To go to bed early and get up early, properly receive the sun, in order to comply with the yang yang, which is conducive to the operation of blood and uplifting spirit.

Summer is long and short, and noon at noon can help clear fatigue and help health.

  Dietary health caregivers think that the diet in summer and March should be replenished.

“Lu’s Spring and Autumn”

“Done article” pointed out: “There is no strong taste in the ruler, no heavy wine.”

“The Sun Chao of the Tang Dynasty advocated that people should always be light and sweet, and big wheat is always good.”

He also said: “Let’s eat less meat, eat more fruits and vegetables, and naturally taste and taste.

“Light diet plays an important role in health.”

  The food attribute, the so-called “four gas”, means that food enters the human body and produces “cold, hot, warm, cold” effects.

Between the four is neither warm nor hot, nor cold or cold, it is “flat”.


Never grow up, the Democratic Party’s diet points

Never grow up, the Democratic Party’s diet points

In addition to the fat and fat family all the time to squat to lose weight, the standard body of women have never been relaxed on the cause of weight loss!

It is very important to make the food that is eaten in and to be effectively digested and absorbed. In fact, as long as you follow the recipe secretly and face the various foods on the table, you will no longer be enemies!


Eating a “watery” breakfast For the dieter, the most important key to a day is “breakfast”. Studies have shown that people who eat healthy and eat well are thinner than those who don’t eat breakfast at all.

That’s because breakfast helps boost your metabolism, so you will burn more conversions this day, and breakfast can’t be saved.

Moderate protein, such as lean meat and eggs, will help you to lose weight. If you feel that eating in the morning will make you feel less comfortable, you can only eat some fruit.


Waiting gracefully for the brain to tell you “already full” Remember: When you are eating, the brain takes about 20 minutes to get the “I am full” signal.

Gobble up will cause you to overdose at this time, so to eat gracefully, just re-input the intake by 67 calories, and in the case of slow eating, slow chewing will make saliva better break down the food,Make food easier to digest and absorb, which can prevent heartburn and recovery.


Not fattening dessert time sweets and weight loss is not inconsistent, but everyone is too afraid of the calories contained in the sweets, the correct consumption of sweets will no longer gain weight, and will make us healthier.

When you have an empty stomach, the effect of instantaneous absorption is the best, and it is easy to eat more without knowing it. Therefore, high-dispersion snacks such as cheesecake are better to eat after meals, and are digested together with the dietary fiber placed., absorption absorption will be less, and not easy to eat too much.


Do not refuse the so-called light on the table, is it better to not eat meat, only eat vegetables and fruits?

Remember to moderately control, refuse, give up all animal foods, give up oil, give up salt and soy sauce, pickles, etc., and replace all foods with vegetables and fruits every day. Such a “light diet” will lack protein and trace amounts for a long time.Reduced body metabolism is not harmful to weight loss and will pose a greater threat to health.


Improve your metabolism in more than 4?
If you don’t eat for 5 hours, your blood sugar level will decrease.

In this way, your body will be eager to absorb a lot of sugar.

This can make you feel tired and tired.

The key to controlling appetite is to eat regularly on time, and every meal should be adequately relieved.

Experts advocate the addition of two light meals on the basis of three meals a day. The food is medium-sized, a cup of fragrant tea, fruit juice or other low-content beverages is a good choice for meals.

This makes it easier for your body to digest and absorb. This way your metabolism is often active and minimizes the possibility of hoarding.


High fiber makes your healthier blend of fiber foods easy to feel full and maintains this feeling in a row.

Fiber can also help you maintain your blood sugar level (blood sugar keeps you blood sugar) and keep your stool regular.

As a pre-dinner, it is best to have a salad or vegetable soup; it is also appropriate to eat a slice of fruit at the end of the meal.

However, the speed of these foods is preferably less than 500 calories, otherwise it will gain weight.


Only accept delicious food when you eat. When you are facing food, ask yourself if you are really hungry.

If you are not hungry, it is best to stop and do something that interests you to distract the temptation of food.

If you really feel hungry, you can have a good time.

However, eating a little low-carb before eating, such as apples and cucumbers, will have a great effect on suppressing appetite.


Forget about the lie that can’t eat staple food, the energy intake at noon is 35% of the day?
40%, while ensuring basic nutrition, rice must be eaten, because under normal food intake, rice does not necessarily make fat food, and protein vitamins in rice help prevent hair loss, skin dullness, resistanceFalling and other issues.

Even during the weight control period, you should eat 150 grams of staple food every day to maintain normal physiology. You can also properly separate oatmeal, millet or crushed rice. These fiber-rich cereals can inhibit sugar or mild in the body.The absorption has a considerable effect on weight loss.