[Fujianlian (Lotus) Year of the Practice]_Fujianlian (Lotus) Years of the Common Practice

[Fujianlian (Lotus) Year of the Practice]_Fujianlian (Lotus) Years of the Common Practice

Of course, the healthy and delicious food is inseparable from superb cooking skills. Today, I will introduce a method of rich and rich (lian) years for everyone. Through learning, I think everyone can improve the cooking skills and eat nutrition.Delicious, come and see!


Wash the onion first and cut off both ends.


Wash the bell peppers.


Wash lotus root and peel.


Wash Pleurotus eryngii.


Cut the ravioli into thin slices.


Put water in the pot and bring to a boil.


Sliced Pleurotus eryngii.


Put it in the pan and simmer it.


Cut the onion into a petal shape.


Cut the bell pepper into rhombus.


Lotus root, Pleurotus eryngii together.


Add the bell peppers.


Add onion, salt, sugar, white vinegar, monosodium glutamate, and sesame oil and mix well.


Pick out the onions and place them on the edge of the plate. Place the lotus roots in the plate. Put the bell peppers on the lotus roots and arrange them in a pentagonal pattern. The middle is decorated with green vegetables.

Today, I have introduced you to the rich and precious (lian) year.

It may be a bit flawed, but if you follow the instructions above, you can make delicious dishes.

[Can banana skin be beauty?】 _Beauty effect_Beauty effect

銆 愰  钑 夌 捊 鍙  Mutually recommended:  钖 楋 纻 銆 慱 Ti 庡 Hua 湤 _Ti  锷 熸 晥
You are in the middle of the flood. You are in a hurry. You do n’t know how to do it. You do n’t want to do it. Do n’t do it. Do n’t do it. Do n’t do it. Do n’t do it.€欙紝浜轰滑缁忓父浼氬嚭鐜版秷鍖栦笉鑹紝浜虹殑椋熸涔熶細澶уぇ涓嬮檷锛岃繖鏃跺€欏氨鏈夊繀瑕佸It ‘s very difficult for you to do it for you. It ‘s very difficult for you to do it. It ‘s very difficult to find it. It ‘s very difficult to find out what ‘s wrong. What ‘s wrong? What ‘s wrong?紝涓嬮潰鏁欏ぇ瀹朵娇鐢ㄩ钑夌毊甯姪缇庡鐨勬柟娉曘€傞钑夌毊鍙互缇庡鍚楋紵1銆侀钑夌毊鐢熷闈㈣啘灏嗛钑夌毊娲楀共鍑€浠ュ悗鎹g儌锛岃繖鏃跺€欏姞鍏ョ敓濮滄眮锛屾悈鎷屽潎鍖€浠ュ悗娑傛姽鍦ㄨ劯涓婏紝鐒跺悗淇濇寔15鍒嗛挓娲楀共鍑€鍗冲彲锛屾垨鑰呭彲浠ユ秱鍦ㄦ墜瓒冲锛岃繕鑳藉闃叉鍐荤柈鐨勫鍙戯紝鎵€浠ョ粡甯搁暱鍐荤柈鐨勭編鐪夊彲浠ョ敤棣欒晧鐨敓濮滄秱鎶逛笌鎮e鏉ョ紦瑙g梾鐥涖€?It ‘s not easy to find out what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on?潎鍖€锛岀瓑鍒?5鍒嗛挓浠ュ悗娲楀共鍑€锛岃繖鏍峰氨浼氭劅瑙夌毊鑲ら潪甯哥殑绱ц嚧锛岃€屼笖杩樿兘澶熸粙娑︾毊鑲わ紝闃叉琛拌€侊紝缂撹В鑴搁儴鐨勭毐绾癸紝鏈夋椂鍊欒繕浼氭姂鍒堕粦鑹茬礌鐨勬矇娣€锛屾贰鍖栨枒鐐广€?This is a very detailed example of how to make a detailed plan for the village. It ‘s not a good idea to make a detailed plan.Awkwardly, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowfulIt ‘s a telescopic function, and it ‘s very difficult for you to find out what you ‘re doing. It ‘s very difficult to make a lot of money.壊銆傞€氳繃涓婅堪灏忕紪鐨勮缁嗕粙缁嶅ぇ瀹朵竴瀹氬浼氫簡鍒朵綔棣欒晧鐨潰鑶滀簡锛屽湪浠ュ悗鐨勭敓娲讳腑锛屼竴瀹氳璁板緱涓嶈鎶婇钑夌毊缁欐墧浜嗭紝鐣欎笅鏉ュ綋鍋氱編瀹逛骇鍝侊紝鍔熸晥闈炲父濂斤紝鑰屼笖瀵逛簬鑲岃偆鏃犱换浣曞埡婵€銆?銆侀闃茬毑瑁傛瘡鍒板啲澶╃殑鏃跺€欙紝鐨勬墜鎴栬€呰剼锛屼細鍑虹幇鐨茶鐨勬儏鍐点€備负浜嗛槻姝㈣繖绉嶆儏鍐电殑鍑虹幇锛屽彲浠ュ厛鐢ㄧ儹姘存礂涓€涓嬫墜锛岀劧鍚庡啀鐢ㄥ噯澶囧ソ鐨勯钑夌毊锛屽湪鎵嬩笂鎴栬€呰剼涓婏紝鏉ュ洖鐨勬摝鎷紝鍙闃叉墜瓒崇毑瑁傘€傚鏋滃凡缁忕毑瑁傜殑璇濓紝鍚屾牱鍙湪浼ゅ彛澶勮交寰懇鎿︼紝瀵规敼鍠勭毑瑁傚緢鏈夋晥鏋溿€傞櫎姝や箣澶栨妸棣欒晧鐨秱鎶瑰湪鏈夌槉瀛愮殑鍦版柟锛屽潥鎸佹暦锛屼篃鏈夋秷闄ょ槉瀛愮殑浣滅敤銆?

[Chocolate Custard]_How to do_How to do

[Chocolate Custard]_How to do_How to do

Milk is very common in life. In addition to being a direct replacement, it can also be combined with many other desserts. Milk jelly is a more popular one.

There are many ways to make sherbet, mainly based on your own alternative ingredients.

Chocolate custard is added with chocolate in the initial formula to make the taste better and smoother, but it is not really difficult. Learn it and you can make it yourself at home.

So, what is chocolate sherbet?

Chocolate milk jelly material 50 grams of dark chocolate, 100ml of milk, 50ml of water, 1 piece of gelatine, 10ml of condensed milk, 50ml of animal fresh cream, chocolate sauce instead.

Method 1: Gilead is soaked in ice water for later use. The chocolate and water are melted away from each other. Stir until the chocolate and water are completely mixed.

2. Add the soft gelatine to the chocolate paste and mix well. Pour it into a cup and refrigerate for 2 hours.

3, whipped cream to five allocations, milk and condensed milk and mix well.

4, dig the solidified chocolate jelly into small pieces with a spoon, put it in the cup, and then pour the condensed milk.

5. Pour the whipped cream into the cup and drizzle with chocolate sauce.

Tip # 1, chocolate and water are not easy to fuse, and you need to initialize them thoroughly.

2. Gelatin should be softened with ice water before use.

Fragrant milk jelly material milk, 1 pack of marshmallows (packed in bags, sold separately at major supermarkets), fruits (unlimited types, depending on personal preference) Practice 1, pour the milk into the pot and heat.

2. Pour the marshmallows into the pot and stir.

3. After the marshmallow is completely melted, turn off the heat and pour it into a container for later use.

4. After cutting the fruit into diced shapes, add an appropriate amount to the container containing milk marshmallow.

5. Put it in the refrigerator for 3 hours (preferably in the freezer instead of the freezer) 5. After 3 or 3 hours, take out the ice cream cheese from the refrigerator!

Material for coffee matcha milk jelly 1: 10 grams of jelly powder, 100 grams of granulated sugar Material 2: 1000 grams of fresh milk, 2 tablespoons of instant coffee, 1 tablespoon of matcha powder, 4 egg yolks, 200 grams of fresh animal creamAfter mixing material 1 dry, add fresh milk and cook it to 90 ° C to remove from the heat, split into 2 equal portions for later use.

2. Take 1 equal portion and add instant coffee and mix well, then add 2 sieved egg yolks and mix well, and finally add 100 grams of fresh cream and mix well. After sieving, you can pour into a pudding cup model, that is, coffee milk.pudding.

3, add another equal portion of fresh milk jelly, add matcha powder and mix well, add egg yolk and fresh cream separately according to the procedure (2), mix after sieving, and pour into the pudding cup model.Matcha milk pudding.
Tip # 1, the fresh cream should not be too cold, otherwise it will be difficult to stir well.

2. Coffee powder and matcha powder can be dissolved with some hot water first, and it is easier to mix with other materials.

Strawberry milk jelly material 500ml milk, a few strawberries, 5g konjac flour method 1, strawberry cut into small pieces for later use; 2, milk is boiled with sugar; 3, add konjac flour and cook while stirring for 3-5 minutes;Better than sifting, it will be more delicate; 5, cool at room temperature, the milk jelly is formed.

5G authorization issuance of nearly 1.5 billion large orders to preemptively lay out 5 concept stocks

5G authorization issuance of nearly 1.5 billion large orders to preemptively lay out 5 concept stocks

Our trainee reporter Wang Ke, according to the official Weibo news of Xinhua News Agency, recently the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will issue a 5G commercial license, which will officially enter the first year of 5G business.

It is reported that the 5G standard is a unified international standard jointly formulated by the global industry, that is, the declared standard essential patents account for more than 30%.

In the technology trial stage, multinational foreign 南京桑拿网 companies such as Nokia, Ericsson, Qualcomm, and Intel have participated in depth. With the joint efforts of all parties, 5G already has a commercial foundation every year.

  Analysts said that companies, governments are working together, and 5G construction acceleration signals are obvious.

Since May, 5G equipment bidding has continued to accelerate, and scene demonstrations and emerging application exploration go hand in hand, with 76 single-month bidding projects.

In addition, 5G construction also shows the characteristics of continuing to penetrate the local area. In May, bidding for two provinces in Anhui and Heilongjiang was added.

As of May 31, 26 provinces or municipalities in 34 provinces across the country have conducted 5G tenders, continuing a gradual and good trend, and investment opportunities for companies in the 5G industry chain deserve attention.

  ”Securities Daily” reporter statistics found that on Monday (June 3), the overall performance of the 5G concept plate was dazzling. Among them, Hejing Technology, Huamai Technology, Creative Information, Zhongtong Guomai, Huiyuan Communications, Vertical Communications, HengmingDa, Xintian Technology, Ziguang Guowei, Mingpu Optical Magnetic, Oriental Jiasheng, Mega Intelligent, Zhongguang Lightning Protection, Wutong Holdings and other 14 stocks rose and stopped.

Including Chun Hing Seiko (8.

56%), Hudian shares (8.

15%), Shennan Circuit (6.

40%), New Yisheng (5.

94%), Shenyu shares (5.

82%) and other internal 11 stocks have cumulative growth of more than 5%.

In addition, 83 stocks including Tongyu Communications, Datang Telecom, Powerway Alloy, Special Information, Gospel (rights), etc. all achieved varying degrees of growth on Monday.

  In terms of capital flow, on Monday, the 5G concept segment achieved a large net inflow of large single funds. Among them, ZTE (61154).

310,000 yuan), Chunxing Seiko (24389.

240,000 yuan), China Unicom (24195).

510,000 yuan), Hudian shares (21855.

330,000 yuan), Wutong Holdings (17005.

(700,000 yuan) and other 5 stocks on June 3 suffered a large single fund over 100 million yuan, attracting a total of 14 money.

8.6 billion yuan.

  Regarding the market outlook for the 5G sector, Zhongtai Securities stated that it is recommended to focus on the following sub-sectors, small base stations: Jingxin Communications, Cambridge Technology, Zhongjia Bochuang; IoT modules and terminals: Wingtech, Guanghetong, Gaoxing, Mobile Communications, Sunsea Communications, Neusoft Carrier; Intelligent Controller: Top State, He Ertai; Edge Computing Provider: Wangsu Technology, Inspur Information.

5G investment cycle upwards: Fiberhome, ZTE, and China Tower; high-speed optical modules: Guangxun Technology, Zhongji Xuchuang, Xinyisheng and Tianfu Communications; antennas and RF: Tongyu Communications, Mobi Development, Dongshan Precision,Big Dipper, terminal equipment: Xinwei Communication and McGee Technology.

Northern Huachuang (002371): Q2 single quarter quarterly inventory and accounts receivable indicate good

Northern Huachuang (002371): Q2 single quarter quarterly inventory and accounts receivable indicate good

Event: On the evening of July 17, the company released the 2019 semi-annual report performance report, of which H1 in 2019 achieved operating income16.

54 ppm, an increase of 18 per year.

63%, net profit attributable to mother 1.

28 ppm, a ten-year increase of 7.


The opinion is as follows: subject to the growth rate of the order confirmation cycle Q2, the outlook is expected to remain stable.

The company released its semi-annual report for 2019 on July 17, of which H1 achieved revenue of 16 in 2019.

54 ppm, an increase of 18 per year.

63%, net profit attributable to mother 1.

28 ppm, a ten-year increase of 7.

87%: (1) View by business: Electronic process equipment income12.

46 ppm, an increase of 17 per year.

13% (mainly semiconductor equipment); electronic components revenue 3.

97 ppm, an increase of 22 in ten years.


(2) View by quarter: In Q2 2019, the operating income was 9.

4.6 billion, an increase of 11% over the same period, an increase of 33.

6%, Q2 returns to the net profit of the mother is 1.

武汉夜网论坛0.8 billion, a 10-year growth of 4.

2%, the second quarter revenue and performance growth have improved, we believe that the equipment company due to the issue of the confirmation of the order cycle revenue changes are relatively normal, from a longer perspective, the company’s revenue still maintains a high-speed growth.

(3) Financial perspective: The company’s 2019Q1 inventory and advance receipts are 34.

85 and 16.

4.4 billion, an annual increase of 52% and 34%, the company’s orders on hand will gradually release follow-up cash growth.

Medium- and long-term prospects for customer technology and other advantages guarantee domestic replacement dividends: According to SEMI and our forecasts, the expansion of domestic wafer fabs in the next three years will drive semiconductor equipment to reach USD 152 billion in 20南宁桑拿19, an increasing 78%.

8%, 214 billion yuan in 2020, a year-on-year increase of 40%, 2019-2020 is the critical volume of semiconductor equipment, domestically produced alternatives greet the best growth opportunities.

Among them, North China Chuang’s etching equipment, PVD, diffusion, cleaning machines and other multi-category products will enter the rapid volume phase. We estimate that the annual replacement scale is 1 billion to 2 billion + grade: (1) in terms of etching, etching equipment is domesticThe rate is lower than 15%. The company owns the leading domestic silicon dry etching equipment for integrated circuits, and will benefit from the 12-inch production line requirements of integrated circuits such as logic chips, 3D NAND, and DRAM. (2) In terms of PVD, the company has graduallySuccessfully developed TiNHardmask PVD, Al pad PVD, AlN PVD, TSV PVD and other pitch magnetron sputtering PVD products. Among them, HardmaskPVD equipment for 28nm / 12-inch wafer production has become SMIC’s baseline equipment;, The company acquired the United States Akrion wafer cleaning equipment company to improve the 8-12 inch single chip cleaning machine product line.

The reorganization of the company’s product line is based on a large number of R & D. In Q1 2019, R & D investment1.

0.6 billion, an annual increase of 204%, mainly invested in 12-inch 14nm process etchers, PVD, ALD and other manufacturing equipment.

It is planned to raise funds to raise 5 / 7nm key semiconductor equipment.

The company plans to increase to the National Integrated Circuit Fund (subscription 9.

200 million), Beijing Electric Control (600 million) and other raised funds for 5 / 7nm key IC equipment research and development.

Project production capacity: annual production of 30 etching equipment, 30 PVD equipment, 15 single-chip continuous equipment, 30 ALD equipment, 30 vertical furnace equipment, 30 cleaning equipment, etc. The annual average annual sales income is expected to reach 26 Ten thousand yuan, annual average profit budget is 5.

400 million, the company’s performance is expected to further improve.

Investment suggestion: We are optimistic about Beifanghua Creation as a domestic semiconductor equipment leader in the future of domestic strategic opportunities and growth opportunities, maintaining 2019 and 2020 revenue 46.

2, 65.

200 million, net profit attributable to mother 4.

00, 6.

14 ppm, PE is 77x, 50x, maintain “Buy” rating. Risk warning: Technology research and development is less than expected, downstream expansion slows down, and Sino-US trade risks.

Construction Machinery (600984) Company Study: Delay in Epidemic Situation Short-term Impact on Performance Does Not Change Medium- and Long-term Growth Trend

Construction Machinery (600984) Company Study: Delay in Epidemic Situation Short-term Impact on Performance Does Not Change Medium- and Long-term Growth Trend

The epidemic situation in the introduction of the report led to the delay in the peak season of tower crane construction, which will have a short-term impact on the company’s performance, but the demand is only delayed but not disappeared. We remain optimistic about the company’s performance.

Investment points worsening epidemic situation. Tower cranes affect short-term performance. Expected performance is expected to remain optimistic. Emerging epidemic outbreaks. Before the Spring Festival, orders with SARS orders were delayed, and the cost of fixed costs caused by equipment idle rates increased.Measured in optimism (2.

15), neutral (3.

15), Pessimism (4.

15) Under the three kinds of abnormal return time, the impact on Pangyuan’s net profit was 46.53 million / 85.29 million / 142.12 million, of which the growth rate of the three types of mixed net profit was 26% / 20% / 11%, the actual degree of impactAt least the epidemic is developing.

We believe that counter-cyclical adjustments will gradually increase after the epidemic, and real estate and infrastructure adjustment will gradually exceed expectations. The construction volume after the resumption of construction sites is expected to exceed the expectations before the epidemic, and the demand is only postponed rather than disappeared. Therefore, our performance on the Ponzi sourceThe growth rate is still relatively optimistic. The above-mentioned high probability 天津夜网 is the lower limit of Pang Yuan’s performance growth rate.

Prefabricated construction is the core driving force for its performance growth. Pangyuan’s market share has managed to quickly increase Pangyuan as a leader in tower crane leasing. The average compound growth rate in the past five years has reached 61%. The growth of the company stems from the industrialization of prefabricated construction.Inevitable trend.

According to our calculations, the demand for prefabricated buildings for medium and large tower cranes is expected to reach 57.6 billion in 2025. The construction of Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital is a typical demonstration of its application and is committed to catalyzing the accelerated development of the industry.Pangyuan’s outstanding listed company’s financing advantages, as well as strong management 杭州桑拿网 and brand scale advantages, promote rapid market share increase.

Earnings forecast and projected epidemic situation will have a short-term impact on the start-up of the industry. It is difficult to change the long-term development prospects of the industry.

10,000 yuan, an increase of 232 in ten years.

94%; we maintain the company’s net profit at 5 for 19-21.

1 billion, 8 billion, 10.

The 200 million forecast corresponds to PE16, 10, and 8 times. Pangyuan’s performance is continuously fulfilled, and the counter-cyclical growth logic is clear. It can be predicted to continue to improve and maintain a “buy” rating.

The spread and duration of risk factors outbreaks exceeded expectations, and infrastructure and real estate investment efforts were lower than expected.

What to do if the child compares his heart-

What should I do if my child is more competitive?

Experts remind: Parents should guide them properly and do not invest in their children ‘s habits. A recent survey on children ‘s habits developed on a parent-child website in Shanghai shows that many young mothers reflect that their children have different degrees of comparison.

Ongoing, early childhood education psychologists remind parents to treat children’s comparison psychology properly, which is called blind doting, and beware of children’s comparison inertia.

  The reporter saw that in the forum, a mother netizen put in the post: her son Jia Yi, who is still in the kindergarten class, said when chatting with the children, “My dad has four mobile phones.

“The children immediately paid their respects,” My family has three suites.

Jia Yi bowed her head and walked away without a word.

In fact, Jia Yi’s father only had one mobile phone, and the other three were discarded mobile phones that he couldn’t bear to throw away.

This lady is very worried that her son has such a strong comparison mentality at a young age.

  In the forum of this parent-child website, the discussion on how to overcome the child’s heart of comparison has attracted the attention and participation of many young mothers.

Among them, 70% of participants shared their exquisite methods, while 10% said they were helpless.

  Yes, early childhood education psychologists said that it is normal for children to be a little bit more competitive, because children have a desire to perform in early childhood. They will use good-looking toys and beautiful clothes to attract everyone’s attention, but they are not excessive.The actual comparison goes beyond vanity.

Therefore, parents and teachers should correctly guide their children’s comparison behaviors, grasp their degree, give encouragement in a timely manner, and protect their innocence.

But don’t overdo it, add obedience to your children, and prevent the inertia of comparison.

  Experts suggest that parents should guide their children to compare in positive and positive places, such as learning, character, skills, etc. Do not let children develop in the direction of material pursuits, bad behaviors, etc .; Second, parents should encourage their children to use proper methods and personal efforts.Come to win over others; at the same time, pay attention not to let the child be too stressed, to prevent the sharp corners of the horns, and if necessary, comfort him and relax him.

Alternate autumn and winter, the baby is cold hard

Alternate autumn and winter, the baby is cold hard

Young children have always been a weaker group of people, especially newborns, and they need special care.

Alternating autumn and winter is the season when the weather is changing. How can we make the newborn baby get used to this season as soon as possible and automatically adjust its own resistance?

This article introduces you to some cold hard exercises, which we can also call “cold exercises”.

  There is a saying in the folk that “spring covers autumn and freezing”, because the change in external temperature can stimulate the body’s own body temperature regulation system, thereby enhancing its function.

Adding or subtracting clothes with slight changes in temperature will shrink the body’s ability to regulate the body’s temperature.

The cold hardening exercise is just in time for the fall and winter.

  Because babies of different ages will have different resistance abilities, we should pay attention to the appropriate when we are training the baby’s cold resistance, we must ensure that the baby can tolerate it, or it may be counterproductive if we do not pay attention when not exercising.

For babies from 0 to 3 months, we can insert the following “cold exercise” method.

  The baby at this stage grows quickly, but has poor adaptability to the environment. Mommy should pay attention to the timing and duration of cold hard exercise.

  Pay special attention to keeping your feet, stomach and hips warm while sleeping.

Open the window properly at noon temperature between 27 ℃ -28 ℃, but don’t blow the baby directly.

  When taking a bath, keep the room temperature at 26 ° C and the water temperature at 38 ° C, not too high.

After taking a bath and drying, put the baby on a large towel, cover the belly and thighs with a thick towel, expose the lower legs and arms, and put your hands from the bottom of the baby’s feet to the outside of the calf, from the palm of your hand to the outside of the arm. Gentle and fasterFollow along to stop, get dressed and lift up after 2-3 minutes, and do a warming massage.

  Half an hour after feeding, if the baby does not fall asleep, you can also properly expose the baby’s arms and calves for 2-3 minutes, using the above methods to stop.

  Appropriate outdoor activities are good cold hardy.

It starts at about 8 in the morning in the fall and is now done for 1-2 minutes. Slowly increase the time. The 1-2 month baby does not exceed 5 minutes at a time.

Keep your feet, belly, and hips warm. It is best for moms to distribute them without baby strollers. This way, moms’ body temperature can be kept warm, and their calves and arms can be properly exposed.

  Chinese medicine believes that the head is the meeting of Zhuyang, and the head and face are the most cold-tolerant parts. The baby who is 2 to 3 months can gradually lower the water temperature for washing hands and face, generally from 37 ° C to about 28 ° C.

Autumn is dry. Feed your baby more water every time you feed. The water temperature is slowly reduced from 42 ° C to about 37 ° C.

  Intimate tips: (1) After the jaundice recedes and the umbilical cord scars are gone, you can swim alternately, 2-3 times a week, 10 minutes each time. It is a good cold hardening exercise that can last until the baby 10 months.

  (2) Cold hardening is very important. Mommy should take cold hardening as a necessary activity every day, and it will definitely get good results.

Self-massage makes you recover from sleep!

Self-massage makes you recover from sleep!

People to old age, sleep disorders, insomnia recurrence, become a major problem in the elderly living in high blood pressure, affecting the physical health of the elderly.

The number of young people who have been heard on weekdays has always been very good. But I can’t sleep at night, I can’t sleep, I’m always asleep, I always dream, I sleep very lightly, I can wake up with a little noise.How can the body survive this way?

Here’s a small series to recommend a simple and easy to learn insomnia massage method, start with me now!

  How does self-massage block insomnia?

  Adjustment function: adjust the yin and yang to achieve a balanced balance.

  Keeping fit and healthy: make the body’s blood flow smooth, the vitality of the organs is strong, the righteousness, the blood storage is sufficient, the body’s disease resistance is enhanced, and the disease prevention is in the first place.

  Regulate brain function: ventilate blood, improve tissue oxygen supply, blood supply, inhibit excessive hyperexcitability of nerves, produce sedative, hypnotic and other effects.

  Go to sleep: Because massage can treat many diseases, you can go to sleep because of illness.

  Self-massage operation Here is a set of easy-to-learn insomnia massage method, let’s start with me now!

  Head massage method 1: take the seat, eyes are not closed, keep turning the eyeball, rub the hands warmly, insert the back and forth massage with the palm of the hand, the focus is on the neck part; then ten fingers bend the hair until the head has a warm feeling;The thumb of both hands is pressed 30 times on both sides of the wind pool (the back of the pillow).

  Method 2: Take the supine position, and massage the thumb with both hands from Yintang (the midpoint of the line connecting the two brows) to the upper star (1 inch straight in the middle of the hairline), repeat for 2 minutes; then use the thumb to lick the bamboo (the brows are depressed).Fish waist (the center of the eyebrows), silk bamboo empty (the brow tip depression), the sun, sleeping (the midpoint of the line connecting the wind and the wind pool) for 3 minutes; after that, massage the forehead with hands and big fish for 2 minutes, lightEyeball for 2 minutes; then use the thumb to smash the Baihui (after the hairline straight up 7 inches), Shencong four points (baihui point around the left and right sides of each inch) 3 minutes.

After that, sit up, the five fingers from the front of the hairline to the back of the line to the wind pool, and the wind pool, take the neck behind the big ribs, shoulder well (the middle point of the Dazhui and the shoulder line) for 5 minutes.

  Note: The above two methods are especially good for stubborn insomnia, insist on massage 10?
After 20 days, the effect is obvious.

  Other parts of the massage with the palm of the hand to wipe the spring hole (located at the bottom of the foot, the toe is bent downwards when the depression) 5 minutes; with the palm of the big fish in a clockwise direction, press the middle point (4 inches on the umbilicus)5 minutes; Massage Shenmen (located in the root of the palm of the hand to insert the depression) dozens of times.

  When you take a deep breath and fall asleep, focus on the affected area, take a deep breath for several times in the left and right position, and take a deep breath in the right side for several times. Finally, return to the natural position, naturally breathe, and soon fall asleep.

There are still some people who can fall asleep during the massage process, so it is not necessary to force all the operations to be done.

Three role mentalities in interpersonal communication

Three role mentalities in interpersonal communication

Interpersonal communication can be divided into three different mentalities, namely the parent mentality, the adult mentality and the child mentality.

  There is such an example: three people did business in partnership and lost money in the end. A said, “I all blame you. There is no true ability. It is really bad luck to partner with you!

B said, “I think there are several reasons for this loss. The first is that the three of us didn’t have the same idea, and we didn’t make any efforts.

Second, there are also some objective strengths at work.

“C said,” It’s all my fault. I didn’t do a good job. Please forgive me, I will definitely make corrections, and everyone will go on.

“In this conversation, A accused two colleagues with an elder tone, and saw that it was a parental mentality; B was very calm, like a stable, rational person, and an adult mentality; C was like a child,I’ve done something wrong and begged everyone to forgive me.

  In fact, each of us has these three character mentalities.

When we are in the mentality of parents, we have the idea of “what must be done” and “what should be done”.

Parents’ mentality is broadly divided into two types: one is characterized by being mean to others and likes to pick other people’s shortcomings, and the other is easy to show emotions to others.

A parent’s mentality is in some form and is obtained from his parents.

How parents loved us when we were young, we have a kind of parental mentality when we grow up.

In the adult state of mind, we are occasionally calm, rational, and objective. We are neither fussy nor impulsive. We are very opinionated, have a plan and do not panic.

When we are in the mentality of children, we act emotionally, we do not consider the consequences, and our emotions fluctuate and we are easily disturbed.

  Almost everyone has these three mentalities in the process of dealing with people, but the proportions are different.

In life, we often meet some fixed-role players.

People who have been in a parent mentality for a long time like to criticize others or make suggestions to force you to accept, or they just like to oppose the lives of others and treat you like a child.

Of course, only those “lifelong children” can live with them for a long time.

“Lifetime children” are those who have been in children’s psychology for a long time. Even if they live to the age of 50 or 60, their speech, behavior, thoughts and behaviors are just like a child.

They are generally not opinionated. They often depend on others for everything, and often refuse to take responsibility. They are impulsive in doing things and need others to take care and care in their lives.

When dealing with people, they like to be noticeable and win something.

And people who have been in the adult mentality for a long time like purely logical thinking. They are very rational in doing things, rarely talk about feelings, and are often called by others?


They have very little humor in their lives, their time is well-organized, and getting along with them is very tedious.

  From the above analysis, we are not serious that any kind of character mentality that develops the ego alone will unbalance the development of our character, which directly affects our interpersonal relationship is unharmonious.

  So how do you adjust yourself to keep the three mentalities in your self in balance?

  We must understand the proportion of our three role mentalities in interpersonal communication.

This requires you to record the mentality of your characters in your interactions with others within a week, and check them together. The proportion of the three mentalities will be very clear.

After knowing the proportions of the three mentalities, you can consciously reduce the mentality with the highest proportion in the interaction with people, and improve the other two mentalities.

  If you find that you often use parent mentality to interact with people, you should pay attention to objective observation, learn to listen, less criticize, pick others, and take correct suggestions from others.

Make your life a little more casual and emotional, and you will definitely be happier.

  If you are a very rational person, you’d better lower your adult mentality.

Try to relax yourself and allow your feelings to be properly vented.

I suggest you watch some comedies or jokes often and make yourself as a kid.

  If you are often in the mentality of a child, then you should calmly analyze the situation and avoid emotional affairs; it is best to ask yourself “what do I want to do”, without having to take into account the preferences of others, so as not to lose yourself; it is best to train yourself,Everyone is responsible, not overly dependent on others.

  In interpersonal communication, each of us should pay attention to what mentality we are in, and pay attention to the most appropriate role mentality to interact with people on different occasions.

I believe that you will have many friends and become a very popular person.