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[Can you drink brown sugar ginger tea for cough]_ Respiratory infections _ Can you drink it?

[Can you drink brown sugar ginger tea for cough]_ Respiratory infections _ Can you drink it?

Many people come into contact with some diseases in life, and the most common disease in people’s lives is a cold cough. Many people have a sore throat when they have a cold cough, and drinking more hot water during this period willImprove yourself and slow down, but many people don’t know if it is good to have brown sugar and ginger tea during their cough.

So, can you drink brown sugar ginger tea for cough?

First, can I drink brown sugar ginger tea for cough?

First of all, brown sugar ginger tea has the effect of moisturizing and nourishing the stomach, because brown sugar ginger tea is a warm drink, which is good for the stomach.

In addition, brown sugar ginger tea can also drive cold, and has a certain effect on colds or flu.

At the same time, because of the mild effect of brown sugar and ginger tea, you should not drink too much, otherwise, it may easily lead to the situation of getting angry.

In addition, there are many dietary methods for coughing, such as cutting white radish into pieces and cooking with water. After the radish is cooked, use a tea cup or a small bowl to filter out the water, and drink it after it is cold.

Can effectively relieve cough symptoms.

After several days of persistence, healed.

Second, Yali has the effects of nourishing yin and nourishing the lungs, removing fire and phlegm.

Therefore, eating pears and drinking pear juice can effectively treat the symptoms of phlegm and cough.

5 walnuts and 25 grams of raw sesame are mashed into pieces, 25 grams of ginger are peeled and mashed into pieces, and then concentrated in a bowl, add brown sugar and stir well.Serve once a day, morning and evening.

Can effectively treat cough.

Colds and colds are colds caused by wind and cold. Complications occur in autumn and winter.

Symptoms are severe chills, mild fever, no sweat, headache, body pain, nasal congestion, runny nose, cough, thin white sputum, thirst or thirst for hot drinks, and thin white fur.

The wind is cold, it is caused by the evil of wind and heat attacking the lung guard, causing the guard to be inconsistent, and the lungs are lost.

Symptoms include severe fever, mild wind, sore head, sweating, red and sore throat, cough, sticky or yellow sputum, nasal congestion and yellowish snot, thirst and joy, red tongue tip, thin white and yellowish fur.

Can I drink brown sugar ginger tea for cough?

Brown sugar ginger tea is only effective for colds and colds. If you have a cold and cough and sputum, you can drink brown sugar ginger tea to expel the cold, but if it is windy, it is best not to drink.In fact, the situation can also be relieved by drinking honey water. Honey can reduce phlegm and nourish the throat, so you won’t feel pain.

[Chestnut Flavored Cake]_How to Make_How to Make

[Chestnut Flavored Cake]_How to Make_How to Make

Cake is a relatively simple way to make desserts, so you can make cakes at home, and you can also add different ingredients to the cake to make the cake taste more layered.

If chestnut is added to the cake, it will turn the cake into a chestnut-flavored cake.

Some chestnut-flavored cakes will feel happy, so it is necessary to learn how to make chestnut-flavored cakes.

Ingredients: 6 egg whites, 0 fine caster sugar.

5 kg, net chestnuts 0.

5 kg of water 0.

2 kg of sugar 0.

25 kg cream cream 0.

075 kg, fresh cream 0.

45 kg white sugar powder

075 kg production method to make protein globules 1.

Pass: Pass the egg white into a viscous foam, making it creamy.


Mix the sugar: Put the granulated sugar in, and gently wipe it with a wire brush two or three times to make the sugar even.


Squeeze: Put the sugar into the cloth bag, put a flat mouth extrusion tube on the front end of the cloth bag, squeeze it on the paper tray, the size can be according to the needs.


Baking: The oven temperature is about 50?
60 ℃, prevent the phenomenon of baking or external coke.

After baking, it looks like a bun, hard, and extremely loose inside.

Make chestnut sauce 1.

Roasting hot: first sprinkle the fresh chestnuts with water, and then roast in an iron pan, and cover it with a sack after roasting to prevent the heat from running away.


Peeling: Peel the roasted chestnuts while they are still hot.


Boiled: After washing the chestnuts, add water to boil.


Rolling sauce: The burnt chestnuts are repeatedly rolled into a fine chestnut sauce with a three-roller mill while hot.


Wipe the sauce: Put the rolled chestnut sauce on the rubbing, add sugar water and cream while rubbing, the degree of softness and hardness so that you can use the squeeze tube to pull out the thin strips during operation.

The leftover chestnut sauce is best stored in the refrigerator to prevent deterioration and rancidity.

To make whipped cream 1, first pour the whipped cream into a copper pot, and then beat it regularly with a wire brush. You must master light first, then heavy, slow first, and then fast until it is fluffy like cotton. 2Sift the white sugar powder and gently turn it with a wire brush to make the sugar powder even.

Attention, the water in the copper pan should be dried up; don’t beat it too much, otherwise water will appear, and it should be soft and hard. After putting the powdered sugar properly, don’t stir it hard to prevent the oil and water from separating.

Make a cake 1, based on the protein balls, line a piece of lace paper, put chestnut butter in a cloth bag with a squeeze tube (caliber 3 mm), squeeze the strips around and around the protein balls to make smallThere is a gap between the bars.

2. Blend the whipped cream into a paper tube (triangle) with a tooth-shaped extrusion tube and tighten it behind the paper tube.

3. Finally, squeeze the fresh cream on the surface and around the chestnut butter.

The surface and millennium can be extruded into patterns, text or patterns as required.

The finished product weight is divided into 150 grams, 500 grams and 1 kilogram.

Zhaoyi Innovation (603986): a storage platform expansion giant

Zhaoyi Innovation (603986): a storage platform expansion giant

Leading memory chip company, MCU core target: As a leading domestic leader in memory chips and microcontrollers, Zhaoyi Innovation has built the only storage chip full-platform company in China with a strategic layout of storage + IoT.

With Intelligent Industrial Manufacturing (Industry 4.

0), artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) continue to lead the future market growth. The company’s products include a wide range of handheld mobile terminals, consumer electronics, personal computers and peripherals, telecommunications equipment, medical equipment, automotive electronics and industry.Control equipment and other fields.

NOR Flash radiates yet another spring, and SLC NAND can be expected in the future.

NOR: Emerging fields such as AMOLED and TDDI are rising strongly. Broadband is used as a new driving force for growth of NOR Flash in application scenarios. Zhaoyi’s innovative low-capacity NOR Flash business is the third largest in the world.

SLC NAND: Facing rigid demand under supply contraction, the company’s 24nm yield continues to advance. In 2019, the production capacity will double, and production capacity and processes will land one after another. SLC NAND will become a new performance growth point.

MCU benefited from downstream needs, and acquired Silio Micro-layout for human-computer 武汉夜生活网 interaction.

As the core component of the Internet of Things, MCU benefits from the wave of Internet of Things. It is estimated that the CAGR of the Chinese market in the next five years will be 12%.

Zhaoyi Innovation, as a domestic 32-bit MCU leader, purchased Siliwei’s layout of human-computer interaction for 1.7 billion; Siliwei promised to achieve a maximum net profit of no less than 3 in 2018-2020.

US $ 200 million. As of the end of 2018, Siliwei had achieved a net profit of 9507.

20,000 yuan, accounting for 29% of the total performance commitment.


Heavily cut into the DRAM track, the prototype of the storage platform is now available.

In the era of big data, downstream DRAM demand is strong. The market size in 2017 has reached 72 billion U.S. dollars, and the demand for DRAM bits will also maintain a 武汉夜生活网 compound growth of 20% in the next four years.

Zhaoyi Innovation cooperated with Hefei to produce and sell DRAM. At the end of 2018, it has mass-produced ahead of schedule. The 10% yield is positive and optimistic. The maximum production capacity after the production will account for about 8% of the market.

Earnings forecasts and investment advice.

Without considering the acquisition, we expect the company’s EPS to be 1 in 2019-2021.

78, 2.

32, 2.

57 yuan, corresponding to 49, 37, 34 times the current PE.

With reference to the average valuation of the industry and consideration of the company’s scarcity and industry leadership level, and considering the changing trend of the price of memory chips, the company is given a 59-fold increase in value in 2019, which can replace 105 yuan correspondingly, and maintain a “buy” rating.

Risk reminder: the risk that the expansion of production capacity does not meet the expectations; the risk of the storage down cycle being worse than expected; the risk that Silicom’s promised performance does not meet the expectations; the risk that the DRAM R & D yield and profitability do not meet the expectations; the risk of estimated value.

Huangshan Tourism (600054) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Q3 Passenger Flow Growth Rate Restructuring Extends Expenditure Expenditure Slows Down Performance Promotes Product Supply Upgrade to Meet Consumer Transformation

Huangshan Tourism (600054) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Q3 Passenger Flow Growth Rate Restructuring Extends Expenditure Expenditure Slows Down Performance Promotes Product Supply Upgrade to Meet Consumer Transformation
Investment Highlights Event: Company Announcement: 2019Q1-Q3 achieves revenue12.$ 3.9 billion / + 4.08%, of which Q1 / Q2 / Q3 growth rate was 7 respectively.8% / 6.19% / 0.47%; net profit attributable to mother 3.3.6 billion / -20.16%; net profit deducted from non-return to mother 3.20 ppm / -3.9%, of which, Q1 / Q2 / Q3 growth rates were -26.67% / 8.67% /-9.02%; net cash flow from operations 3.7.5 billion / -9.55%, EPS is 0.46 yuan / share. Opinion: In the third quarter, due to the influence of the industry environment, the growth of passenger flow accelerated, and the decline in investment income and increase in expenses led to a decline in profit.At the end of last year, the Hangzhou-Huangzhou high-speed railway officially opened to traffic, and the passenger growth rate of 19H1 increased significantly to 9.60%, Q3 is expected to increase slightly due to the high base in the peak season and the downturn of the industry’s prosperity. Passenger traffic is expected to decrease by 17 during the peak season from October last year.4% dragged down Q3 revenue growth; the investment income from the sale of Huaan Securities during 苏州夜网论坛 the same period last year was 97.57 million yuan, only 2.44 million yuan in this period. In addition, due to the increase in airport advertising marketing and performance expenditures, the net profit under the comprehensive influence has changed. The period for improving the gross profit margin has temporarily eased. Due to the increase in expenditures during the period of airport advertising marketing and performance, the expense ratio has increased, and the financial expense ratio has dropped significantly, so it must have a hedge effect.In the total number of reports, the company’s overall gross profit margin increased slightly by zero.16pct, 18-year overall gross profit margin-0.47pct, the period of improvement of gross profit margin in 4 years from 13 to 17 was postponed; the sales expense ratio rose by 0.81pct was mainly 无锡桑拿网 due to the company’s incentives and advertising fees paid to the Huangshan Airport Branch of Anhui Civil Aviation Airport Group Co., Ltd. to develop the mid-to-long-distance passenger source market, as well as the company’s expansion of marketing activities in the current period; the management expense ratio increased by 1.44pct was mainly due to the significant increase in Q3, which was influenced by factors such as the payment of 2018 year-end bonuses and increased performance and cost adjustments. The significant improvement in financial expense ratio was mainly due to the increase in revenue1.At 11 points, the total expense ratio increased by 1.14 points to 18.62%. Promote project reconstruction and expansion, and increase product supply and upgrade in 19 years.In 19 years, the company promoted the improvement of the scenic spots of Huashan Mysterious Cave, the renovation project of Paiyunlou Hotel and the environmental improvement project of Beihai Hotel, etc. The surplus of construction in progress increased by 1.6.1 billion to 2.At the same time, upgrade product supply, promote service process upgrades, promote service experience upgrades, and launch a new concept of the alpine boutique Shansu-Yunya; in terms of marketing, fully implement precision marketing: innovative marketing methods, and in-depth developmentTriangle market, fully develop the middle and long-distance market and fully enter the inbound market, launch the official Huangshan Smart Tourism platform, provide tourists with one-stop e-commerce services, and realize “one yard tour of Huangshan”; and improve the modern corporate governance system and deepen the state-ownedEnterprise reform. Profit forecast and investment recommendations: The opening of the Hangzhou-Huangzhou high-speed rail in 19 years has witnessed the growth of passenger flow, especially in the off-season; the company’s internal reforms have continued to advance steadily, and it has increased its efforts to accelerate incentives and marketing development.A strong moat; continuously improve the quality of product supply and promote the upgrading of the Huashan Mysterious Grottoes to build a rich product line to achieve the quality and efficiency improvement of the existing business and the shift to the resort-type business model will bring room for increase in customer unit prices.Profit forecast for -21 years, EPS is expected to be 0 in 19-21.50/0.56/0.62 yuan, the PE corresponding to the closing price on October 28, 2019 was 18/16/15 times, maintaining the level of “prudent increase”. Risk reminders: Passenger flow growth is less than expected, ticket prices, cableway price reductions, East Huangshan development progress is less than expected, and systemic risks in the attractions industry.

Hals (002615): Hand in hand with Forbidden City cultural and creative sales improvement expected

Hals (002615): Hand in hand with Forbidden City cultural and creative sales improvement expected

The cup industry has a lot of space, and the market share of leading companies has increased to: the conversion ratio with that of Japan. The internal insulation cups are replaced and there is room for conduction and improvement.

Absolutely, benefiting from the increase in domestic consumption, China’s insulation cup industry has maintained a rapid growth of more than 20%.

We believe that Hals has technological advantages, is good at IP marketing, and has continued to increase its market share.

The domestic insulation cup industry is growing rapidly, and the market still needs to be cultivated: Compared to 南京桑拿网 mature markets, the per capita holding capacity of insulation cups is still increasing, and the industry has maintained rapid growth.

According to Ericsson Consulting, 2014?

In 2018, the annual average annual compound growth rate of the local insulation cup market was 23.


We believe that domestic consumers are still in the stage of functional consumption of thermos cups, and how to promote the transition of functional consumption to quality consumption is an important issue facing various companies.

According to Ericsson Consulting data, in 2017, in the internal insulation cup industry, sales of low-end products accounted for 93%.

Company characteristic research and development, product technology leading: promotion of Hals research and development results.

2014?In 2018, the company’s average annual compound growth rate for research and development was 20.


According to the announcement and research, Hals’s self-developed lightweight series of thermal insulation cups, with the same capacity as competing products, weigh 30% lighter than competing products, have a thinner liner and better thermal insulation.

Hals joins hands with Forbidden City Culture and Innovation, related products are expected to be heavy: According to the announcement, Hals has reached a cooperation with Forbidden City Culture and Innovation, 2019?
In 2020, the company can use cultural and creative logos on cups.

According to our analysis, cultural and creative IP has a traffic effect and has a high degree of attention; Hals’s IP marketing experience is rich, and its cooperation customers include Disney, Ruixing Coffee, Hals and Cultural and Creative joint products may be heavy.

We calculate, 2019?
In 2020, the cooperative products are scheduled to reach 40 million yuan, 1 ppm, and the gross profit margin exceeds the company’s overall profit level.

We analyze that in the future, the company is expected to continue to cooperate with companies with strong IP or existing channel advantages to develop related products and increase performance flexibility.

Investment suggestion: The company has a complete cup industry chain, and its brand influence is gradually increased. Considering the company’s optimization of domestic sales channels, the Palace Museum’s cultural and creative products try to increase volume.
Earnings per share in 2020 are zero.


36 yuan, the first coverage to give Buy-A investment rating, 6-month target price is 7.

20 yuan, corresponding to 20 times the dynamic price-earnings ratio in 2020.

Risk warning: sharp rise in raw material prices and increased competition in the industry

10 Beauty Gossips Quickly Away


10 Beauty “Gossips” Quickly Away


Facing the computer every day, his face is getting yellower and yellower, you need an isolating cream.


hzh {display: none; }  现实是:你更需要买瓶综合维生素.

  The complexion is not due to the computer’s ultraviolet radiation or excessive use of eyes, which has caused the body to consume too much retinol.

Retinol can promote the normal metabolism of the skin keratin, prevent excessive dead skin from accumulating in the pore openings, and will avoid the dullness and fatigue of the overall skin, so it needs to be replenished in time.


The reality for everyone to share cosmetics is: it ‘s best to enjoy it alone, do n’t show it off what beauty products can share, what is still “selfish”, there is a simplest principle of judgment, that everything should be close to the skin, it is best toFor personal use, avoid sharing, especially eye and lip products.

The mascara, which seems to be safe, can be passed between colleagues to try it, but it is also potentially dangerous.

Because each person’s eyelashes carry different microbial flora, if they are inadvertently “contaminated” by different people and then used on their own eyelashes, it may affect the appearance of the eyelashes and easily cause eyelashes to fall off.


If some people say that sunscreen must be coated with at least one dollar coin, the reality is: it is not practical to apply sunscreen to one dollar coin, so God knows how unrealistic it is!

How reluctant I am!

This seems to be an unbreakable truth. In fact, it is only a laboratory test standard for sunlight. In life, we only need to apply it to form a film. It can be used with sunscreen isolation and foundation.

In fact, we rarely get enough thickness. Some SPF15 sunscreens will actually have a lower SPF value than 15 and the protection time will be shorter than the standard SPF15 protection time. However, if it can be protected for 2 hours, it can be used for office work.People think that seems to be enough.


Change the season, you should use . The reality is: wait for 6 months to talk about the season to change the product, is a typical product under the bombardment of many beauty information, in fact, the reality is not necessarily changed, just let you change your boyfriend every dayCome on?

When using certain brands of skin, whether it is texture or absorption, it has gradually adapted. Frequent skin changes always require adjustment, which can change the pressure.

3 months replacement will be a bit short, preferably 6 months, and it is recommended to replace under the same brand of the same series.

The formula is similar to the touch and the skin is more acceptable.


The skin is dry and peeling. Use spray to rehydrate.

  The reality is: pure hydration is not a savior. Do not simply accept this help, because peeling is not just because of dryness. If you really do as suggested by colleagues, use a spray to cut off. Although peeling will not be more serious, the problem is not serious.It may not be resolved, and sometimes it is more necessary to strengthen oil control.

Excessive oil secretion can also cause peeling.

You can also do a self-examination. After cleaning your skin, you will feel strong oil in two hours. Use some oil-controlling essence, cream or powder to improve the peeling phenomenon.


The reality of how a certain star’s whitening method works is: the star experience is not worth copying. Regardless of how much you trust a certain star and what beauty tips a certain star has made, they are one of the least worthy of us.
  First of all, it must be clear that their skin is definitely different from ours, there is no comparability, and it is difficult for us to follow their skin care methods.

Faced with intense light every day, dozens of hours of filming, and strong working intensity, the pressure on their skin is much higher than our ordinary people, and the method and intensity of care will exceed normal levels, such asStars make faces and apply masks one day. Our skin is not so stressed. If we do the same, it will get worse and worse.


Recently, a new oil control has appeared, which seems to work, can’t wait to try it out?

hzh {display: none; }  现实是:他人熊掌,你之鸡肋   当某个大牌又出了某新鲜货色时,有一阵几乎是人手一瓶。Although everyone has a different skin, they all know how to proceed from their own, but for skin problems such as oil control that seem to be the same in the world, they will especially follow the recommendations of colleagues.

In fact, like oil control, whitening should not be specifically advised. The skin’s response to the product’s activity will be very different. Similar to oil control, some people can’t stand it, and others can’t stand it. Most need to be personal.Go and try.


Acne can cause acne. The reality is: eat it when you are sick, it has nothing to do with acne. A woman who is very particular about office snacks will always classify high-fat chocolate and excessive oily nuts as skin enemies, and will always jump.Come out to remind the woman next to Xie Xuan, to appetite, really disappointed.

In fact, there is no need to be so surprised, they are skin treasures.
High-quality dark chocolate contains a lot of antioxidants, and nuts are also rich in many unsaturated fatty acids, which can also help skin cell metabolism.
So our suggestion is-eat when you are choked, as long as you don’t overdo it, they have nothing to do with acne!


Buy a bottle of toner with alcohol and put it on the table. It will shrink the pores and work!

  The reality is: at most ten minutes, what’s the use?


Someone’s thing for stretch marks is very easy to use and can remove stretch marks.

  The reality is: do you use the right timing?

  One hundred percent removal of stretch marks is not realistic.

Because it is the texture of collagen formed deep in the skin, it is difficult to completely remove it.

But if you use some related products during pregnancy, you can prevent the severity of stretch marks.

The selection criteria is to be safe, ordinary enough, without excessive efficacy, a neutral moisturizing product.

Don’t use too much deep-care essence that absorbs well.

  In the year before pregnancy, practice the waist and abdomen muscles for half an hour every day, and practice the sweaty type to avoid stretch marks in some cases.

The ideal male in your heart

The ideal male in your heart

Question: A white bird is pecking at something. In your instinct, what is it?

  A, a bouquet of flowers B, a love letter C, a snake D, a gem E, a baby analysis: A, a bouquet of flowers, literary youth, you like a personality and a handsome male.

He must have a bullet-attached heart, who is interested in singing and music, and the man who can make you feel comfortable standing beside him is the person who is best for you.

  B, love letter sunshine boy type you are the kind of lonely and introverted, not good at rejecting people, so tall and strong, boys who like sports and play with everyone are suitable for you.

In addition, he must like to eat, have a sense of humor, and be happy.

  C, Snake body muscle type likes sports, he is manly. When two people get along, he can enthusiastically talk about his mood, plus a square face and a strong male, is the best person for you.

  D, the gem type is best for those who have a strong ability to work and be clear-cut, and those who will not flatter are the best.

In addition, if you add courtesy, older but strong and well-organized people, you will win your heart.

  E, the baby considers his face warmly. Although his body is ordinary, he belongs to a serious and considerate person. He will find his advantages when he contacts with him, and your mood will slowly cause his warmth.

Seven ways to make your love heat up

Seven ways to make your love heat up

Women love roses, not because they are beautiful, or because they represent love.

With that in mind, you do n’t want to ask, “Does she like roses?

“Tangle on such stupid questions.

  1. Send her a text message every day, not necessarily “I love you”, but you must express this meaning.

It is best to touch her off at night and then send it after going to sleep. Then, every morning when she is turned on, she can read your good intentions and feel like eating honey in her heart.

Never think that sweet words are superfluous. A woman is the most insecure animal. Direct words are the most secure information for her.

  2. From time to time, buy some small gifts for her. At the same time, you can attach your wishes.

For example, you can buy a fluffy dog and give it to her, and say to her, “I’m like a puppy and I will always guard you faithfully!

“Or send a beautiful doll and gently say in her ear:” I hope our baby will be so cute in the future.

“She must have softened a little bit.

When the table on her bed was full of small gifts you gave her, she didn’t want you to die.

  3. Roses represent your heart.

Women love roses, not because they are beautiful, or because they represent love.

With that in mind, you do n’t want to ask, “Does she like roses?
“Tangle on such stupid questions.
When she was holding a bunch of roses and listening to the envious voice of her friends and colleagues, “Well, you who love you!

“The pride in her heart is hard to compare with words.

  4, go shopping with her.

When she eagerly waits for you to accompany her shopping, you must not escape with pains.

She also knew very well that all men were unwilling to visit the mall.

Because of this, she will be grateful if you go shopping with her.

  5. Ask her to hang up first.

After each call, gently said to her, “You hang up first.

“Qing Qing and I, when the idea is still over, people who hang up on the phone listening to the busy tone of” Beep “will be somewhat lost.

So, let her take the line first, and let her remember the warm sleep you brought to her.

  6. Travel.

Can take her to a completely strange place.

Among the bustling crowd, no one is familiar, only your hand is all she depends on.

You can also take her to the uninhabited suburbs, the world is big, only you and her, the two hearts will become more sincere and close in nature.

  7. Watching movies.

The dark fluctuations in the movie theater and the super visual effects are unmatched by TV and computers.

You can choose a reunion comedy film that is happy and happy. When you see the hero and heroine being too sweet, she can’t help but clenched your hand.

You can also try a horror movie, but when she is too scared to watch the screen drill into your arms, you must not get into her arms first.

If you dare not look, the best way is to have her right and close your eyes.

What is better to do during lunch break?

What is better to do during lunch break?

If you are an office worker and want to exercise but can’t find time, then you may take advantage of the lunch break to do some exercise.

It will not affect the social activities after work, but it will be full of energy throughout the day, so your memory and creativity will be enhanced, and calories will not be hoarded in your body.

  If you are too busy to walk away, take off your shoes and try a few yoga moves. Attention will be more focused and your mood will be relieved.

Method: sit cross-legged, straighten your hands outwards, as high as the orientation, palms up, and then quickly lift up, palms against the palms, while inhaling with your nose, quickly put your arms back to the original position, while exhaling, repeatedlyTake a break after about 1 minute and repeat.

  If you want to burn a few calories during your lunch break, the following exercises are suitable. Doing a full 30 minutes of aerobic exercise on the jogging machine has a significant effect.

Method: Warm up for two minutes first, then take turns to do 3 minutes fast walking and 1 minute buffer time.

When walking fast and fast, slowly increase the slope of the walker every time, and return to zero during the break, repeat 5 times.

  Then, do 5 minutes of abdominal and back exercises, 5 minutes of push-ups, and finally, 5 minutes of contraction exercises to ease the physical strength.

  Jumping the rope, balancing muscle strength. The best way to maintain a better body is to continue to do these aerobic and weightlifting exercises, which will definitely make the muscles overcome the sense of balance. How to do it: Take a two-minute fast rope jump.With a one-minute weightlifting exercise, you need to be active and maintain a high heart rate, and you will consume more calories.

Use different weight lifting equipment each time to make sure you can move to different body parts.

Do this 10 times in a row, and finally use the abdominal exercise to relax and take a shower again, you must be relaxed!

  Special recommendation: Health-care aerobics at white-collar desks. IT people ‘s aerobics to improve body posture. Although exercise can relieve stress and fatigue in the body, ordinary poor posture may be the main cause of muscle soreness. Long-term decline, physical and health effects.
If possible, ask a massage specialist to observe your sitting or standing position and find ways to remove the source of soreness.