Red House Food – Yangjiu Duck Porridge

Red House Food – Yangjiu Duck Porridge

Yan Huawei, deputy director of the Nutrition Department of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, said that the way the elderly eat duck meat is very particular.
If you choose improperly, the health effect on the elderly will be weakened.
For example, the most common roast duck, plate duck, braised duck, etc. on the market are not suitable for the elderly. These methods add a lot of oil. This is because the fat content of duck meat is small, so if you want to be “fragrance”,When cooking, add more oil, like roast duck and plate duck, which look shiny.
  For the way the old man eats ducks, it is best to improve it, such as making glutinous rice duck porridge.
Use duck meat and glutinous rice to make duck porridge. You don’t need to put oil. When you cook duck meat, you need to smash the floating foam and oil flower floating on the duck soup. As a result, the fat intake of the elderly will beKeep it in the most appropriate amount.
  Yan Huawei said that in fact, for the elderly, duck porridge has a special role, which is to be able to reduce swelling.
The elderly have weaker cycling ability. Sometimes, when they wake up, they will find that they are “fat heads and swollen faces.” They will walk for a long time, and their legs and feet will become “thickened.” If it is not caused by organic diseases, it may be physiological edema.It will take a while to slowly disappear. If you drink a bowl of duck porridge every day, about 10 days or so, this edema will not find the upper body, because the edema is easy to get up in the morning, so the duck porridge is best.I had dinner the day before.
  At the same time, duck porridge also has the effect of nourishing the stomach, which is very suitable for the elderly with poor spleen and stomach digestion ability.
Like in “Dream of Red Mansions”, after seeing the firecrackers in the middle of the Lantern Festival in the middle of the Lantern Festival, Jiamu, who had a good age and a good understanding of the way of health, faced the countless foods and ordered the duck porridge.
  Duck porridge is very simple to make, wash 250 grams of duck meat, use cooking wine, salt for 20 minutes, put it into clear water in the duck soup, and then put 100 grams of glutinous rice in the soup to cook porridge.
Add some fresh vegetable leaves after you’ve done it.
At the moment, it is the season of the lotus leaf market. If you can add some lotus leaves, you can make a delicious lotus leaf porridge.
  Duck meat is cool. For some elderly people with cold body, such as cold diarrhea, cold hands and feet, you can “do the hands and feet” on the glutinous rice, stir the glutinous rice to slightly yellow, so that glutinous rice is the product of temperature and temperature.And the coolness of the duck meat, to maximize the role of health care.

After-meal health trilogy, drinking tea, walking, belly

After-meal health trilogy, drinking tea, walking, belly

After eating, people are prone to laziness, but it is not good to sit still.

What should I do?

The old saying goes: After eating, drink a cup of tea and take a hundred steps to get the umbilical hand.

  This sentence comes from Ming Zhengxuan’s “Annual Non-Day Compilation”, which probably means to do three things after that, that is, drinking tea, walking, belly, and good health.

However, we must correctly understand when it is considered to be “food,” otherwise it will be counterproductive.

  Drinking tea after a meal, 2 hours after a meal, too many people are used to drinking tea after eating fish and other foods, thinking that it can be greasy, in fact, this is unscientific.

Chinese medicine believes that “bitter cold will hurt the spleen and stomach”, excessive tea consumption will hurt the spleen and stomach.

In terms of nutrition, drinking tea after a meal will dilute the gastric juice, affecting food digestion, especially strong tea, rich in residual acid, which can be combined with iron in food to form insoluble iron salts, thereby reducing the body’s iron.absorb.
Residual acid also combines with proteins that are not digested in the stomach to form indigestible deposits, affecting protein absorption, increasing the burden on the stomach, causing slowing of bowel movements and constipation.

Therefore, drinking tea after a meal should put the time 2 hours after eating, and wait for the stomach to empty.

  After a meal, some people can go. Some people can’t say something: “After a meal, walk a hundred steps and live to ninety-nine.

“However, in daily life, there is a completely opposite statement: “To live ninety-nine, don’t go after a meal.”

On the surface, they contradict each other. In fact, these two arguments are justified, but they are suitable for different people.

  ”A hundred steps after a meal”, suitable for people who usually have too many activities, work at a long time, and have a fat body.

However, “after dinner” is not “immediately” just after eating, “going out” for a walk, even after about 20-30 minutes after a meal, to reduce excess accumulation and gastric acid secretion.

“Don’t go after a meal” mainly refers to poor physical condition, frail and sick, especially those suffering from diseases such as gastroptosis. They should not only walk after meals, but should also lie flat for 10 minutes; suffer from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as hypertension and coronary artery.For arterial heart disease, etc., it is best to walk for two hours after dinner. Instead of shortness of breath, shortness of breath, and slight sweating of the body, you can walk for 15-20 minutes each time. You can rest on your own in the middle.

Therefore, it should be different from person to person after a meal, and the amount of activity will vary from person to person.

  After eating a meal, there are important organs in the abdominal cavity of the human body before going to bed after dinner. It is the place where many veins are located.

Regular massage of the abdomen can dredge the meridians, speed up the operation of blood and blood, connect the body to keep fit, and prolong life.

However, if you massage the abdomen immediately after a meal, it will speed up the peristalsis of the stomach, so that the undigested food will be pushed into the small intestine prematurely, which will increase the burden on the small intestine, and will also make the nutrients of the food not fully digested.absorb.

  The best time for abdomen should be after dinner, before going to sleep.

In the middle of the umbilical fossa, there is a god’s acupoint, which has the effect of tonic, solid, and soothing.

Take this as the center, divide it, lower abdomen.

Massage the abdomen by pressing the gods first, then press the upper abdomen and lower abdomen.

The method is: the hands are overlapped and then reversed 108 times each time, so that it can not only regulate many diseases, but also lose weight and regulate sleep.

White dew is not exposed, take care to keep cold

White dew is not exposed, take care to keep cold

“A cold autumn wind” “A cold autumn rain”, the autumn and autumn rain, the obvious chill.

  There is a folk proverb in the Yangtze River valley, “Bai Lu is not exposed”, which is a folk warning to warn people that they can’t show up again when they wear clothes.

Because of the “white dew”, the climate gradually turned cold, especially in the morning and evening, adding a bit of coolness.

If you are naked again at this time, wearing shorts, it is easy to get cold.

  ”Health Theory” said: “At the end of the autumn and late summer, you can’t strip your naked body and greet the wind and cool.

“If the clothes are exposed, it is easy to catch a cold, but it is easy to get lung disease.

Because the main air in the autumn is dry, dry and easy to hurt the lungs.

After the “white dew”, the dryness gradually prospered, and the wind and the evil spirits formed together with the wind, and must first invade the land of the lungs and lungs (fur, nose, etc.).

If the immunity is reduced due to cold, it is unable to resist the evil spirits, leading to lungs and respiratory diseases such as fever, cough, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.

If the wind evil invades the meridians and bones, so that the tendons are blocked, quadriplegia can occur.

  There is another saying in the folk: “The white body is not exposed, and the frozen diarrhea is exposed.

“The coolness of the night is obvious every day. It is necessary to remove the mat, close the window, put on the long-sleeved clothes and fall asleep, and put thin cotton on the bed. It is very necessary, otherwise it is easy to get cold and cause diarrhea.”

Especially for patients, the elderly, the infirm, it is necessary to pay attention to short-term changes and add and subtract clothes.

  Right now, especially young and middle-aged, pursuing fashion, like wearing a sling, and wearing a navel on the street, showing youthful beauty.

However, it is counterproductive to show youthfulness and beauty, at least occasionally. If the “back” and the navel are “deliberately” exposed at this time, it is counterproductive to say “spring and autumn”.

  As the saying goes: Cold starts from the foot.

For the northerners, especially those with poor cold tolerance, when the white dew is over, it is necessary to pay attention to keeping the feet warm to prevent cold and evil invasion.

Six dietary methods to alleviate the coldness of women’s hands and feet

Six dietary methods to alleviate the coldness of women’s hands and feet

Cold hands and feet are the most feared thing for women in winter.

Cold hands and feet can cause cold in the body and slow down metabolism.

In addition to making women more sad in winter, cold hands and feet are not conducive to women’s health.

  Gao Yuanyuan loves walnuts, nuts, sesame seeds, pine nuts, etc.; vegetables, leek, carrots, kale, spinach, etc.; fruit apricots, peaches, papayas, etc., are the best choice for warming up, others like beef, mutton, seafood, four gods, glutinous rice, coarse rice, soybeans, tofu, sesame, brown sugar, etc. are all warm foods, which are the ingredients that should be used by people with cold hands and feet.

People who are easy to cold hands and feet should avoid eating cold food, ice or cold drinks all year round.

  Angelababy often supplements vitamin E with vitamin E to expand peripheral blood vessels, which is helpful for the smooth circulation of peripheral blood, but vitamin E is slower and must be consumed for a long time.

  Foods rich in vitamin E include wheat germ, cottonseed oil, pumpkin, green leafy vegetables, egg yolks, nuts, meat and dairy products.

  Star Street Shooting Love Coffee Niacin is very helpful for stabilizing the nervous system and circulatory system. It can also improve nervous tension, tension diarrhea, dermatitis, and expand peripheral blood vessels to improve cold hands and feet.

  Higher concentrations of niacin are foods such as animal liver, eggs, milk, cheese, coarse rice, whole wheat products, sesame seeds, mushrooms, peanuts, mung beans, and coffee.

  Eat a spicy food to maintain the star shape and warm up the pepper, pepper, mustard, garlic, shallot, curry and other spices, can promote blood circulation, use the usual diet, with food, such as eating fried noodles, fried rice noodles addChili sauce; add more pepper when you drink soup; when you eat dumplings, with a bowl of hot and sour soup, you can eat a lot of spices in the invisible.

  In winter, you should always eat warm food such as ginseng tea, ginger duck, longan tea, black sesame seeds, sweet dumplings.


Wait, winter to eat and even warm the body, you can achieve the effect of replenishment, hands and feet can no longer be cold.

  There are also many drugs in traditional Chinese medicine to improve and prevent cold hands and feet, such as ginseng, Codonopsis, Angelica, Salvia, Beibei, antler, rabbit silk, Bayu Tian, Yugui, Cistanche, Curculigo, Yuguizi, Guizhi, Ephedra,Dried ginger, pepper, pepper, nutmeg, and cardamom.

.Wait, unless it is tea, boil, into the dish, eat more, right.

  Don’t go hungry in order to stay in shape, don’t overeat, overweight, let your body store some right amount of aunt to help maintain body temperature.

If you know in advance that you are unable to eat on time due to busy work, you can prepare some biscuits, bread, or ginseng tea in a timely manner.

Ms. Wang Wang of Wuhan has a cold and eats a variety of drugs to cause acute renal failure.

Ms. Wang Wang of Wuhan has a cold and eats a variety of drugs to cause acute renal failure.

A few days ago, Ms. Wang of Wuhan urgently managed to catch a cold, mixed with a variety of cold medicines, causing acute renal failure.

According to statistics, about 2.5 million people in China suffer from health damage every year because of the wrong medicine, and 200,000 people die.

Reminder: Cold medicine can not be eaten indiscriminately; do not take more than three days of painkillers every time; excessive use of vitamins may become poisonous.

Compound licorice tablets: can not be eaten for more than 7 days in a continuous purchase, can not be used without medication, should be guided by the pharmacist, according to the prescribed dose and course of treatment.

The prescription dosage should not exceed 3 days, the continuous medication should not exceed 7 days, or the other phlegm and cough medicine can be used instead of the compound licorice tablets.

Cough syrup: 1 time more than 60 ml will be excited to name the compound codeine phosphate solution, containing codeine, ephedrine, oral more than 60 ml once a day, some people will be excited, restless.

A large amount of ingestion produces pleasure and hallucinations, and there is a sense of fluttering.

Normal use is not addictive.

Nasal drops: long-term use of harm to the big cold, do not go to the pharmacy to buy nasal drops, vasoconstriction nasal drops long-term use can cause nasal mucosal blood vessels have been in a state of contraction, causing local mucosal tissue proliferation, leading to drug-induced rhinitis, a long timeComing soon.

Anesthetic inhalation: The use of an absorbent is a first-aid medicine. If it is not symptomatic, it cannot be used for a long time, and it will form a drug resistance.

Immediately after inhalation, gargle with water, not only can reduce or avoid local adverse reactions, but also reduce systemic adverse reactions caused by drug absorption from the oropharynx.

Laryngeal tablets: eating too much can induce oral diseases. In the absence of complications in the oral cavity or the cause of complications is not clear, often eat throat tablets, easy to inhibit and kill the normal bacteria in the mouth, but may cause oral ulcers, tonsilsInflammation and other diseases.

A large number of moisturizing tablets contain borneol components, which are cold in nature and may aggravate spleen and stomach deficiency, cause diarrhea, and easily cause miscarriage in pregnant women.

Band-Aid: Indiscriminate use or infection can only cause bleeding, can not completely disinfect, plus its poor water absorption and permeability, once used improperly to replace wound infection.

Note: 1, Band-Aid is only suitable for small wounds that do not damage the muscle layer, and there is not much bleeding and no repetition.

2, bleeding, small and deep wounds, animal bites, bruises, heavy or infected wounds, heavier skin abrasions, burns or burns, can not use band-aid.

3. If the wound is wet or contaminated by water during use, be sure to replace it in time.

Cephalosporin antibiotics: Do not drink alcohol for 7 minutes after taking cephalosporin antibiotics, and do not touch alcohol or drink alcoholic beverages, food, a small amount of chocolate, musk, water, fermentationVinegar, otherwise a poisoning reaction may occur.

Gastric motility drugs: stomach discomfort, psychiatric indigestion can be divided into organic and functional.

Drugs that increase gastrointestinal motility have a better effect on functional dyspepsia, and a diagnosis is needed for dyspepsia caused by organic diseases.

Therefore, stomach upset will eat stomach-promoting drugs, which may mask the deformation of the body and delay the treatment.

Hormone topical drugs: Do not use drugs that are rich in hormones, including pastes, emulsions, oils and ointments. Generally, 1-2 times a day can be used for therapeutic purposes.

The extent of lesions is reduced, the lower the concentration of the replacement drug should be, and too much skin lesions should avoid the use of hormone preparations.

In addition, long-term users are needed, preferably every other day.

Plaster: Misuse of misuse of the body Each patch has a unique pharmacological effect, not universal.

One of the following should be used with caution: 1. When there is an ulcer in the affected area; 2. Exercise or labor causes muscle contusion or joint and ligament strain, do not immediately use the wound and painkiller cream, and the musk chasing cream is applied to the injured part; 3. Pregnant womenSupplement with scented incense, frankincense, safflower, myrrh, peach and other blood-activating granules to avoid abortion caused by local irritation.

Women’s menstrual medication: blood circulation drugs should be separated from women during menstruation, some drugs can not be applied or used with caution.

Including: activating blood circulation and removing phlegm Chinese medicine, it can dilate blood vessels and accelerate blood flow; some anticoagulants such as aspirin, warfarin, heparin, etc.; diarrhea drugs such as magnesium sulfate, sodium nitrate (glaubes), effusion dropletsIt can cause reflex pelvic congestion. The above-mentioned several drugs cause increased menstrual flow; sex hormones such as androgen can cause menstrual reduction or menopause, progesterone can lead to irregular bleeding.

Pain Relief: Pay attention to the abnormality. Do not use different drugs to cause gastric mucosal damage, kidney damage or even cardiovascular disease.

Long-term eating painkillers will have psychological dependence.

And if painkillers mask the condition, some cancers may miss the best treatment time.

For mild pain with clear reasons, if there is no effect after 3 days of continuous medication, go to the hospital for examination.

Vitamins: Healthy people who take too much of a “poison” diet generally do not need vitamin supplements. It is best not to take more than 5 days for any vitamin.

The process of fat-soluble vitamins excreted from the body is slow, and repeated iterations increase the risk of poisoning.

Excessive vitamin A supplementation in infants and young children may cause vomiting, dry skin and other symptoms, and even increased brain pressure.

Excessive intake of vitamin D may cause the child’s epiphysis to close prematurely, affecting bone development.

Amino acids: Excessive intake of amino acids that exacerbate the burden of liver and kidney are clinically targeted at patients with severe malnutrition and patients who are unable to supplement their protein by eating or orally.

But if the normal diet can get enough protein, no infusion is needed to get the amino acids.Excessive intake of the body can not be used, the excess amino acid decomposition and replacement of the body will increase the burden of liver and kidney.

Calcium supplement tablets: Excessive effects on children’s excessive development, repeated calcium supplements, can easily affect the child’s appetite, may also lead to anorexia, constipation and inflation, and even kidney stones, bladder stones, etc.; at the same time high calcium may be affected by iron, zinc, magnesium, etc.Absorption of elements.

Therefore, calcium supplement should be the first choice, such as soy products, dairy products, fish, etc., normal infants and young children do not need special calcium supplement.

Related recommendations: Hypertensive patients are not the best choice for long-term medication. Try it. The longevity secret is actually “butt big”!

Often press the acupoint of the chest, than the medicine tube!

What if I don’t want to take medicine?

These medicated soups are really good!

The cancer that comes out of the air, the cancer that comes out, the cancer that comes out, the cancer that lurks around, knows

The cancer that comes out of the air, the cancer that comes out, the cancer that comes out, the cancer that lurks around, knows

A few people think that cancer is far away from themselves, but once they get cancer, they will be surprised at why they get cancer. In fact, many cancers are lurking around us all the time. They can be mad and can be eaten.Come out, more can still come out.

Today, I will introduce you to some types of cancer caused by life and work. I hope everyone will get to know.

The traits of cancerous people are thousands of people. One of them is called a cancer personality. Generally, such people are more introverted and do not like to communicate with others. They are very sulking and angry, and the immune function of the angry body is affected.Cancer can take the opportunity to invade.

The bad mood of breast cancer will greatly interfere with the maintenance and rehabilitation of the breast. According to clinical investigation data, people with abnormal mood, depression, anger, and anxiety are most likely to have cancer. Even if they are all kinds of breast diseases, these people are more likely to suffer from cancer.

Esophageal cancer is based on statistical data. It is generally prone to anger, and the probability of esophageal cancer is greatly increased in people with very irritable personality. At the same time, in the process of visiting patients with esophageal cancer, these patients are often found to be urgency.,Stubborn people.

The cancer that stays up late is equivalent to a hit. When you sleep for a while, your body’s functions are impaired, organ function is declining, internal circulation and hormone levels become confused, systemic cell metabolism is abnormal, cell division is affected, and many cells appear.Mutations increase the risk of cancer.

Cancer research institutions have also determined that night shifts are a serious carcinogenic factor. The proportion of night shifters and nine-to-five workers increases the risk of cancer by 24% and the risk of early cancer.%.

The terminally ill cancer-like patients who eat out will often eat fried foods, meat foods, and rarely eat vegetables and fruits before the illness. If the amount of exercise is insufficient, the eating speed of the intestinal stomach will be faster every day.A slower day, and the absorption of high-fat and high-sugar foods will stimulate the body to secrete bile acids. This substance conversion and gastric mucosa increase the irritancy. Over time, the often injured interaction will develop cancer.

Esophageal cancer in general, these patients usually like to eat hot, that is, eat very hot food, although they do not feel uncomfortable, but these too hot food every minute is hurting the esophageal mucosa, the mucous membrane will be injuredConstant proliferation, mutation, and the risk of developing cancer in the process will be implicitly increased.

Every cell in the body is likely to become cancerous. When the cells are healthy, we must take preventive measures. The first thing is to be less angry, to maintain a good mood every day, and to add more selenium to the body.This element resists free radicals and prevents body cells from appearing.

Have you had some tumors and cancers because of your lifestyle?

The best way to cherish life is not to maintain health, but also to manage emotions.

The best way to cherish life is not to maintain health, but also to manage emotions.

Author: Wo sweet (rich book signing Author) married only five years Xiaohui got fired.

Five years ago, under the urging of her family, she married our colleague Wang Ping. At the time, I felt that the two were quite fateful. Who knows that this turned out to be an evil.

There are many young people in the unit, and they often play together. Everyone is familiar with each other.

Wang Ping was always a girlfriend, but the family had always opposed it, and Xiaohui had someone personally, but he never said anything to him until the man got married.

The friends joked: “The two of you are together, and the conditions are good.”

“Jokes are jokes, Xiaohui is on the heart.”

She and Wang Ping agreed that for a year, if Wang Ping’s struggle with his family was unsuccessful, they would get married.

A year later, they really got married.

At the beginning, the relationship between the two was fairly good, and they often came to the party. Later, gradually, two people did not come often.

Sometimes I can see Wang Ping, and Xiaohui, only by phone, will often be hanged by Wang Ping.

After Wang Ping hangs up, there are always friends in the phone who pick up Xiaohui, just ask: “Wang Ping is with you?

Is Wang Ping there?

“Intuition has a problem between the two people, they did not say, we also did not ask tacitly.

Until this time routine physical examination, Xiaohui had diabetes.

Xiaohui crashed and cried, and everyone knew that Wang Ping had never broken his contact with his ex-girlfriend.

When I got married, Wang Ping’s attitude was hindered. After the two moved, Wang Ping was over-excited.

The woman also secretly provoked Xiaohui.

Xiaohui looked for him and cried, and Wang Ping and the woman could not break.

Xiaohui is a person who wants to be strong and loves her face. She is not willing to tell others that she is unwilling to let the widowed mother worry, not to propose a divorce, and to hide all the grievances in her heart.

For so many years, depression, sorrow and pain have all accumulated in her heart, and under her pretending smile, she has been attacking her body all the time.

The doctor said that Xiaohui’s illness is related to her emotions.

When I was a child, I heard the story of Wu Zikai’s white-headed night. I don’t really believe that a good person can completely whiten his hair overnight.

Looking at Xiaohui in the hospital bed, I suddenly felt that the long-term enough emotions were really terrible.

Studies have shown that when we generate various emotions, the first thing that is attacked is the body’s immune system.

Emotions pass through the endocrine, leaving a permanent mark on the internal organs. When the immunity declines, the resistance is weakened and the disease comes.

Regarding the influence of emotions on the body, “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” has long been recorded: “Angers hurt the liver, like sadness, think of hurting the spleen, sadness of the lungs, fear of hurting the kidneys.

“Different emotions attack different human organs.

Candidates always want to go to the toilet when they meet the exam; urban white-collar workers are nervous and there will be migraine.

This is because fear and nervous emotions affect the kidneys, and the urinary system of kidney failure and adrenaline, which affects the spirit of the human spirit; when people are worried about things, they will not think about tea, no appetite, this is more people.Thinking, affecting the spleen and stomach.

For women, the uterus and breast problems are closely related to emotions.

Emotionally irritated girls, easy to get uterine fibroids, leading to decreased ovarian function; often sulking, breast problems will find the upper body, easy breast hyperplasia and nodules.

Traditional Chinese medicine theory often uses “qi” and “heart” to explain the causes of all kinds of diseases, “one hundred diseases are born in the gas”, “one hundred diseases are born from the heart”.

“Qi” and “Heart” are actually people’s emotions, because the mood is not good, and the emotions do not cause the blood and blood to be meridized.

If you pass, then it will not hurt; if it is painful, it will not work, and the disease will come.

People often say that the body is more honest than the mouth.

Although you don’t say it, even if you cover up very well, but what you think and think, your emotions are ups and downs, and you don’t land at all, you are faithfully recorded and precipitated.

Happy, joyful, the body is in a stretched upward posture; frustrated, lost, the body will be like the branches of autumn, stiff and lifeless.

Ill, that is, these emotions accumulate to the top, and the body screams.Modern people pay special attention to health, hope for health, expect longevity, and spare no expense to protect their bodies.

The fitness card is set up, the tea is drunk, and a lot of tonics are eaten, but the care of the emotions is often ignored.

The best way to spare your life is not to maintain your health, but to manage your emotions.

To manage emotions, you must first understand the truth about the emotions.

There is an old woman, she has two daughters, the eldest daughter sells umbrellas, and the little daughter sells salt.

When the weather is good, she is worried that the umbrella of the eldest daughter is not selling well; when it rains, she is worried that the salt of the little daughter is not selling well.

So she is suffering every day.

Someone said to her: “Why don’t you think about the little daughter’s salt selling well on a sunny day, and think about the big daughter’s umbrella selling well on a rainy day?

“Where the old lady thought, isn’t it.”

Since then she has lived happily.

She is very happy no matter what the weather is.

It can be seen that the real cause of emotions is not the things themselves, even the opinions and attitudes of people, and the ideas they hold.

This is reminiscent of the law of Festinger. Only 10% of what happens in our lives is naturally occurring, and the remaining 90% is a substitute for our reaction to things.

There is also emotion, which causes the remaining 90%.

Japanese writer Watanabe Watanabe recorded such a story in his book.

Watanabe Watanabe, who was a fledgling one, attended a literary salon and met a talented writer O.

As the same batch of writers who have just entered the business, they have all encountered the rejection of the manuscript.

Watanabe’s refusal to review the manuscript is very open.

He said, “At that moment, you can only rely on saying that “the editor doesn’t understand the novel at all”, “I can’t find my talent, it’s really a bad guy” and so on to comfort myself, and at the same time I ran to the cheap bar in Shinjuku and buried myself.Getting bored.

After the wine woke up, it was revived.

The self-defeating O was defeated by the rejection.

Undoubtedly, it was defeated after the rejection of the manuscript.

“He is not scratching his head or sighing, a gloomy and faint expression, and there is no desire or fighting spirit to create new works.

“To treat the same thing, different people have different reactions and emotions, and the same person, when they look at the problem from different angles, will get different moods.

Therefore, to manage your own emotions, you must change your thinking. It is controllable to pay attention to your emotions and temper. It can be changed through the training and learning of the day after tomorrow.

We can try to improve our ability to control higher emotions by the following methods.

1. Focus on inner practice, practice short-lived feelings on the outside Sometimes, inner waves, emotional ups and downs often come from being too sensitive to the outside world.

If others do not respond to the information in time, they are worried that they have made a mistake; if they see their colleagues stop chatting, they will feel that they are talking about themselves; they are angry with their bosses, worrying that they have made a mistake. but this is not the case.

The feeling of everything is just because you are too sensitive and considerate.

I didn’t return the information, just because I didn’t see it in time; I stopped chatting, but I didn’t want to plan the secret of the birthday party for you. The boss is just making himself angry.

The “sensitivity” mentioned by Japanese writer Watanabe Watanabe is a good means of dealing with sensitivity.

The so-called insensitive power is the power of dullness, that is, calmly facing the pain in life, not too sensitive.

In general, the skin should be thicker, the heart should be wider, and it should be slower.

2, when the emotions are excited, you must learn to transfer the target. Remembering that when watching the TV series “Wulin Biography”, Guo Furong was a very tempered person, often sending some nameless fires, hurting innocents, she became very distressed.

Xiu Cai gave her an idea, let her often meditate: “The world is so beautiful, I am so violent, so bad, not good .” After several times, Guo Furong’s number of fires gradually decreased.

At the same time, you can also use the number “1, 2, 3.” to delay the outbreak of temper; you can also leave the scene quickly to control your own temper.

3, a good habit study to develop physical exercise shows that exercise will produce a happy factor.

People are happy, and healthy compounds are produced in the blood.

The more happy people, the less they have the body, the less they can lose, the healthier they are.
Through exercise, we can regulate the body’s happiness factor and dissipate the emotional complications in the brain.
When the mood is smooth, the mentality is sunny, and the body will regain its vitality like a dead wood.

The poet Lu You once said: “Heart disease is self-defeating.

Zhang Lei, a 65-year-old doctor, defeated cancer by swimming and developed himself into a swimming champion.

When she summed up her anti-cancer experience, “not panic” is her magic weapon.

“Do not panic” is to adjust the mood to be peaceful, normal, to face the consequences.

An optimistic attitude, peace of mind, is better than healing stones, so be sure to love yourself, not only to love your body, but also to care for your own mood.

Moving with your heart, not reluctant to yourself, not embarrassing yourself.

American biologist William Frey once said: “Strongly holding back your tears is tantamount to chronic suicide.

The philosopher Kant also said: “It is anger to take punishment from others.”

“Serious, not true, when you are ups and downs, it is not a bad idea to pack a “confusing”.

The sensible “confusion” of the dangers, the clever “confusion” calms the contradictions.

Life is beautiful, and the world is worth it. You can save yourself and God can save you.

About the author: He sweet, rich bookmarks about the author, in the fierce city, thorns and thorns, but the heart is longing for the Dong Fen to pick up the chrysanthemum.

This article is the first Franklin Reading Club (ID: FranklinReadingClub), a million new students to create a living cognitive college, the real education is to fight together, the copyright belongs to the rich book, the right to authorize, can not be reproduced, infringement

What do you have to look at when men have blood in their urine?

What do you have to look at when men have blood in their urine?

Hematuria is often caused by diseases of the urinary organs.

Human urine is produced in the kidneys, and is excreted through the renal pelvis, ureter, bladder, and urethra. Any of these organs are sick and bleeding can cause hematuria.

Common causes of hematuria are various nephritis, urinary tract infections, hemorrhagic cystitis, urinary stones, kidney tuberculosis, kidney tumors, kidney and urethral injuries.

First, hematuria is one of the main symptoms of these diseases.

When urination begins to be hematuria and then normal, it is mostly elderly urinary infection, urinary tract disease;

If urination begins normal, hematuria occurs at the end, mostly cystitis and prostate disease;

If it is “whole hematuria”, the blood color is dark red, which is usually caused by kidney disease.

Second, the cause of male urinary bleeding more than 95% of male urine is caused by the combination of urinary system disease, including glomerular disease (acute nephritis, acute nephritis, membrane proliferative nephritis, mesangial proliferative nephritis, focalKidney sclerosing, etc.), renal cysts, stones (kidney, ureter, bladder, urethra stones), benign prostatic hyperplasia, urinary tract infections (tuberculosis, renal ductal nephritis, bladder urethritis, prostatitis) and tumors (kidney, ureter, bladder, prostate tumors are mostly common.

Third, the principle of male urinary bleeding hemorrhoids is due to fire, but there is a distinction between real fire and virtual fire.

Most of them are violent, bloody red blood, urine usually has a feeling of burning urinary tract; the virtual ones are chronic bloody people with long-lasting medical history, red blood in urine, no burning feeling in urine.

The former should eat light foods with clearing heart and purging fire, cooling blood to stop bleeding; in addition, it is advisable to eat foods that have the effect of nourishing yin and reducing fire, and benefiting Qi and blood.

Anyone who has blood in the urine, regardless of the reality, should avoid eating spicy and irritating foods, avoid eating fatty glycerin, simmering warm food, avoid eating sea fish, shrimp and crab hair.

Life lies in sports winter morning run need to pay attention to what

Life lies in sports winter morning run need to pay attention to what

Life is exercise, proper exercise can improve the body’s resistance, strengthen the body, prolong life, morning run is a good form of exercise.

There are a lot of details to be aware of in the morning run. Let’s take a look at the winter morning run!

The best time for morning running in sports time depends on the season. It is usually the best when the sun is just showing off, and the winter is usually around 7 o’clock.

In the cold winter, many people choose morning exercises to enhance their immunity.

But the high-level fitness is not the sooner the better, the relevant health experts suggest: winter outdoor fitness is suitable for after sunrise.

The ground temperature before sunrise in winter rises, and the content of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide released in the air in the morning is high.

In addition, harmful pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, and lead in the exhaust emissions of automobiles are also concentrated on the ground. If people exercise early, they will absorb a lot of smoke and toxic gases.

Long-term exercise in this environment will lead to lack of endogenous oxygen, may cause fatigue, dizziness, pharyngitis and other diseases, endangering health.

Winter fitness should be around 10 o’clock.

At this time, when the sun comes out, it will be exposed to the ground, so that the atmosphere will start to convect upwards and the polluted air will spread to the upper air, and the damage to the human body will be transformed.

In addition, the temperature rises in the morning in the winter, and it will not ease until the sun comes out for half an hour.

Avoid foggy weather. The fog is made up of countless tiny drops of water, which contain a lot of dust, pathogenic microorganisms and other harmful substances.

If you exercise in the foggy days, due to increased breathing, it will inevitably absorb more toxic substances, affecting the supply of oxygen, which can cause chest tightness, difficulty breathing and other symptoms. In severe cases, it can cause rhinitis, pneumonia, bronchitis, and conjunctivitis.And other possibilities.

The humidity in the foggy day is so high that the skin is affected by the emission of the body and is not good for exercise.

If the fog is relatively large in the morning, these fogs often suck the airborne impurities and even the pathogenic microorganisms of the bacteria into the upper respiratory tract of the human body. In the case of a decrease in the body’s resistance, after the respiratory tract infection, it will flow to the lower respiratory tract to cause the lower respiratory tract.Infection, lower respiratory tract infection is bronchial pneumonia including infection of the lung cavity or even infection of the chest, which will further aggravate the condition, so it is best not to walk in foggy weather to avoid such weather.

In addition, for patients who have undergone surgery or surgery that has undergone surgery in the past, this should be noted, because his lungs have caused some wounds, and then do not pay attention to the stimulation of cold air, the air pollution caused the disease to worsen.

Exercise places try to choose places where oxygen and oxygen are too much.

In the winter, many people like to go to the gym, swimming pool and other indoor places to exercise.

The air quality in winter is originally poor, and the indoors are much worse. If it is not professional training, it is best to choose the right time to exercise in a place where carbon dioxide and oxygen are fresh.

When running in the grass, try to choose a place with less traffic, ventilation, good air park trails, school guidance, etc., and it is best to have flexible ground such as mud and grass.

What to eat before running in the morning?

You need to take a cup of warm water before running in the morning, because the body wakes up from sleep and the body is out of water.

You can also eat a banana before running in the morning. The carbohydrates such as small bread supplement the body’s glycogen.

Achieved, to ensure the full supply of blood sugar; lower, there is no feeling of flatulence in the stomach when running.

The diet is completed 1 hour before running, otherwise the food is not digested, and some people are prone to hypoglycemia.

After the morning run, eat dinner after dinner. Choice: a boiled egg, spinach and other vegetables, a milk oatmeal, even a slightly higher pasta can be eaten.

You can eat after an hour of running.

It doesn’t matter if you eat some short-lived food at this time, because the body has a high digestibility at this time of running for an hour.

What can’t you eat before running?

If you want to lose weight in the morning, don’t choose Snickers, regular chocolates and other processed sweets, because these kinds of foods are easy to cause blood sugar to suddenly rise and fall, which is not good for weight loss, and even after eating these to run, the body is veryIt is easy to get tired because blood sugar drops rapidly.

If you run for more than 2 hours in the morning, then this is a long run, you can’t eat low-calorie, high-fiber food.

Such as vegetables, beans, or fruits with more water.

Although these are good foods in daily life, in long-distance running, these foods stimulate gastrointestinal motility, or produce gas, which affects your long-distance running.

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May be a precursor to sudden death!

What are the benefits of long-distance running for the body?

Pertussis diet guide pertussis diet considerations

Pertussis diet guide pertussis diet considerations

Diseases caused by pertussis may cause a series of problems in the body, and because of these problems, life is seriously affected, and effective methods are needed for control and treatment to prevent the emergence of diseases and cure diseases.

For whooping cough can be nursed from the diet, let me introduce you to the pertussis diet guide.

Pertussis Dietary Guide 1. If a patient has pertussis, you can achieve a therapeutic effect by eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, because the fruits of fresh vegetables are rich in nutrients, which can effectively get a cure for whooping cough.The role, so patients can eat more.

2, patients can also eat more tofu, garlic, beef gall, pig small intestine, sparrow meat, mangosteen, hard hit, pig gall, chestnuts and other foods, because these foods are rich in nutrients, there is a certain treatment for this diseaseGood results, so by eating more of these foods, you can effectively treat the disease.

3, if the patient suffers from whooping cough, you need to eat some light food to avoid frying the greasy food, which leads to serious disease, and because the fried greasy food contains a lot of carcinogens, you need to pay more attention to avoidEat fried greasy food and eat some light food.

Recommended pertussis diet 1 , mulberry white carrot soup[effect]wide chest gas, phlegm and cough, used for coughing dry mouth and phlegm.

[Composition]10 grams of mulberry white, 100 grams of carrots, 10 red dates.

[Food Method]Carrots are cut into pieces, red dates are taken to the core, and three bowls of water are used for the three flavors. Slowly fry into a bowl and take 2-3 times.

2, Lily Runfei Tang[Efficacy]Yangyin Runfei, Huayu Cough[composition]Lily 30 grams, 15 grams of South Apricot, 10 grams of North Apricot, 3 grams of dried tangerine peel, half of pig lung (about 250 grams), candied dates 2[Food method]pig lungs rinsed, cut into pieces, stir-fried in the iron pan, then rinse the water, filter dry, put the same into the pot, add appropriate amount of water to boil, turn wen 1-2 沓Seasoned with salt and can be eaten.