Some plants that have mosquito repellent effect?

Some plants that have mosquito repellent effect?

On hot summer days, mosquitoes that are still raging with degraded chemical pesticides will detour by the following plants.

  Mosquito repellent.

Containing citronellal and other medicinal ingredients, it has a lemon fragrance all year round, which can repel mosquitoes and purify the air.


Contains menthol, menthol and other medicinal ingredients, with a special fragrant aroma, mosquitoes will faint when they smell.


Contains jasmine flavonoids, mannitol and other medicinal ingredients, with a strong floral fragrance. When placed indoors in summer, it can keep mosquitoes away.


Contains citronellol, citral, and other active ingredients, which have bactericidal and insect repellent effects. The taste is slightly like roses.


Contains linalyl acetate, linalool and other active ingredients, known as “after vanilla”.

Open a kind of blue-purple flower, the faint fragrance can repel insects, soothing effect.

  Evening incense.

Containing medicinal ingredients such as aromatic alcohol, in summer and autumn, clusters of yellow-green bell-shaped flowers will bloom, with a strong fragrance. This fragrance makes mosquitoes afraid.

  Seven Mile Incense.

Containing linalool and other medicinal ingredients, the leaves are small and bright, the flowers are dense and dense, and the leaves will emit a thick, sweet fragrance to repel mosquitoes.

The ancients used it to collect books, to avoid insects, and to remove fleas under the mat.


A herbaceous plant of the family Asteraceae, a plant with a few yellow flowers for a few months, with slime around the heads of the flowers, and mosquitoes falling on it.

A carnivorous plant with strange leaves and an oblong “pest trap bottle” hanging from the top. The bottle can be opened and closed to catch insects.

Don’t let your body have emotions

Don’t let your body have emotions

Don’t let your body have emotions “Oh, what’s the matter with the spots at your ends?”

“Hey, why are you walking so slowly, it’s too late to send your children to school!”

“Lao Li, why haven’t you seen you running lately?”

“. All these problems may seem sudden, but they are actually caused by the ignorance of everyone over time.

Middle-aged people today, in order not to be abandoned by the fast-paced life, begin to overdraw their bodies regardless of the consequences, correct maintenance, and slowly the body will have problems, and when the problems appear, there will be few solutions.Little.

This is also telling us that conservation should be done early, whether it is for the skin or bones and joints.

  For the skin, many people think that supplementing collagen is the most effective way, but they ignore the problem of absorption. For example, in our daily diet, like beef tendons, trotters, chicken skin, fish skin and cartilage, it is rich in collagen.Protein, the collagen in these foods are all macromolecular proteins, and are unlikely to be directly absorbed by the body, and most of these foods are relatively high in trace amounts, too greasy, easy to gain weight, and can only be eaten appropriately.

  In fact, many people will ignore that collagen has an effect even on the skin and also has a significant effect on the bones.

Collagen is an important component of human bone, especially tibial tissue.

Collagen is like a small hole-filled net in the bone, it will firmly retain the calcium that will be lost.

Therefore, supplementing collagen, while helping to fix calcium, prevent and improve osteoporosis.

At the same time, the bone-to-bone connection part, such as mergers, joints and other skeletal tissues are also collagen, and muscles and bones can be kept soft and elastic during collagen supplementation.

  It should be noted that only fine molecular collagen can effectively penetrate into the dermis layer of the skin. General collagen molecules are too large to penetrate the dermis layer from the epidermis, so they can only stay on the skin surface, resulting in a short silky effect.

Therefore, collagen peptide products are easier to absorb than other collagen products. Small molecules entering the body do not need to consume other energy of the body. They can self-absorb and decompose, which can successfully eliminate the skin and prevent and improve osteoporosis.

  Do n’t let your body have “emotions” and take every chance of change seriously. The raw material of round bone peptides is from prairie cattle bones. It is a small molecule oligopeptide that is more suitable for absorption by the human body.Pure collagen, let you shine from the inside out, abandon emotions, stay away from emotions ~~~ 618 carnival strikes, more than 79 yuan to try new prices, move your fingers, enter a healthy known world!

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How to treat snake bite wounds outdoors

How to treat snake bite wounds outdoors

Participate in outdoor activities, rest or pass through the grass, stone gaps, dead wood, bamboo forests, creeks or other sloping places inhabited by snakes. Don’t be overwhelmed if you are bitten by snakes.

The first thing to judge is whether it is a snake bite.

  It is usually observed that there are two resistances and deep tooth marks on the wound before the snake bite can be judged.

If there are no tooth marks and no local pain, swelling, numbness and weakness within 20 minutes, it is a non-venomous snake bite.

All you need to do is clean the wound, stop bleeding and bandage.

If conditions permit, send the hospital to inject tetanus needle.

  The main symptoms of biting by a viper snake are: if it is a bleeding snake venom: burns, local swelling and spread, purple spots around the wound, bruising, blisters, pulpy blood exuding from the wound, skin or subcutaneous tissue necrosisFever, nausea, vomiting, bleeding from Qiqiao.

There is blood sputum, hematuria, lower blood pressure, pupil shrinkage, cramps, etc.

6 after bitten?
The wounded may die within 48 hours.

For neurogenic snake venom: wound pain, local swelling, drowsiness, dyskinesia, drooping eyelids, dilated pupils, local weakness, swallowing paralysis, stuttering, drooling, nausea, vomiting, coma, difficulty breathing, and even respiratory failure.

The injured may be at 8?
Death within 72 hours.

  Generally speaking, after being bitten by a viper, 10?
After 20 minutes, the symptoms gradually returned.

After being bitten, the expected time is the most important.

First you need to find a cloth or long shoelaces near the upper end of the wound 5?
Tighten for 10 minutes to ease the spread of toxins.

But in order to prevent limb necrosis, relax every 2 minutes or so?
3 minutes.

Repeatedly rinse the snake venom on the wound surface with cold water.

  Then use the sterilized knife to cut the skin of the wound into a cross shape with the tooth mark as the center.

Squeeze with both hands, cup, or cover the wound 4?
5 layers of gauze. Use the mouth to separate the gauze and suck strongly (there should be no wound in the mouth), try to suck out the venom in the wound.

Marriage: The Embarrassment of the Female Leader and the Male Leader

Marriage: The Embarrassment of the Female Leader and the Male Leader

Anthropologists have always believed that the most important task for women is to choose a spouse that can support the functioning of the family.

Laura followed this rule, and her husband of choice had a job that most women thought was a poor job-lawyer.

  ”Marry a lawyer,” she said, “I always thought it was a great choice because lawyers have a high income.

“Because she didn’t need to work hard to make ends meet, Laura began to try to have a light-weight casual worker, which could guarantee that she would have the whole afternoon to take care of the children.

  In the initial acceleration, Laura did realize her dream.

Her husband Jonathan earns a six-figure salary every month, and she spends a little time as a relaxed pet rearing consultant.

  But the good times didn’t last long. In May last year, Jonathan lost his job and he didn’t find a job again.

The burden of supporting the family suddenly fell on Laura’s shoulder.

Although their 5-year-old son Dylan often praises his father for taking care of him, it seems that Dylan is the only one who is satisfied with the change.

“This is not the life I want.

Said Laura, busy with her work.

At the same time, Jonathan was annoyed that he couldn’t cook a good meal. “I’m very frustrated.

“He wrote.

  Unemployed fathers, like many families, the Earp family is experiencing this pain and helplessness-the father is unemployed and the mother must go out to make money.

The unemployment crisis is gradually rising, and the number of unemployed men across the country has now exceeded 8,800,000.

Some of them are doing temporary jobs, including some who make money by playing online games.

However, this can only bring a small amount of income.

What’s more serious is that many frustrated employees have even given up the opportunity to continue looking for work.

  It is gratifying that at least 1,700,000 unemployed men have the assistance of competent wives. These women have abandoned their “weak roles”
in history and resolutely rely on hard work to reduce the financial burden on their families.

  At present, women’s education is generally higher than men’s.

In 1983, 34% of high-paid jobs were held by women; by 2001, half of the work had been done separately.

Although the average income of women is still lower than that of men, in the 2001 statistics, 30.

In 7% of families, wives have higher incomes, and they earn far more than their husbands.

  In this case, the husband can only do the heavy housework.

  The single-income era has a more obvious marriage pressure for some households where unemployed husbands do housework: money.

  When the Internet was on the rise, Gregg Wetterman succeeded by organizing a network for the Dallas Institute of Technology.

His wife Jennie is proud to recall those days.

“In the summer of 2001, I was in the pool every day,” Jennie said.

“I go diving and dive from the air-I have to read 30 books.

“But when the technical college arose, Gregg skipped a series of unstable jobs.

When his career prospects were very bleak, an older Jennie boss asked her if she wanted to go to Old Navy for management.

Gregg said, “When she had the opportunity, I said,‘ you do n’t have to do it, ‘but I mean,‘ please, please, please . ‘”.

  When Jennie worked 50 hours a week, Gregg drove their children to school to make a documentary (no one has been sold yet).

Their two cars added up to 286,000 miles; they locked their phones to save money.

At the kitchen table, the stress is obvious.

According to Gregg, unpaid work, production and technology marketing for documents related to military operations is much smarter than a job just to make up for its dissatisfaction.

“I would like to see everyone in their role,” she said.

“I don’t want to be in this state for two years.I must stop.

Greg said that might not be the case.

“It’s not obvious,” he said, “Jennie can get a better job.

“For many couples, changing roles may be a routine part of life.

Career consultants say there will be more job changes in the 21st century career, people will have more time to use training outside of work, or because of reduced size.

  Many couples discuss this issue before they have children.

That’s the case with lawyer Jennifer McCaskill, 33, and accountant Ryan Schock, 28.

They are preparing for the wedding in September, and the current topic is who will take care of the children in the future.

“To be frank, I don’t want to be a homeowner.

“Jennifer McCaskil said,” I have a lot of opportunities to make money, and I don’t want to spend my time at home.

And Ryan Schock responded: “I believe he will be a good dad because he has enough patience to take care of his family, but I don’t.

“Don’t worry about what profession it is and how much money it can make. One consequence is inevitable: the party that happens at the end will eventually lead to trivial housework.

  ”Can he do more?

Sherie Zebrowski couldn’t accept that her husband, Sean, was unemployed, and when he went home to tell the news, she thought it was a joke.

  As a software sales engineer for the Austin, Texas company, he earned $ 80,000 and commission bribes to allow Sherie to take care of their two children, exercise three sports and take weekend classes.

In the two years before he lost his job, Sean spent a long time looking for a similar job, but returned without success.

Now, the couple continues.

  ”I tried not to doubt him-he did a good job,”

“But after some time, you wonder: Did he find the right direction?

What else can he do?

“To pay for everything, Sherie began to change her hobby-decorative painting became a business.

Soon after, there was a job that worked 10 hours a day. When Sean was surfing the Internet, she also had most of the housework.

When the parish priests asked how they were doing, Sherie began to cry.

She told the priest: “I can understand the stress of work can ruin marriage.

“So the Zebrowskis family sat down to discuss.

“I said,‘ or go to the cashier to work or you help me, ‘”Sherie said.

Sean developed a sales plan for her oil painting business, and then began evaluating and raising prices.

They started hiring contracts.

Business is continuing, but not ideally.

“I’m still looking for work,” Sean said.

“Once I found it, Sherie could sleep well again.

This is not what I want, but I like to eat.

I will continue to sell software.

Just a matter of time.

Some of the things that Zebrowskis went through were common: among those couples, who did the housework became a battlefield.

Some men acknowledge that wives have a bionic look when their husbands are at home all day.

“I don’t notice some dirt, but she can find debris molecules,” said Brian Reid, a former reporter and now he is taking care of his daughter and his wife is a lawyer.

Sociologists believe that in fact, some men rarely do housework when they are not working.


Unemployment has threatened their masculinity, and doing some “female” work, such as playing the toilet, may only make them feel worse.
  ”I feel like I’m being eliminated.” Bill Laut, a former asset appraiser, is a thing of the past.
His wife, a manager of an important company, is busy working for high income.

Bill Laut did almost all the housework for this 6-year-old family of 3.

Every day he goes in and out of the grocery store, buys the things he needs at home, and silently accepts the strange eyes of passersby.

“Your wife is so abominable to let men do such things.

“They said to him.

And Bill Laut always caters to curious people by pretending to be passing by the grocery store in search of his wife.

“It was helpless. When our child was a baby, I was busy changing diapers 27 times a day.

Even so, there are still many people who think that I am unproductive and take up my wife’s light.

Sometimes I really feel like a person who has been eliminated by society.