Fashion: Yoga clothing transformed into fashion

Fashion: Yoga clothing transformed into fashion

In recent years, yoga has become a popular sport for women’s physical fitness. Puma has launched the nuala yoga clothing series as early as nine years ago. Although it is advertised as designed for sports, its combination has always been combined with life, and this season’s works can be more realized.The spirit is manifested. I feel fashionable after wearing it, and the material used is full of elasticity, which is completely suitable for the decomposition of yoga, so that yoga clothes can also be worn as casual clothes.

  Absolutely, the nuala series was created by supermodels Christy Turlington and Puma in the spirit of yoga. It combines Christy’s love for yoga and fashion, and Puma’s spirit of perfect combination of sports and life, so nuala has never been from beginning to end.But the sportswear worn when playing yoga is so simple, it is actually casual clothes that combine fashion elements.

Test what strengths you have after getting married

Test what strengths you have after getting married

Test subject: The heroine in the fairy tale has finally grown up, but it has also become fat. Who do you think is most likely to become a fat woman?

  A, Cinderella B enjoying the life of the palace, Xiaoying C, who was eating hard, came to eat everywhere, Britney D, who ate too many snacks, and Snow White, who was too happy to eat. Analysis of results: A, after marriage, you will become a “life”Smart King”: If this type of people get married, they would like the family to be like an imperial palace, so they would like to take care of everything in the family and take good care of their families.

  B, after marriage you will become a “financial actuarial master”: this type of person will become very hardworking and hardworking, and the money will be very clear, because although she feels indifferent before marriage, she will feel very wealthy after marriageIt’s important to make small money big.

  C, after marriage, you will become an “almighty king of food”: this type of people think that eating is the most important thing in life. If you have time, you will cook. If you do n’t have time, you will take everyone to eat delicious restaurants.She felt that the atmosphere of eating made her very happy.

  D, you will become a “super kid king” after marriage: this type of person pays great attention to the family’s happy atmosphere, after marriage will become very patient and caring, take care of children and her husband, and create a family happy atmosphere.

Out of the shadow of Internet addiction

Out of the shadow of “Internet addiction”

(1) “Children have upward minds” A book, a report meeting, caused a lot of sensation in Changsha, that is, “Children have upward minds” and Professor Tao Hongkai’s “Quit Internet Addiction” reportmeeting.

  Professor Tao is a well-known expert in quality education in China and a specially appointed professor of Central China Normal University.
He has toured around the country since the second half of 2004, held a “Quit Internet Addiction” report, and organized training for volunteers, which has had a wide social impact.
He wrote a set of practicable ways to help children quit Internet addiction, a book entitled “Children Have Upward Hearts”, published by Hunan People’s Publishing House in January 2005.
As soon as the book hit the market, it was warmly welcomed by readers.
  On February 25, after the news of Professor Tao Hongkai’s long-term holding of the “Exit Internet Addiction” readers’ report, 450 tickets were sold out immediately.
On the morning of the 27th, when the reporter came to the venue, I found that many parents were already waiting outside the door, and I found out that the parents who had not received the tickets but were still waiting for the rain to come outside the venue with a glimmer of hope.
  The report will be in progress.
When Professor Tao talked about parents’ different attitudes towards children in high school, junior high school and primary school, the 17-year-old “networm” Jiang Zhi (pseudonym) raised his different opinions.
Tao immediately invited him to come to the stage to communicate with his father and grandfather.
Professor Tao didn’t go directly to the topic, and first said, “Would you like to talk to me?
“Jiang nodded.
“Do you think parents of middle school students should worry about their children playing computers?
Asked Professor Tao.
“Because they will become as inseparable from the net as I am.
“The audience laughed.
“So how did you come here today?
“Jiang:” Dad called me here.
Professor Tao asked, “Why did dad call you here?”
“Hope you can help me.
“Less than an hour of live conversation, the child who had truanted school for the Internet and often stayed away all night said sincerely:” I will definitely quit Internet addiction and study hard.
“The briefing ended a long time ago, and many parents with sad faces still don’t want to leave around Professor Tao for a long time.
  (II) “Internet addiction” is fierce than tigers. Addiction of young people to the Internet has become a social issue that people have paid close attention to.
Of the 84 million Internet users in China, 16.5 million are under 18, accounting for 19%.
Not only do they love the Internet, they are fascinated and addicted.
A survey showed that 62.9% of the young people who went online had personalized emotions, 20% of them had low moods and loneliness, 12% of them were alienated from family and friends, and 5.1% of themPhysical health declines.
  The internet addiction among teenagers in our province is also quite serious.
Here are a few materials provided to us by Hunan Quit Internet Addiction Volunteer Studio.
A 14-year-old girl, Wang Fang (pseudonym), has divorced parents, has no intention to learn, does not talk to her mother, often runs away from home, and likes to play games online.
He had a boyfriend who had the same experience as Wang.
The Internet has become one of the main ways for them to obtain their psychological needs.
Qiang Zhang (pseudonym), 24, was a student at a university who was dismissed in 2004 because he was addicted to the Internet and had no intention of studying.
I have been out of college for more than a year and have no job, I like to write articles, chat, fall in love on the Internet, and multi-party help is invalid.
Wen Feng hates living at home. When he was in second grade, he had an unsuccessful love.
Secretly surf the Internet for 2 to 10 hours every night.
I like to play games and chat on the Internet, and have no interaction with my classmates.He believes that there is no pressure on the Internet and a sense of accomplishment.

These survey data and cases are startling.

  Internet addiction brings endless harm to families.

When passing by Internet cafes, people often see such amazing scenes, children are dragged out by parents from Internet cafes; some parents even kneel in front of children in order to let their children get rid of Internet addiction.

Looking at these simple and kind parents, people have a lot of sadness in their hearts.

Internet addiction has also caused many social problems.

“Internet addiction” is devouring our changing ideals and passions.

  (3) Who should fight with the “Internet addiction” board and what is Internet addiction?

In some literatures, Internet addiction is called “Internet Addiction Syndrome”, or “IAD” for short.

There are two main aspects to the description of “IAD”. One is that Internet addicts have certain behaviors, such as out-of-control of network operations, and can increase the enjoyment of fun.

Patients are more indulged in free talk or online interactive games, while ignoring the existence of real life.

The second is the effect of this behavior on the mental state of addicts.

Cognitively, the longer you spend playing online games, the worse your abstract thinking, logical thinking, memory, and attention.

Emotionally, it will become more and more low, lower, and less confident.

  In fact, surfing the Internet is not a bad thing, as Professor Tao said: “What do you think of a computer as?

Toys are still tools.

Professor Tao believes that it is not a mental illness or a physical illness that causes people to become addicted to the Internet. It is a habit formed by a strong interest.

However, there are also very few people who have mental problems. The symptoms after Internet addiction will definitely be a psychological problem.

  In the process of youth growth, families, schools, and society each play different roles and play different roles.

Internet addiction is also inseparable from these factors.

Professor Tao Hongkai said, “Two years after returning home, I feel that the problem of family education in China has become a serious problem.

“In most families in China, the relationship between children and their parents has become a relationship of solicitation and giving, without peer-to-peer communication.

Other parents’ thoughts of “seeking a child to become a dragon” and “seeing a woman to become a phoenix” are too strong, which brings a great spiritual burden to their children.

At the same time, objective factors such as financial difficulties, divorce of parents, and domestic violence in some families may cause unhealthy psychology of children.

School is an important place for children to grow up.

Although quality education has been promoted for a long time, China’s current basic education is still typical exam-oriented education.

Examination-based education leads to student-to-school scores and school-to-school progression rates.

As soon as a student enters primary school, he is educated to enter a key middle school; when he enters a key middle school, the goal is to be a key university.

This seems to be all the purpose of learning.

Bad social culture is also quietly penetrating into children’s hearts.

Some worship stars, pursue fashion, compare material life, etc.

If a child’s Internet addiction is a disease, the cause is not in the child.

  (4) More volunteers like Tao Hongkai are needed to save and save children with Internet addiction. It is not enough to rely on the strength of Professor Tao Hongkai alone.

As Professor Tao said, “I only promoted one part in 1.3 billion.

“The Hunan Internet Addiction Volunteer Volunteer Studio was established on October 31, 2004 under the guidance and guidance of Professor Tao Hongkai.

This is also the first purely public welfare institution in our province to serve the work of quitting Internet addiction.

The studio’s staff are recruited in the form of “volunteers”, and the entire process of service for help seekers is free of charge.

Adhering to the spirit of “love and helping others, pragmatic charity,” they adopted face-to-face corrections and telephone consultations to accept help from internet addicts and parents across the province and across the country.

Since its establishment, the studio has received more than 1,100 visiting cases and over 900 telephone interviews.
In the province, there are Changsha, Zhuzhou, Xiangtan, Ningxiang, Yiyang and other cases in the province. Telephone consultations come from dozens of provinces and regions such as Hubei and Zhejiang.
  Their work has significantly improved the majority of clients, and has received unanimous praise from the society, especially their “volunteer” spirit is deeply rooted.

“After accepting our help, many parents took the initiative to give money to the teachers and students they received, and we declined them.

When they were told that our services were free, they were all repeated and moved one by one, “said Shi Tieer, director of quit internet addiction studio.

The establishment of the “studio” can bring the gospel to those patients and their families who have Internet addiction but cannot quit independently.

In the 2004 selection of “Top Ten Public Welfare Events in Hunan,” they were called “Top Ten Public Welfare Events in Hunan.”

On February 26th, Professor Hongkai Tao spoke highly of the achievements of Hunan Internet Addiction Volunteer Volunteers. He said, “After leaving Hunan, I will publicize the report every time I go.And promote your approach.

“Hunan Quit Internet Addiction Volunteer Studio wrote in a report they completed in February,” Because the staff are not full-time staff, it is impossible to have enough energy and devote time to this work.

The difference in the level of personnel structure is also not conducive to the long-term development of the studio.

“Yes, this team is still too small. To save so many children with Internet addiction, more people with deep social responsibility and solid social psychology professional skills are required to join, and more like volunteers are needed.An agency like a studio.

  (5) A system engineering merger. Our province has done some work from the provincial party committee and the provincial government to the relevant departments to create a good alternative for youths to “exit Internet addiction.”

  At the beginning of 2004, after the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued “Several Opinions on Further Strengthening and Improving the Ideological and Moral Construction of Minors”, relevant party committees and governments of our province and relevant departments attached great importance.

The education system proposes to further strengthen the main channels, create a large environment, and do a good job of ideological and moral education of young students.

The cultural department organized the “Sworn Farewell to Internet Cafés” activity among primary and middle school students, and also focused on strengthening the use and management of public cultural facilities. From May 1 last year, the province ‘s patriotic education bases, museums, and memorialsThe museum is free of charge for group visits of minors.

The public security department has stepped up legal education for minors; severely cracked down on crimes against minors, and also created “youth rights protection posts”. At the same time, it has strengthened the comprehensive management of social order, centralized management, and optimized the surroundings of primary and secondary schools.surroundings.
The science and technology department launched multi-channel popularization of science popularization, strengthened the construction of popular science popularization websites, and freely opened youth education bases for minors . In terms of network governance, our province launched a centralized rectification of Internet cafes in the province last year.

Since the implementation of the special rectification work, accumulated black Internet cafes have been found and banned, and the distribution of Internet cafes that do not meet the legal approval conditions has been ordered to suspend business for rectification. There are too many Internet cafes, and the situation of vicious competition has improved. The problem of illegal use of minors and expired business operations has been solved.Better solutions. Harmful information such as pornography, violence, expenditure and ignorance spread on the Internet has been effectively managed. Internet cafes and other Internet access service business venues have significantly improved their operations. The whole society has gradually monitored and consciously resisted Internet cafes ‘illegal operation.strong.

The achievements in the special rectification work of Internet cafes have been fully affirmed by the people, and they have praised the party and the government for doing a great job for the healthy growth of young people.

  Helping the shadows of juvenile delinquency networks is a comprehensive, systematic, and deep-lasting project.

It requires the cooperation of families, schools, the media, experts, social education resources, and government agencies.

We expect teenagers to shift from being addicted to the Internet to pursuing all kinds of beautiful things, and moving to the normal life track.

Let the whole society join hands to help our teenagers quit Internet addiction and create a better future!

Men desperately hiding psychological privacy

Men desperately hiding psychological privacy

For men, there are always a few civilians who are reluctant to tell women.

For example, his work situation, he feels that his girlfriend is here to share happiness, and is unwilling to bring unhappy things over.

Similarly, in order to prevent women from being jealous, they will not disclose their emotional experiences and so on.

  Women’s privacy is usually written in the diary, locked in place, and even posted in the boudoir, only to tell her girlfriend.

What about men?

Men also have wealth, but their wealth is generally in their hearts.

Women’s personalities are usually shared with others, but men’s arbitrary anonymity is so deep that they can only chew them carefully.

Women want to know the wealth of a man, because only in this way can he easily penetrate into his inner world and become his spiritual partner.


The working situation is in the heart of the man. He feels that his girlfriend is here to share happiness. He hopes to give you the best and give you happiness.

Therefore, men do not want to let you know about things at work, especially things that are unhappy at work.

Profit or loss?

Is the bonus less or longer?

How is the boss treating himself?

Such questions, men generally do not like women to ask at home.

He knew that even if I told you, it wouldn’t help.

Because things are still there, and you can’t solve them, help.

Having told you, it will only increase your troubles.

He doesn’t want to distract you, he doesn’t want you to be.

There are some facts that men and men want to keep it secret because they don’t want to bring daytime things into the night. Therefore, men do not like women to interfere in work matters.A pleasant thing.

  Of course, if you think you care about him, you should care about his work. You think this is the most basic.

But don’t put your intention on him, he doesn’t necessarily like it.


Emotional experience Female friends are very interested in her boyfriend’s past, especially his ex-girlfriend, so you may have been tangled on this issue, and you must know his emotional experience.

  Emotional experience is their wealth to men. Generally speaking, he will not tell you casually.

Do n’t think that your boyfriend does not love you, he does n’t tell you, he is afraid that you think he still remembers his ex-girlfriend, and that you will never live in depression and be happy.

Everyone has a past, and he doesn’t investigate your past, so why bother entangled with the past, as long as he only holds you in his heart now, as long as you are single-minded about you.

Let his emotional experience be a dusty past.

Set his secret as a “minefield” in your heart, and always remind yourself not to get involved. Even if you hear only a few words, don’t dig deeper. Your stubbornness and stinginess arouse his memories and even remember the “her”What are the benefits?


This is my own thing. Maybe your man will often say “this is my own thing” before you. When you hear this sentence, please don’t give up.

You have to know that if you continue to ask questions, you will only lose both.

  If he goes out for entertainment, you don’t have to ask who he is with.

If he wants to tell you, he will definitely tell you, to trust your man.

  Women work on details, they like to communicate, they ask questions, and they even talk about horns. So in general, he wo n’t tell you some small things. He has a sense of being . many times he thinks it ‘s a man ‘s business.No need to fuss about it, because men’s affairs must be done by men.

Just give him some space.

When he needs you as a wife, don’t try to be a planner for his work and life.

Everyone has a psychological need to have their own living space, and men are no exception, so women’s wise choice is: let him go crazy, what fox friends and dogs, work conditions.A piece of his “reservation land”, he will cultivate!

I like to watch a lot of female friends often heard that her husband or boyfriend is often addicted to A, even when sex, or even to learn some of the actions in A.

Too many female friends even break up or divorce him for this problem.

  Men like to watch pornographic videos just because men are “visual.”

The strength of this kind of sexual consciousness that men like to watch pornographic films is determined by the relationship between the inherent eroticism of the individual and the difficulty of approaching the subject.

Of course, it’s not wrong to watch A films, but it won’t work if you are too addicted.

You can watch with him and follow suit.

In the process of watching, you must give him proper guidance, communicate more, and understand his inner thoughts on the A movie. Only in this way can he not be in a state of addiction.

If you dislike and disagree with him, he may continue to be addicted.

  Remember that this is his wealth, and don’t talk about these things as good things, just know in your heart.

If others know his diversity, he will definitely break up with you without saying a word.


Feminine demand Man looks strong on the surface, in fact, he also has a fragile side.

Sometimes he will spoil him in front of you, sometimes he will cry in front of you.

Don’t think that he looks like a sissy, because men also have various “feminine” psychological needs.

In terms of individual life, men are actually more vulnerable than women. However, both women and men have pointed out the behavior of men.

It seems that a man means masculine, strong, pragmatic, carefree, and unscrupulous.

In fact, otherwise, men also have a lot of unknown “feminine needs”, but they only keep secrets that they don’t tell, and women can’t open it up to see what happens.

  A man is a face animal and likes women to appreciate and worship.

Therefore, the privacy of men must not be lightly revealed. Women only need to face calmly, realize understanding, and understand in their hearts.

Don’t tell it by mouth, let alone encourage him by love, “weak childish”, otherwise, men will think you look down on him, which can’t bear him.

His admiration for vanity and stinking beauty is also an unspoken thing, which will only make him angry and angry.


Sexual worries Although many men and wives are more harmonious in sexual love, men will always be involuntarily worried and worried . But these worries are not willing to let his wife know, let alone her cause.

Sex is a man’s life-long event, he cares a lot, and is an important cornerstone of man’s self-esteem and self-confidence.

Men are more or less concerned about their sexual abilities.

It’s a big secret that cannot be known to women.

  If you find that your man is “sexual” behind, you have actually struggled.

Then don’t panic.

Your admiration and trust are the best “viagra” for a man. Indeed, he is the “slide” that causes the cause. As a wife or girlfriend, you should be impassive and insurmountable.

  If his sexual concerns are pointed out in your mouth or known to outsiders, you will know the seriousness of the problem, he will make you serious, and you are ready to break up.


I like to talk about a few young men together, especially when several acquaintances chat together.

This can not be simply regarded as low-level indecent, this is a common psychological psychological reflection of men.

There are three main reasons for this: pass the boredom, relax the tension in the lounge by borrowing such boring words; promote the harmonious and harmonious atmosphere of gossip; when there are women nearby, some people abuse the language and obscenity.Time response.

  Among the interviewers, people of different ages and experiences have different psychology.

Older, more experienced people talk about it, often to exaggerate their knowledge, but they should have concealed it, but this kind of psychology is puzzling to women.

People who are young and inexperienced talk mostly from a strange vanity. They do not want to be regarded as lack of experience or do not understand the world, so they are smart and talk about it.

  In addition, some people are in a tense state of sexual thirst, and their conversations have the effect of relaxing tension and venting sexual desire.