all of a sudden,The local people of the Diqi team are all embarrassed。They don’t know what they are afraid of,But a deep-rooted fear keeps pressing on them,So that they dare not get too close to the village。There is a sense of suffocation even in the outer area。

As for where does this oppression come from?They don’t know!
Qin Feng just followed Professor Shi’s team into the village。
have to say,After entering,Qin Feng really has one
I have returned to the ancient times。At least some of the wooden houses and other buildings here look like this。
But here comes the problem,If these things are really ancient buildings,Can they keep it till now?To know,If a place falls into disrepair,Without even traces of human activity,Then there will be deserted soon!
But now there seems to be no trace of alive in this village,But it doesn’t look like no one lives all the time。
So Qin Feng couldn’t help asking,“Professor Shi,Do you think this place,Could it be a temporary set up and used to fool us??”
Actually don’t talk about Qin Feng,Even Professor Shi’s team has the same questions in their hearts。
Chapter five hundred and sixty three Village conclusion
Professor Shi Wen touched his face,Then frowned,“how to say,This place doesn’t look like a shed built by factions。Most importantly,Something here,There is no trace of the invasion of time。Anyway, it is full of disobedience。”
“Where does this sense of violation come from?”Everyone asked。
Professor Shi touched the wood on the building,Then said,“It feels like here,As if it was just built。But the wood and other things around this,Should be cut and polished。The issue is,Near this steppe country,There is no big wood at all!”
After that, even Professor Shi himself was puzzled。What is this thing?Why can it give people such a strong ancient atmosphere and traces,But it hasn’t been eroded by the years?
It’s as if the village was built and then traveled directly to the modern world!
Yes,This is how the village feels to the professor。But Professor Shi can’t tell this guess,Because it doesn’t conform to historical principles!

Every capable person,People who want to be motivated,The most hope in the company is to be recognized by the big boss,Now their company has received this task,But they participated in this project again。

So they feel very proud,Even if sometimes there is no way to say a word or two to Xiao Fan,But as long as Xiao Fan communicates with them or talks about this project。
They feel very honored,Because they feel like they have received Xiao Fan’s approval,To be able to be in this position today。
Able to participate in such an important project,Such a project that Xiao Fan saw,So everyone knows,I won’t betray Xiao Fan easily。
But Xiao Fan’s idea is right,If someone threatens them,If someone threatens them to betray Xiao Fan with what they care about most,So how should they choose??
Xiao Fan himself has some people who care,So Xiao Fan will not force them to ignore their family or people who care about them for Xiao Fan.。
That’s too demanding of one person,So Xiao Fan doesn’t want to be like that,Xiao Fan made a relatively complete plan。
Then I thought if something unexpected happened at that time,Or if any employee involved in this project encountered some problems,There is also a solution。
So during a meeting,Xiao Fan brought up the matter directly,I didn’t make a mistake with everyone,Just tell them clearly。
Xiao Fan said:“Everyone needs to understand,Many people are staring at this project,I don’t want this project to progress smoothly。
One is that they are jealous of our company’s capabilities,The second is some rivals over the years,So I don’t want this company to make such a high-level project,Everyone should know it in mind。”
Everyone nodded,Actually everyone knows,How many people are watching this project,How many people hope that this project will fail in half。
Or it doesn’t really have any effect at the last minute,But everyone still wants to do this project,Do this thing well。
The hard work and hard work of such a long time is also the crystallization of each of them,So I don’t want anyone to interrupt the pace of their efforts。
Or a result of their struggle,So when Xiao Fan said this,,Everyone nodded knowingly。
Xiao Fan continued:“In that case,I’ll tell him clearly,Everyone knows,Many people are staring at this project,I also hope that this project can be unsuccessful。
So they will use some other means to threaten which one of you betrayed me,Or sell some data of this project,As a result, the project could not progress smoothly。
Make it half way,Can’t progress smoothly to the last step,Or it can’t get obvious benefits,Destroy the fruits of everyone’s labor。
But i won’t criticize him,But the premise is that you have to report this to me,I will help you find a solution。”

But things have reached this time,Lin Feng still wants to ask Lin Yang again,It’s like someone who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness,But still want to have a dying struggle。

really,After Lin Feng saw Lin Yang’s facial expression,His mind is completely dead。
This time,I really gave up my heart completely!
Because after Lin Yang listened to his words,Just laughed。
After Lin Yang laughed,Lin Yang took two steps forward,Came to Lin Feng,Extend one’s right hand,While pointing Lin Feng’s chest with his finger,Humiliated:
“Lin Feng,You are not,brothers?Blood relationship?These words,What did you say?For my Lin family,Our Lin family child,There will always be only Lin Yang、Lin Hai、Lin Ping。There has never been a person named Lin Feng。”
“you,Lin Feng,Will never be the brother of a few of us,Will never be our family,you,understand?Forever,far,Do not,meeting。”
Lin Feng was so devastated that Lin Yang stepped back a few steps,Until Liu Chunlan reacted,Lin Feng who was about to fall after holding on。
Liu Chunlan shouted to Lin Yang, anxious:“Lin Yang,Don’t go too far,How to say,Lin Feng is also father’s son,Is your brother,You do,You will suffer retribution。”
Who knew Lin Yang would laugh when he heard this。
“retribution,OK,I am waiting!but,I have a chance to wait,but,As for you,Is there a chance to wait,That’s not necessarily!”
“Nowadays,About those Lin family’s industries in Yunshi,You have to give it,Give or give。”
After Lin Yang said this,,Just take out the phone,Made a call,Said:“Lawyer Wang,The contract I asked you to prepare,Bring me home now。”
After Lin Yang said this,,Just hung up。
And Lin Feng and his family,To this time now,I understand why Lin Yang took the initiative to invite his family to attend Lin Tiansheng’s ceremony this time.。

What he said,The female priests present,Looking at Wu Hao eagerly,Not in the slightest fear because the man’s hands were just stained with the blood of the priest,But full of expectations。

“Except my convenience,The priest I picked,What good is he?”Lu Menglin was curious for a while,Ignore the hot eyes around,Asked with a smile。
Priest Lei Ji nodded,Smiled:“Of course there are benefits!The more you sacrifice,The higher the sacrifice level,The priest who accompanied you to sacrifice,The more grace she gained,The level will increase soon,Can get a lot of benefits。”
“Oh!Turned out to be like this!Why don’t you invite priest Lei Jiji to preside over the sacrifice for me??”Lu Menglin smiled casually。
Anyway, that’s what he said,Will I come to sacrifice in the future or another matter?!Let’s talk more about such nice words,Without spending money。
The so-called sedan chair,This is the truth。
really,When Priest Lei Ji heard this,,I laughed so hard that I couldn’t even close my mouth。
if we assume,Just now he pleased this lucky guy because of the oracle,Then now,He really likes this Mr. Wu Hao!
Just for this boldness,Characters willing to share with others,Cooperate with this kind of man,It’s definitely a very comfortable process。
“Ha ha!Thanks a lot,Thank you Wu Hao for your kindness,Lei Ji accepted!”
“but,You should choose another priest!I’m already a great priest in a red robe,I will get my share of grace from the income of the entire Guangming Dragon Temple。And my level is too high,It’s not appropriate to be your exclusive priest,I suggest you find a low-level priest,Cultivate slowly,Grow up with him,This kind of friendship is the strongest。”
These words of priest Lei Jiji,Really sincere,It’s already a very intimate suggestion。
Lu Menglin nodded,About to refuse,Because he doesn’t want to get a priest by his side。
“Excuse me,Can i be a priest?If it was me,Brother Wuhao shouldn’t refuse。”Unexpectedly at this moment,A clear voice came from behind Wu Hao。

The old man Huomu looked at the scene in front of him with a cold snort,Anyway, I came to Xia Chenglong to settle the accounts!

Chapter 982 Old man Huomu visits
This guy has returned to this place from the sect,Actually this guy has already returned to the neighborhood some time ago,It’s just that at that time the Qicheng had become precarious,The entire tool city is on the verge of destruction,No one is willing to help these guys anymore,It’s impossible to save such a place where people have left the family。
Not necessary,So this guy has never shot,Him now,Just for revenge,A little Xia Chenglong,What is it,What is unique,Dare to challenge myself,I’m so tired and crooked!
The army of Sword Forge City is organizing everything in Device City,Let these little guys make trouble here,The old man Huomu turned around,Speeding towards the direction of the sword city,The distance between the two cities is not far,With the speed of the old man Huomu,You can cross this distance in just an instant,Coming to the top of the sword forging city that is already under reconstruction。
“Dragon King,Dare to come out and see!”
The voice of the old man Huomu vibrated over the entire sword city,Like a thunder,Suddenly it rang in people’s ears,Make people dizzy,Terrified。
“Humph!It seems that guy is still here!”
Xia Chenglong gave a cold snort,I thought that this guy should come soon,But I didn’t expect it to be so fast,I just got out the information about Han Mu,This guy has been found!
“I’ll kill that guy!”
The green pheasant snorted coldly,Isn’t this guy the one who will ask the gods to reach the peak??Your own realm is basically the same as the opponent,Maybe even a little higher,Monsters like monsters,His physical fitness is several times stronger than that of humans,What did this guy use to fight himself?
“do not go,That guy is a bad master,Himself a strong,And the background is mysterious,The forces behind are very strong,This guy may still have some secret treasures or secrets in his hands!I will meet this guy!”
Xia Chenglong stopped the green pheasant,This guy’s fighting power is assured,But the other party doesn’t know everything,Xia Chenglong has already regarded this guy as his own,Under normal circumstances,Unless it’s a last resort,Otherwise, I won’t let my subordinates just do a dangerous thing like this。


Rosemary stopped talking,Thought for a while,After confirming that this is indeed possible,She asked inexplicably:“why?”
Chen Geng explained:“Because of Lee·Alacocca and Henry·The grievances between Ford。”
Rosemary thought about it,Suddenly!
Lee·Alacocca and Henry·The grievances between Ford have almost become a topic of interest throughout the United States,With ChryslerfamilyHot sale,Lee·Iacocca’s frequent appearances in major media have been interpreted by the media as Li·Iacocca was using this method to treat Henry·Ford takes revenge、Face slap,Why doesn’t she know these?
But because of this,She was particularly puzzled:“Just because we have a partnership with Ford,So Lee·Iacocca will target us?Let’s introduce theirPoer FliteThe technical and combat capabilities of hydraulic automatic transmissions were rejected,It is probably for this reason……
Lee·Is Iacocca stupid??
He targeted us so,In addition to only pushing us to his old rival Ford,What good is it for him?Chrysler’s board of directors allowed him to behave like this?”
Rosemary can’t understand Lee·How could Iacocca make such a stupid decision?,It is impossible for ordinary people with normal online IQ to make such a decision, right??
“Hatred can easily blind one’s soul,”Chen Geng can only use this reason to explain:“Besides, I seriously doubt that the Chrysler board of directors did not know that we intend to introduce themPoer FliteHydraulic automatic transmissions and what our business in Indiana is targeted at,These are Lee·Alacocca’s decision,You know,This pair Lee·It’s not difficult for Iacocca。”
Really not difficult,Reject the introduction of FernandezPoer FliteRelated technologies and patents of hydraulic automatic transmission,No need to report to the board for approval,Li as the Group CEO·Iacocca can make the decision,The same,The same goes for the business expansion of Sniping Fernandez in Indiana.。
Rosemary shook her head disappointedly:“before this,I also think he is a great entrepreneur,Is a master of business,but……”
Chen Geng said nothing,Nodded silently。
but what?
But one is blinded by hatred、Always thinking about revenge、Even when this obsession has affected his normal judgment and professional ethics,This person is no longer worthy to be called a great entrepreneur。
I know it’s Lee·Iacocca is fucking behind the scenes,Rosemary said it would be fine to leave it to her,As for what she plans to do,Rosemary didn’t say,Chen Geng did not ask,As the chairman of Fernandez,He only looks at the result,As long as the result is what he wants。
Rosemary didn’t let him down,Just three days,Good news from Indiana,The companies that have been dragging their reluctance to sign before take the initiative to call,Expressed hope to sign a contract with Fernandez as soon as possible……
Chen Geng is a little curious,Don Lee·How would Iacocca react when he knew his plan was broken by himself?unfortunately,Lee·Iacocca did not call Chen Geng from beginning to end,It seems that this matter has nothing to do with him,Makes Chen Geng a little regretful。


Chapter 275 Ran?
The heads of the two major barracks in the core battlefield are now very depressed。Because they found a team of less than a thousand people came near them。
I thought these people would enter the battlefield,But they didn’t do it,Instead, he settled down a few hundred meters away。
the most important is,Those people are stationed down, yes,But none of them came to greet them。Don’t talk about respect or disrespect now,They just want to know what purpose this group of people came with。
The issue is,If you let them put down Duan and send someone to ask,They can’t do it。The fact is that they think that between the two sides is their big barracks.,Naturally, it’s them。
Besides, all along,They are all great generals,So even those military camps that are not far from their own strength are just Sabi in their eyes.。
Because of this kind of superior thinking,So that they can’t figure out the situation。the most important is,They stayed outside for three days,But nothing happened!This is why the two generals are anxious。
They originally planned to send spies to investigate,In this way, you can’t expose your sense of needs and also get some information you want。
However, the spies were shot into the soul before they could touch the other party’s camp.。
These two generals are even more uncertain。They are a little angry,Also a little confused,Still a little afraid。
In fact, the two generals did not know that Qin Feng was the only master in the entire barracks.,As for Liu Xing and Zhong Fa, even Yamu Tea was dispatched by Qin Feng。
Of course, what they did was to come and catch a mantis to catch the cicada when someone else attacked.。
Yamu Tea is naturally the one with the most opinions,Because in terms of mentality,He doesn’t think he is at the same level as Liu Xing and Zhong Fa。
However, Qin Feng regards him as that rank to train and let him do things,So in desperation,He can only bite the bullet。
Qin Feng has no way of knowing what happened to Zhong Fa。But there was some movement among the two barracks on his side.。
On the fifth day of Qin Feng’s station,The two barracks dare not send spies over this time,But came to talk to Qin Feng in person。As for why dare to come alone?They don’t believe what Qin Feng really dares to do to them,After all, the two barracks combined have more than 3,000 troops。Fully equivalent to three regular groups!

[Fried Cod Fish]_Fried Cod Fish_How to do_How to do

TOWER Yaodian hammer Uu Ben TOWER Tuan heading Xiaocen Catalpa rice dumplings Ho Tong Qian Xu pot How to pot?
槌曢奔鑲夎川椴滃锛岀淮鐢熺礌A鍜孌鍚噺涓板瘜锛岄奔鑲濋奔涓€鑸氨鏄粠槌曢奔鐨勮倽鑴忔彁鍙栬€屽緱鐨勩€傞硶楸煎湪瑗块椋熻氨涓哄挨鍙楀帹甯堜滑鐨勫亸鐖憋紝鍥藉鐨勭児楗ソ鎵嬭兘澶熺敤槌曢奔鍋氬嚭鍚勭鍚勬牱鐨勭編鍛虫潵锛岀厧槌曢奔灏辨槸鍏朵腑甯歌鐨勪竴绉嶃€傞硶楸艰鎯崇厧寰楁紓浜暣榻愶紝鏄渶瑕佷竴瀹氱殑鎶€宸х殑銆?槌曢奔涓€鑸瘮杈冮€傚悎5澶т汉缇ら鐢紝鍒嗗埆鏄瓡濡囦骇濡囥€佸┐骞煎効銆侀潚灏戝勾銆佺櫧棰嗐€佷腑鑰佸勾浜猴紝鍥犱负槌曢奔鎵€瀵屽惈鈥滈奔娌光€濓紝鑰岄奔娌圭殑涓昏鎴愬垎鏄笉楗卞拰鑴傝偑閰革It ‘s just that you ‘ve just installed it. It ‘s DHA, it ‘s a PA, it ‘s not a good idea, it ‘s not a good idea. It ‘s a hot pot.銆佷績杩涜剳閮ㄥ彂鑲层€侀闃插咖閮佺棁銆佺紦瑙e帇鍔涖€傝€孍PA鍒欏彲浠ラ檷浣庤鑴傝鍘嬪绮樺害銆侀槻娌诲叧鑺傜値銆佹敼鍠勬儏缁拰瀹夎儙鐨勪綔鐢紝杩欓兘鏄繖浜旂被浜虹兢鎵€鏈€闇€瑕佺殑銆?涓绘枡槌曢奔杈呮枡绾㈤厭銆佽挏鑼搞€佺洂銆佺綏鍕掔銆佽糠杩銆侀粦鑳℃绮夐鐓庨硶楸肩殑鍋氭硶姝ラ1。 槌曢奔瑙e喕锛屽啿娲楀共鍑€锛岀敤鍘ㄦ埧绾稿共鎿﹀共锛?. 绾㈤厭銆佽挏鑼搞€佺洂銆佺綏鍕掔銆佽糠杩銆侀粦鑳℃绮夎皟姹侊紝灏嗛硶楸艰厡鍒跺崐涓皬鏃讹紱3. 骞冲簳閿呮补鐑悗锛屽皢鑵屽ソ鐨勯硶闆樃铔嬫恫鏀惧叆骞冲簳閿呬腑鐓庯紝涓€闈㈢厧濂藉悗锛屽啀鐓庡彟涓€闈€?What is the problem? What are the rules and regulations?Adjectives and simultaneity 2 Adherence to the realm of the world, sorrows, songs, songs, songs, essays, and other questions. 3锛庣厧鐨勬椂鍊欙紝涓€瀹氳鐓庡ソ涓€闈㈠悗鍐嶇厧鍙︿竴闈紝鍚﹀垯瀹规槗绮橀攨銆

[Cold white radish]_ white radish _ how to cool _ how to cool

[Cold white radish]_ white radish _ how to cool _ how to cool

Have you heard of cold white radish?

In fact, this is the most common method of cold dishes, but different methods, you should pay attention to certain methods and techniques and the use of ingredients, and the following is the introduction of delicious cold white radish.

1. Parsley shredded radish: 500 grams of white radish, 50 grams of cilantro, sugar, monosodium glutamate, tender ginger, soy sauce, fine salt, and sesame oil.

Wash the radishes, peel them, cut them into filaments, and dry them for later use.

Peel and shred ginger.

Remove the yellow leaves from the parsley, wash and cut into sections.

Put the shredded radish in the warm boiling water, take out the squeezed water, mix with the shredded ginger and place on a plate, with coriander on top.

Take a small bowl and put soy sauce, sugar, fine salt, monosodium glutamate, and sesame oil into a sauce.

2, sweet and sour radish: red radish or white radish.

Shred the radish, marinate it with a small amount of salt, remove excess water, then add an appropriate amount of sugar and white vinegar, mix well, and marinate for 20 minutes before serving.

This dish is sour and sweet, quite appetizing.

Spicy cold mixed radish: radish, salt, peanut oil, pepper, dried chili rice vinegar, garlic, sesame oil, oyster sauce.

Shred the radish.

Finely crush garlic.

Heat the oil in the pot, add peppercorns, and dried chili peppers.

Add the oil to the garlic and stir well.

Add salt, rice vinegar, sesame oil, oyster sauce and mix well.

3. Bean sprouts mixed with shredded radish: 200 g of green sprouts, 150 g of radishes, 10 g of sesame oil, 3 g of salt, 5 g of shallots, and 1 g of MSG.

After the radish is washed, cut into thin filaments, and the washed green bean sprouts are placed in a boiling water pot for a while, then removed and air-cooled, and then placed in a pot; the shallots are washed and cut into flowers.

Pour sesame oil, refined salt, green onion, and monosodium glutamate into a pot of shredded radish and mung bean sprouts, mix well and serve.

4. Spicy radish: 500 grams of radish, 1 tablespoon of chili oil, 1 tablespoon of sesame oil, 10 grams of soy sauce, salt, monosodium glutamate, and pepper oil.

Wash the radish, cut into thin filaments, mix the radish with salt, marinate for about 5 minutes, squeeze the water, and place the radish in a dish for later use.

Add soy sauce, chili oil, sesame oil, salt, monosodium glutamate, and pepper oil together to form a whole, pour it on the radish and mix well.

[Are you going to eat litchi?]_Legal leave_Benefits

[Are you going to eat litchi?]_Legal leave_Benefits

Women have so many days each month that they feel unwell.

Lychee is one of the most suitable fruits for summer.

Litchi is transported in ice cubes, so it tastes cold.

Litchi used to be a tribute in the palace, and now almost everyone can eat it.

Everyone likes to eat lychees, but sometimes you ca n’t finish eating too much and you need to keep it properly.

Will you eat litchi?

1. Medical experts believe that the effect of food on a woman’s physiological cycle varies from person to person. Don’t be too attached to form, but it is best to follow the impact of food.

So can I eat lychee during menstruation? Doesn’t it come after eating lychee?

2. Litchi can be eaten during menstruation, but eating litchi has no effect on menstruation, but do not eat too much litchi, otherwise it will get angry.

3. Litchi can replenish energy and nourish the brain.

Litchi pulp is rich in glucose, sucrose, and the total sugar content is above 70%. It ranks first in many fruits and has the functions of energy supplement and nutrition.

Studies have shown that litchi has a nourishing effect on brain tissue and can significantly improve insomnia, forgetfulness and fatigue.

4, litchi can enhance immune function.

Litchi meat is rich in vitamin c and protein, which enhances the body’s immune function and improves disease resistance.

Since ancient times, it has been regarded as a precious supplement.

5. Reduce blood sugar.

Litchi contains an amino acid, which has the effect of lowering blood sugar, which is very suitable for patients with diabetes.

6, swelling and detoxification, bleeding and pain.

In addition to its well-known tonic effect, litchi is also used in surgical diseases such as tumors, scabies, scabies, malignancies, and traumatic bleeding.

7, stop hiccups, stop diarrhea.

Litchi sweet and warm spleen, and can reduce inverse, is a good food therapy for those who are refractory hiccups and five more leaks.