People with bad stomachs often eat these kinds of natural small ingredients, repair the gastric mucosa, and drive away the old stomach.

People with bad stomachs often eat these kinds of natural small ingredients, repair the gastric mucosa, and drive away the old stomach.

Nowadays people’s living standards are constantly improving, but through the accelerated pace of life and the pressure of work, more and more people are suffering from stomach problems.

Discomfort in the stomach, although it can not pose a life threat to people, it will seriously affect people’s normal study and life and work.

How can we achieve good prevention and treatment?

People with bad stomach often eat these kinds of natural small foods, repair the gastric mucosa, and get rid of the old stomach disease Pu’er tea into the human body, you can cover the surface of the stomach with a film, so long-term use of Pu’er tea can achieve stomach, careThe role of the stomach, and Pu’er tea can also promote the gastrointestinal motility, the rapid insertion of the garbage and toxins can be completely excluded from the body, the boots to achieve slimming effect.

Honey water honey water is a kind of good stomach. It has dual effects on stomach acid. When gastric acid secretion is excessive, it can regulate the regulation of spleen and stomach, prevent excessive secretion of gastric acid, protect human gastric mucosa, and have too little gastric acid secretion.It can also help the normal secretion of gastric acid, increase the secretion of gastric acid, and keep the health of the stomach normal.


Tofu is very common in our lives.

Tofu is actually a very stomach-raising food. Tofu causes plant protein, and the gastric mucosa is made up of protein. Therefore, eating a series of tofu can supplement protein, promote gastric mucosal repair, and increase gastric protein.

It can improve the stomach’s ability to exercise, help digestion and absorption of the stomach, and relieve stomach discomfort.

Pork belly.

Pork belly has always been regarded as a natural enemy of old stomach disease. It has a good effect of strengthening the spleen, nourishing the stomach and eliminating the qi. It is very suitable for people with stomach diseases.

However, it should be noted that if your plasma level is too high, it is not suitable for eating this food.

Dandelion actually has anti-inflammatory drugs, especially for gastritis, which has a good therapeutic effect.

Medical research has shown that dandelion can help treat stomach ulcers and relieve stomach pain.

But the dandelion tea is a bit cold, and the dandelion is made into black tea, and the stomach will be better.

It can also prevent Helicobacter pylori.

Taro is rich in nutrients and contains a lot of starch, minerals and vitamins. It is both vegetable and grain, and can be cooked, dried or floured.

Chinese medicine believes that Shantou has appetizing and fluid, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, qi and kidney and other effects, can cure stomach pain, dysentery, chronic nephritis, etc., so people with bad stomach can often eat.

We usually fry the purple cabbage to eat, in fact, the purple cabbage can squeeze the orange juice, the effect of nourishing the stomach is better.

Purple cabbage itself is rich in vitamins, helps the stomach to digest, protects the gastric mucosa, and transforms the role of stomach ulcers, so it does not prevent you from drinking a cup of purple cabbage juice every day!

The role of Jiexi points and correct massage techniques

The role of Jiexi points and correct massage techniques

Xiexi Point belongs to the foot Yangming stomach.

The (fire) hole.

The location of the Xiexi acupoint is in the central sag of the transverse sulcus at the junction of the foot and the lower leg, between the long extensor tendon of the knee and the extensor tendon of the toe.

Shujin active, clearing the stomach and removing phlegm.

Jiexi has Tongli joints, refreshing and refreshing.

Mainly used for rehabilitation arthritis, lower extremity paralysis, dizziness, bloating, constipation.

Massage this hole can also shift the slim feet and accelerate blood circulation.

Quickly find the Xixue 1.
Sitting, foot dorsiflexion, and external biased tip, in the depression between the long extensor tendon and the long extensor tendon of the knee, according to the feeling of soreness.

2.Sitting, the dorsiflexion of the foot, in the midpoint of the transverse stratum of the joint of the foot and the front of the joint with the second toe, according to the feeling of soreness.

The location of Xiexi is the place where the laces are often tied, the place where the feet and legs meet, or the foot is lifted, the junction is crossed through the horizontal line, and the position is touched by hand, and there is an artery jump.

Press 揉 for 4 to 5 minutes by hand, and the feeling of soreness is appropriate.

You can also put your heels on the rolling pin back and forth.

The rolling pin is heated better.

The role of Xiexi Point is the “acupoint” of the foot-yangming stomach.

The foot Yangming meridians, after the passage through the nose, cheeks, mouth, throat and other parts.

When the stomach fires, the Yangming heat, the evil heat attack will follow the path to clear the sputum, nose bleeding, thrush, toothache, sore throat and other symptoms.

At this time, the Jiexie point can be stimulated to clear the stomach fire of the attack, and the heat is detoxified, thus entering the role of clearing oropharyngeal, swelling and relieving pain.

Xiexi can also relieve headaches.

The cause and mechanism of headache are very complicated. In symptomatic treatment, Chinese medicine divides headache according to meridians mainly into four treatments, that is, the former headache is Yangming headache, migraine is Shaoyang headache, and the headache is sun headache.The peak pain is a headache of phlegm.

Xiexi Point can clear Xuanyangming qi, which can relieve the pain of forehead or eyebrow bone.

The method of Jiexue massage is to press down on the fingertips or knuckles and make a ring massage.

The patient was clamped on the Jiexi point with a thumb, and the sputum was used to produce acid, bloating, painful feelings, re-flexion and extension of the joints, strengthening the feeling of finger pressure, and then relaxing with sputum.

The left and right sides alternately, 10-15 minutes.

Once or twice a day.

Old people are lonely and easy to get sick!

Old people are lonely and easy to get sick!

St. by Manhattan?

Robert of Luke Mansford Hospital?

Dr. Kathy led a research team of researchers from 30 hospitals in the northern United States to track down 1,200 elderly people with coronary heart disease and hypertension, and to understand whether living conditions can directly affect health.

  People who live alone, the probability of a second episode is twice that of those who live with their peers.

In the same half-year period, among patients with coronary heart disease, history of hypertension, and living alone, the second incidence occurred in 16%; while those living with peers accounted for only 9% of the second.

  Experts believe that the harmonious interaction between people, their benign emotions and signals, certainly have evidence for maintaining cardiovascular function.

A person with a heart disease can accompany someone else to get help from others when the heart attack occurs, so that the patient can help with psychological support.

Living together will never surpass your spouse. As long as you are not alone, you will be involved in the heart.

  Some strange and lonely people are unwilling to interact and contact with others. They may wish to raise a pet, play flowers, birds and fish, and appreciate celebrity paintings and sculptures.

This can not only regulate the taste of life, but also stabilize blood pressure or lower the blood pressure.

Deciphering 98-year-old Ji Yulin’s Three No Health Method

Deciphering 98-year-old Ji Yulin’s “Three No Health Method”

The farewell ceremony of Mr. Ji Xianlin, who is compatible with hundreds of schools and academics, and the master of Chinese studies, was held at the Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery in Beijing yesterday morning.
Ji Lao died of illness at Beijing 301 Hospital on July 11 at the age of 98.
The master of Chinese studies, born in Shandong and writing books, is so long-lived, so rumored and cherished, let us uncover the mystery of the longevity of the old man.
  Mr. Ji Xianlin retired from the position of Vice President of Peking University and members of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress in the middle and late 1980s. After that, he was almost filled with guests and visitors who were unable to resign on his desk.Forever, there is a piece of articles and an unfinished article and work. All of this is too busy and exhausting for an old man.
However, it is really strange to say that in addition to old-age asthma and cataracts, the busy season of the old man has always maintained a self-proclaimed “stubborn” physique.
At 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning, the first lamp in the campus of Peking University was lit up in the old study room until 10 o’clock in the evening.
The schedule of work and activities of the season is always full.
To bear such a heavy burden with the ninety-nine body, without a good body, it is really difficult.
So, what is the secret of health in the end?
After many people understand that the old and energetic seasons have their own unique way of keeping health – “three no health methods”, namely: no exercise, no picky eaters, no embarrassment.
  Ji Lao is opposed to exercising for exercise. When talking about not exercising, people may feel very strange.
In fact, Ji Lao is opposed to those so-called “exerciseists” who exercise for exercise and seem to have nothing else to do except exercise.
He believes that the first priority in life is work. If you spend a lot of time on exercise, it is really a reversal for him.
In daily life, the season does not exclude exercise. When he was young, he liked swimming and playing table tennis.
After he was old, in the heavy work, he sometimes sneaked into the unnamed lakeside of Peking University to take a walk to relax his body and mind.
The old man is diligent in thinking and writing, which is the best way to exercise for the human brain. He is still quick-thinking and often writes great works and masterpieces. This is the usual exercise with him.Can not be separated.
And this “do not exercise” is just the result of the ten years of obstinacy to put all the mind and body into the work and carelessly.
  Not picky eaters, not taboo, but to ensure a balanced diet. As for not picky eaters, in the diet, the old practice is not picky eaters, do not taboo, do not eat tonic.
The life of the whole family is very simple. They usually eat ordinary household meals. They have lived in big cities for decades, but he still loves the eating habits of his hometown.
His breakfast is always simple: a few slices of baked bread or bread, a dish of peanuts and a cup of tea.
The lunch and dinner meals are mainly vegetarian dishes and less meat.
A bowl of mung bean millet porridge is the delicious dish in the eyes of the old man.
Of course, there will be surprises at the dinner table.
The old lady of the season has wrapped up the leeks that she has dug from the campus of Peking University into a delicious and delicious glutinous rice. This is the “best of the best” that Ji Lao praises.
As a Shandong native, he sometimes has to make a small request: a pepper, a green onion, as a seasoning condiment.
Ji Lao’s family often put the baked taro pieces in a biscuit box in his study to serve as an emergency for the hunger of the season.
The old man’s eating habits, which are not picky eaters and are not taboo, make him eat a variety of foods that are usually eaten, thus ensuring a variety of nutrients and a balanced supplement to the body.
This is also a big factor in his health and longevity.
  There is no burden in the heart plus “diligence”. Naturally, there is no disease. It is that Mr. Ji Lao is open-minded and never wants to entangle the things that can’t be opened. He is never afraid of that for his own health.
He is most opposed to some people who are taboo in their daily lives: eating eggs is afraid of cholesterol, eating meat is afraid of high fat, eating and calculating calories from time to time, even eating fruits should be disinfected several times.
After spending a lot of money, I spent a lot of money, but I lost a skinny bone and added malnutrition.
Ji Lao said that he “has no burden in his heart, and his appetite is natural. The things he eats can be well digested, absorbed and utilized.
Then make up the legs, the hands, the brain, and naturally, the disease will not be born.”
At the same time, for the length of life, the elderly are never embarrassed.
What he hoped for was to try to finish the work that was beneficial to the motherland and the people in his later years.
In fact, this lofty and free and easy state is also one of the secrets of the longevity of the old man.
  The regularity of life is also the secret of longevity. In addition to the “three no health method”, the life of the old man is also very regular.
Get up at 3 or 4 o’clock every day for academic research or writing, and thousands of words of articles can be spent.After 7 o’clock, after breakfast, I started a day of work and life.

After lunch, he had to take a nap on the old wicker chair in the study.

At this time, the kitten that the old man loves will jump on his alignment. This old “small” sleep scene adds a bit of childlikeness to the life of the old man sleeping.

When the work is exhausted, the old man will raise the kettle to water the flowers and trees on the window sill, loosen the soil, and find the tranquility of a soul and the vitality of life in the green.

This short-lived activity and rest is definitely expected to benefit the season.

After dinner, the elderly should watch TV news, newspapers and new books and emails just received to learn about new information and gain new knowledge.

Go to bed at 10 o’clock in the evening.

Except in very special circumstances, this law of work and rest never changes.

  The old man who never deliberately pursued the practice of health, but in the work that began to work hard for decades, formed a very personal method of health.

The one who can maintain health is the most discouraged

The one who can maintain health is the most discouraged

The first word: “degree” 1.

The mind should be generous in the saying that the prime minister can support the boat, and the big belly can accommodate the difficult things in the world. It is said that the person must be inclined and broad-minded.

The mountains are not self-sufficient, and the water is not deep.

Everything doesn’t have to be preoccupied, and one step later, the sky is wide.

Don’t over-consider personal gains and losses, treat people or things that hurt you generously.


Speaking moderately Some people think that being a real person is true, so speaking is straight.

In fact, it is a big mistake.

Chinese people write “true” words, which are “straight” below two points.

In other words, some straight words sometimes have to retain two points.

Knowing others, you are wisdom; knowing yourself, this is Gaoming.


Reading has a thickness and has a thickness. The thickness here is not only the height of the scale, but also the quality of the book.

If you find yourself not reading for a long time, you have to know that you may have fallen.

It’s not that books are great, but reading means that you still have a pursuit, still struggling, and looking for another possibility.


The field of view has a high width and looks far.

The so-called vision is that your perspective should be a vast field. No matter whether you are doing things or being a human being, you should look at the distance. You can see the visible light without seeing it.

Life is destined to suffer many wrongs.

The more successful a person is, the more grievances he has.

To make your life worthwhile and colorful, learn to broaden your horizons, be a wise, benevolent.


Work must be strong in the work must be strong, pioneering and enterprising.

People have goals, big or small, and the way to achieve them is to work.

The work has increased, the performance has improved, and there is a possibility to achieve the goal.


There is a high level of career. People want to achieve something in life and have a high level of career.

Life is in the forefront of the march, and the years are accumulating.

Whether you are engaged in a career or not, you have to accumulate over time, and your ordinary work must be done hard and constantly improved every day.


We have no life, we can’t choose the fate, but we can choose the way we walk through life.

People choose tolerant and ethical, a few indifferent, breeze and drizzle, the same rhyme, poetic, to do things with a little calm, between the pitching, still free and easy.

Not deliberate, not hypocritical, feeling the simplicity of simple years, able to maintain health, the most humiliating and calm.

The second word: “Give” to applause: Some people have never given applause to others in their lives.

Everyone needs applause from others; cheering for others is everyone’s responsibility; life that doesn’t understand applause is too narrow;

Give face: not giving face is the most rude.

The Chinese are most concerned about the face; give each other a decent step; look at the break and break the face, the face is better; hurt what, don’t hurt the face.

To trust: a suspicious person cannot have a true friend.
Being trusted is a kind of happiness; how much trust there is, there are many chances of success.
Convenience: Convenient with people, convenient for themselves.

Give it a light when others need it most; think for the other person and plan for yourself.

To the etiquette: There are “rituals” to travel all over the world.

Be polite and glamorous;

Give modest: the sharp-eyed people are everywhere.

Put down your body and lower yourself; don’t face your smug in front of the frustrated person; don’t be mad at people, be low-key.

To understand: everyone is eager to recognize others.

Understanding is to give people convenience; first understand what ordinary people don’t understand.

Give respect: Put the respect for others first.

Efforts to make people feel his dignity; respect for the weak is more valuable; local transcendence can not despise others; put others in the heart.

Help: At a critical moment, who doesn’t want someone to pull it.

Selflessness and selfishness; your good, others will remember.

To be honest: no trust, no swindler, no friend.

Integrity-based, re-honored and trustworthy; integrity is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, success comes one after another; lost integrity, Pepsi can not be.

Give humility: People are easy to be superior.

More subtle, more humility; humility can accomplish everything, complacency, nine things; humbly ask for advice, achieve great cause.

Give appreciation: make people have a sense of superiority.

Desire to be appreciated, everyone has it; “high hat” has the lowest cost; timely affirm the strengths of others.

Grateful: Don’t be grateful, don’t expect to have another time.

Gratefulness is a way of singing life; grateful in time, don’t wait until the flowers are thankful.

To the mouth of virtue: to be spared and forgiving.

To be straight, you have to turn a corner and say it; if you are cold, you should heat up and talk about it; take care of the self-esteem of others; leave a line of people and meet in the future.

Optimistic mentality is always getting sick quickly

Optimistic mentality is always getting sick quickly

“Sixteen years ago, I retired from the military hospital and returned to my hometown. Only then did I find that the 80-year-old mother had coronary heart disease and atrial fibrillation. At the age of 82, my mother embolized the cerebrovascular vessels from the trembling atrial thrombus.Language, half-length sputum; after treatment and half a year of rehabilitation, although able to walk freely, but on average every month there is a transient cerebral palsy, half-length convulsions.

However, her elderly people took 25 mg of enteric-coated aspirin and Weiluoltong every morning and evening, and injected with stability at the time of onset. They actually took sick for more than ten years and lived to 96 years old. They can still go up and down the third floor and take care of themselves.

Mr. Xue, who is nearly seventy years old, tells his mother, so true and so amiable.

He said that the longevity factors of the old mother are many, such as vegetarianism, eating less at dinner; not sulking, not ignoring the fire; farm work, activities and muscles; pay attention to hygiene, do not eat unclean food.

A rural old man with very little health knowledge can live so much with so many diseases. For a long time, this is the blessing of being a child!

  Zhang Disheng, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, one of the founders of the Chinese rehabilitation surgery, is 91 years old and still personally performs surgery for some difficult cases.

No one can think of it. He was also a diabetic.

“I heard that I was suffering from lung cancer and gave me the attitude of being there. I was not afraid, and I was not anxious. As a result, the operation was very smooth and the recovery was very good.

Academician Zhang Disheng said that the most important thing for the elderly is to use a mentality of “taking the disease to prolong the year.” “When you are older, you can’t avoid some pain. Just cooperate with the doctor to actively treat, stick to proper rest and exercise, and stay optimistic.”The mentality, the pain can be well controlled.

A survey conducted by the China Center for Aging Research shows that the proportion of chronic diseases in the past has reached 69.


With the increase of age, the gender difference is not obvious. The main lifestyle diseases affecting the health of the elderly are: hypertension, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, bone and joint disease, diabetes and so on.

Further analysis found that nearly two-thirds of the elderly had more than two chronic diseases at the same time.

Chronic diseases have become the main disease affecting the health of the elderly, and seriously affect the life and quality of life of the elderly.

  “More than 40 years ago, I had taken care of old people who had different health conditions. One of them had had a myocardial infarction.

At that time, my mind secretly arbitrarily: the old man probably had to go first. After the passage of time, the fact gave a completely opposite fact.

Other old people have passed away, and this old man is the one who lived the longest.

“Zeng Zhaoyu, an expert in internal medicine at the Beijing Hospital, said that this is the so-called “longevity with illness.”

This is what the old man often said, “breaking the bowl for a long time”: a bowl has a small crack, and it will be more careful when using it. The result is that the other bowl breaks through first, and the bowl even has cracks, but it still works.

  Shi Maowei, director of the Department of Geriatrics at the General Hospital of Jinan Military Region, said that chronic diseases usually refer to long-term, inable self-healing diseases that can hardly be cured, such as hypertension, diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood fat, coronary heart disease, and stroke.Wait.
Observing attitudes toward chronic diseases is even more important.

Some elderly people with chronic diseases are more ill, their mentality is more balanced, their expectations are not too high, and they can be calm when they are in trouble. They know the pain of illness and are good at cherishing and protecting their bodies.

Most of them can live regularly and insist on physical exercise.

Medical researchers in Los Angeles, USA, have found that there is an endocrine hormone in the body that can regulate the body’s environment and maintain the internal and external balance of the body.

A weak and sick person, because of frequent harassment of the disease, causes this internal secretin to constantly adjust, so as not to cause major deformation of the body.

The endocrine hormone in the body of a strong body is always in the position of “beside the side”, and it does not need to develop and grow. Therefore, its function is very weak. When the disease suddenly attacks, it will be helpless and cannot resist, so once it happensMay be seriously ill, seriously ill.

  How can patients with chronic diseases adjust their lifespan and be able to delay their disease?

Experts pointed out that patients with hypertension should pay attention to the diet to be light, adhere to moderate exercise, maintain emotional stability, regularly monitor blood pressure, can control blood pressure, reduce damage to the heart, brain, kidney and other organs, and can live as long as normal people.
There are data showing that patients with hypertension who have been hypotensive for more than 10 years, who have early treatment and can control other risk factors such as smoking, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, etc., died in the second 10 years compared with those who did not take antihypertensive therapy.The risk of cardiovascular disease will be reduced by 60%.

People with diabetes must adhere to diet control, medication control, moderate exercise, blood glucose monitoring and emotional stability. According to these five aspects, we can get good disease control.

Patients with coronary heart disease undergo effective treatment and moderate exercise. After stable condition, they should quit smoking and alcohol; eat less animal waste and high cholesterol food, eat less sweets and limit salt intake; eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and crude fiber.More food; eat more sea fish, black fungus, onions, garlic, etc. can lower blood fat, anti-coagulation food.

In addition, you should avoid stress, fatigue, anger, learn to control your emotions, and maintain an emotionally optimistic stability.