all of a sudden,The local people of the Diqi team are all embarrassed。They don’t know what they are afraid of,But a deep-rooted fear keeps pressing on them,So that they dare not get too close to the village。There is a sense of suffocation even in the outer area。

As for where does this oppression come from?They don’t know!
Qin Feng just followed Professor Shi’s team into the village。
have to say,After entering,Qin Feng really has one
I have returned to the ancient times。At least some of the wooden houses and other buildings here look like this。
But here comes the problem,If these things are really ancient buildings,Can they keep it till now?To know,If a place falls into disrepair,Without even traces of human activity,Then there will be deserted soon!
But now there seems to be no trace of alive in this village,But it doesn’t look like no one lives all the time。
So Qin Feng couldn’t help asking,“Professor Shi,Do you think this place,Could it be a temporary set up and used to fool us??”
Actually don’t talk about Qin Feng,Even Professor Shi’s team has the same questions in their hearts。
Chapter five hundred and sixty three Village conclusion
Professor Shi Wen touched his face,Then frowned,“how to say,This place doesn’t look like a shed built by factions。Most importantly,Something here,There is no trace of the invasion of time。Anyway, it is full of disobedience。”
“Where does this sense of violation come from?”Everyone asked。
Professor Shi touched the wood on the building,Then said,“It feels like here,As if it was just built。But the wood and other things around this,Should be cut and polished。The issue is,Near this steppe country,There is no big wood at all!”
After that, even Professor Shi himself was puzzled。What is this thing?Why can it give people such a strong ancient atmosphere and traces,But it hasn’t been eroded by the years?
It’s as if the village was built and then traveled directly to the modern world!
Yes,This is how the village feels to the professor。But Professor Shi can’t tell this guess,Because it doesn’t conform to historical principles!

“Jin Yang,Can you check the bottom of the car for me??I don’t believe it,That kid is so young,So much money to buy a luxury car!”

Tong Lei lost face this time,He wants to use the power of the family,Find this place,Otherwise, why continue to maintain a glorious position in the school??
Don’t know the words,Jin Yang, the handsome and handsome bodyguard in his family, has a big face change,Wryly smiled:“Tong Lei,You better save!Don’t be stupid!That car,And that person,I already
Guess who it is。”
“You don’t understand the affairs of the arena,Hehe!How can i tell you?Forget it,I’ll tell you a story。”
“Half a month ago,Xu Shao of Jinshan Group,Audi driving his old man,I want to tease my sister in Shenda,The result was hit by a yellow Porsche.。”
“Then in less than ten days,First, the officer who covered the Jinshan Group was pulled down,Then Xu Kaishan, the boss of Jinshan Group, disappeared,No news till now,The people under his hands are dead,Run run,The rest are in prison,And all the sites of Jinshan Group were swallowed up almost overnight。Billions of assets,Swallowed clean。”
That’s all Jin Yang said,Tong Lei is already pale,Dare not listen anymore。
“Ha ha!It’s so cruel!Also let me remind you,All of our Tong’s properties,There is not as much as one-tenth of Jinshan,And it doesn’t include the forces on the black and white,Too far,It’s not a level at all。”
“and so,Do you still want to check that person’s bottom??”Jin Yang sneered。
Tong Lei was so shocked that he almost sat down on the ground.,Pale,Teeth trembling,Horrified。
Jin Yang shook his head,Ha ha smiled:“Don’t be so nervous!At that person’s level,Probably not interested in caring about you。As long as you don’t provoke him。”
“too,too frightening!I,I’ll tell my dad,I want to transfer!”Tong Lei’s teeth tremble,All the spirits are gone,Muttered。
He is just an ordinary rich second generation,Just pretend to be forceful among the students,Ask him to provoke a man who can even destroy the Jinshan Group,It’s too hard for him。
Lu Menglin obviously didn’t want to care about with college students,The two sides are not on the same level at all。
What he is considering now is another very difficult issue。
“I will leave the deep city tomorrow,Went back home。”Lu Menglin said cautiously。

When they heard,This army turned out to be from a terrible place,From the mysterious sin city,All the soldiers and civilians in Floating Cloud City were frightened。

Especially those big nobles in the city,Some of them were fortunate enough to have heard news about Bairimen,Once it spreads,It’s more vivid,Add oil and vinegar,The soldiers and horses that have been attacked are described as all living Hades。
These nobles,Actually, I am not very afraid of the war with Hongliucheng,Because regardless of the battle between the two cities,Which city wins in the end,They all rely on these great nobles to manage the city-state,The big deal is just paying more ransom。
but,They are very much,But it’s fear to the extreme。Because these people are not under the jurisdiction of God City,They are all sinners,Kill and burn,The wicked,Don’t say it’s killing a disobedient person,It’s possible even to slaughter the city。
but,After this Bairimen army entered the city,Surprisingly quiet,They just stationed around the city lord mansion,Control the city lord and the patriarchs of the great nobles,Then we sealed up the weapons depot in the city,Other things have not been committed。
But this way,But the city lord of Flowing Cloud and those imprisoned patriarchs are even more sad。
As the saying goes,Not afraid of stealing,I’m afraid of thieves,I just don’t know what the army from the day gate wants to do,This is the biggest horror。
Explain that they have a big picture,It’s not just the kind that just grab a ticket and run!
But thinking about it is even more strange,Floating Cloud City,I don’t know how far away,What are these wicked people doing all the way to Floating Cloud City??
Do they want Champa to be the master?This is not reasonable!Tianzun God City will never let them do this,As soon as the news leaks out,The army of God City might be here soon。
In this uneasy mood,All the soldiers and citizens of Floating Cloud City ushered in another more shocking news。
Floating Cloud City Army defeated Red Willow City,An army of tens of thousands,And a large number of disciples of Liuyun Sect,Annihilation。
When I just heard the news,Many people thought it was fake news,Someone is joking!
How can this be?And how long did it take for the army to go south?How could you lose so soon??
Some people were expecting,The army of Floating Cloud City returns to the division,Drive away these wicked soldiers from Bairimen,I didn’t know it but it was a blow。
but,The news was quickly confirmed,Because the army of Hongliu City,Already drove into Floating Cloud City。
All soldiers and civilians in Floating Cloud City knew,The trend is gone,The plan of those great nobles to plunder the wealth of Red Willow City,Completely bankrupt。
After Lu Menglin and his party entered Floating Cloud City,Meet directly with the Bairimen army,Two soldiers and horses in one place,Take Floating Cloud City completely。

“okay,How many people came?”Qin Feng directly interrupted Draxler’s beautiful fantasy。

The other party still doesn’t understand,After all, people I met in the past,When he knew the identity of the Rohir family,Even if I resist,I will not refuse so obviously and deliberately。
“I said how many people did you bring?I am going to hack all!”
Hear words,Eight-character Hu squinted at Qin Feng,He found that he couldn’t see the young man in front of him,After all,Qin Feng is only one person,In this case,Why should he be so arrogant?Just because it can beat the question?Although the ability to guess is really strong。
Also because of this,That’s why he takes this matter so seriously,Otherwise, how could members of the Rohill family appear in person?。
“Actually, I don’t quite understand,Why do you have to be our enemy?”
“Are you nonsense?I forgot that Skynet slaughtered my entire Qin family?I’m just here for revenge!”Qin Feng shouted angrily。
Draxler never thought about it.,After all, not all matters of the Rohill family are handled by one person.。we can even say,Because basically as long as the members of the family have certain abilities。
So even if you decide to slaughter a family,,Don’t need to discuss it。As long as the identity of the other party has been investigated,If there is not much threat, basically one of the disciples decides to solve the problem。
“So??Actually if you are willing to join,We may be able to ask the disciple who made the decision to give you an explanation。”
“Oh?You only need one of your disciples for those decisions
Can make a decision?Then say that,How are you going to let that person explain?Life for life??if so,I can think about it!”Qin Feng looked at each other with a smile。

last sentence,Mo Mo said to Xiangyang in his arms,Smile,The latter turned his head to Ding Jia and Ding Yi calmly,Arrogance on his face。

“What do you want us to do?”
Ding Jia said in a deep voice。
“Didn’t you eat dinner??I can not hear!”
Mo Mo holds his head up,Look at Ding Jia and Ding Yi playfully。
“What do you want us to do,Even suicide is fine!But let them go!”
Ding Jia’s calm voice,Say it again。Ding Yi by his side also bowed his head in resignation,Secret road:Where did you hit the iron plate?,It was clearly kicked on the missile!
Chapter One Hundred and Seventy Two Assassinated4
“Your life and death doesn’t matter to me!But who made you embarrass our little princess,I think such a person is still alive,Makes me very unhappy!”
Mo Mo stood beside Xiangyang,Whether Ding Jia and Ding Yi want to see,This has become an unchangeable fact。
There is this woman,Nothing can be done,This is a fact that does not need to be discussed。
Ding Jia tried his best to adjust his breathing,Make it sound smooth and long。Someone once told him,The Gemini Killer works pretty well,But still can’t live in the ranks of top masters,Ding Jia’s attitude towards this sentence used to be a question mark,After seeing Mo Mo today,The question mark becomes an exclamation mark。
“It’s not compliant!”
The cleaner can accept task failure,The problem that the industry has to face is that the number of orders will be less;But betrayed the employer’s information,This is a taboo in the circle。
Bitter heart,Even if you know you don’t have the right to choose,Ding Jia still has this hope。
“Do you still have a choice??”
Listening to Mo Mo,Ding Jia became silent again,Mo Mo smiled contemptuously。

“Then we don’t buy it。”Wang Mengmeng said angrily,A big beauty,Can’t compare to Qin Feng。

He actually bought six for the price of one piece of clothing,This is incredible。
“Humph,What world is this。”Leave that stall,After finding Qin Feng,Wang Mengmeng said with a temper。
“what happened,Big beauty?”Qin Feng looked at Wang Mengmeng who was upset,Said with a smile。
“Men only recognize money these days,Don’t you recognize beautiful women??Is my face worth even two hundred yuan?,And still two big beauties,Can’t even cut the bargain。”Wang Mengmeng pouted angrily。
“Angry about this,Of course you don’t know if you haven’t bought anything in such a place,The stall owners here are very good,Specifically black yours,Beauty who looks rich and embarrassed to bargain。”Qin Feng looks very experienced。
“OK,Don’t be angry,Actually they are not easy,We shouldn’t bargain。”Jiang Yan looked unbearable。
“No bargaining?If you don’t bargain, you will be taken advantage of。”Qin Feng smiled and said Jiang Yan was innocent。
“why?Isn’t it good for them to make more money??”Jiang Yan didn’t understand why she was being abused。
“Eat first,I will tell you while eating,How did i get in the night market。”Qin Feng
I know Jiang Yan is already hungry,After buying clothes,Just got some grilled squid,Fried mushrooms,Oden to cook these snacks。
“Is it hygienic here??”Jiang Yan looked at Qin Feng’s brother Wang Mengmeng who was already eating。
“I’m not ill after eating,Do you think so many people are eating?。”In fact, everyone knows that these snacks are the most unhygienic,But few people can resist the confusion of food。
“Uh uh。”Jiang Yan, who is already starving, thinks what Qin Feng said makes sense。Why others can eat but not themselves,I just picked up a bunch of fried mushrooms and ate it。
“You mean,I’m still waiting to listen。”Wang Mengmeng never forgets to listen to Qin Feng’s old stories while eating。
“Yes indeed,That has to start when I first entered high school,My pocket money was low at that time,Only enough for food,If you want to make a girl and ask someone to watch a movie, they don’t have money,So i have to find a way,Make some extra money。”
Qin Feng opened a bottle of beer,Continue to say while drinking。

Junior Brother Sha,Do not,It was Ge Xiaolun who rushed in directly from outside the tent,Then like Xin Zhao reported a bad news。

Heard what Ge Xiaolun said,Xin Zhao opened the quilt,Show your head“Do you want me to stop them from fighting!Are you so confident in me?”
“Letter,Letter,Don’t you have the super-electromagnetic gun that squeaks?!Can’t fight with them yet!”Ge Xiaolun asked seemingly puzzled。
For this Ge Xiaolun’s brain cells,Xin Zhao still has no hope。
“I say Xiaolun,Lengo,Your confidence in me is really too great,This is the head of Brother Monkey and Sister,Do you think it’s just like me,What’s the use after the past。
Besides, now, Brother Monkey is a natural offense with Sister Lena,They are the old grudges how many years ago,If you don’t fight like this once,I guess I won’t be quiet in the future!”
Xin Zhao isn’t worried about Lena.,After all, if Monkey King doesn’t want something to happen to this earth,,I’m sure I dare not really touch Rena。
And can Lena beat Monkey King?,This is an unknown。
But she is the goddess of Lieyang civilization,I have to have some protection of my own.。
Now this kind of grudge,Xin Zhao passed,Even if I can dissuade this time,Broke out next time,Who will dissuade。It’s better to let them fight a fight,It’s probably over。
of course,Nor does it rule out the reason for Xin Zhao’s lack of ability。
If he is capable enough,Let’s hit Rena’s fart first~share,Then hang up Brother Monkey,What he said at that time。
The above is pure imagination,Xin Zhao dare not say this to Lena or Brother Monkey,Otherwise, this situation is likely to happen to Xin Zhao himself。
“Then Lord Xin, you were pretty good just now?I see your state just now,I should be able to fight with monkey brother back and forth!”Ge Xiaolun asked again。
And this time,Xin Zhao finally feels something is wrong,Ge Xiaolun’s IQ and EQ,Xin Zhao that is clear,These things he asked now,It shouldn’t be something that Ge Xiaolun wants to know。
If it’s him,I care more about dating Qiangwei。
“My state,Can only take a few minutes,It’s an overclocking explosion,After that, the body’s energy is exhausted,Combat power plummeted,Just use it at this time,If else,I’m afraid I don’t want to live anymore!”
“Oh oh,That’s it,Then you rest first,correct,It seems that there is another one in the sky,It looks like you have an enemy with Brother Monkey,And the relationship with the older sister is not very good!”
Before Ge Xiaolun left,Said a word。

“Of course,He likes this kind of martial arts tournament very much。”Jiang Yan said。

After a while the two came,Hotels in Longyu City。
(End of this chapter)
Chapter Eighty Two Brother-in-law
“Qin Feng, what would you like to eat today,I won’t go home to cook today。”Jiang Yan took Qin Feng into the hotel。
“Ok,Listen to you。”Qin Feng said while following Jiang Yan。
I’ll let them in,Jiang Yan specially ordered his favorite dishes for Qin Feng。
“How is Qin Feng’s food??Delicious。”Jiang Yan,Said while adding vegetables to Qin Feng。
“Delicious is delicious,But it’s far worse than what you did,I still like what you do。”Qin Feng also took a chopsticks dish and said。
Suddenly Jiang Yan’s phone called,A phone call。
“Hey,What’s the matter with dad?”Jiang Yan asked on the phone here。
“By the way, your cousin is back now,Just arrived home,Call to tell you,Ok,Come see your cousin when you have time。”Jiang Hong said。
“Good dad,I’m having dinner with Qin Feng,Finished eating,We both come over。”Jiang Yan said。
“You will bring Xiaoqi here,I have something to explain to him by the way。”Jiang Hong on the phone,Said the other end。
“Qin Feng,Just now my dad said,Let us go to my house after dinner。”Jiang Yan said。
“What’s matter?”Qin Feng asked。
“How to say?My cousin just got home。”Jiang Yan said。
“Didn’t you just say that your cousin will arrive next month??”Qin Feng said。
“I don’t know this too,Maybe my cousin came back early。”Jiang Yan guessed。

When the final guess result comes out,Many people can’t calm down:

According to the conclusions analyzed by several authoritative think tanks including the North American Institute of the Academy of Social Sciences,If Chen Geng really intends to develop in politics,He has a very good chance of successfully running for the Senate of Michigan in five years.,If he is willing to run for governor of Michigan,And still have a great success rate——One sentence,As long as he wants,And if luck is not that bad,There must be a chair belonging to him in the U.S. Senate,Even being a member of the cabinet of a certain U.S. president is not so hard to understand。
Although this is only Chen Geng’s current idea,He has no intention of entering American politics for the time being,But when he expressed this idea through Ding Ruoyan’s mouth,No one would dare to ignore his signal。
Facing this circumstances,Even those who most violently oppose Ding Ruoyan marrying Chen Geng,Dare to talk about it。
PS:Brothers sorry,Please wait a few minutes。
1959There were Chinese senators in the U.S.?
Ding Ruoyan couldn’t believe it,But she believes that her father will not lie to herself,Can’t help but ask:“What is the name of this Chinese congressman?”
Ding Haijun Road:“Kwong Youliang。”
Finished,He stopped talking,But deeply thought about it:That’s the senator,The entire United States is only100People only。
If there is an inaccurate analogy between U.S. senators and Huaxia officials,Roughly,Deans of both houses of the U.S. Senate and the majority leaders of both houses,Its influence and discourse power in American politics is roughly the same as that of China.(country)First level、Which is politicsJStanding committee;
U.S. House and Senate Majority Whip、Minority leaders and whips of both houses、And some senators with greater personal influence,Its political influence is roughly equivalent to(country),Which is equivalent to politicsJCommittee member;

Look,A little flustered……

Chapter 41 Goodbye Annie
When I was doing sales and management,Behavioural psychology。
Bai Anni’s actions,To conceal the nervousness in my heart!
“Yes,I thought I should not see you in a short time。”
I thought about it:“When I went to Tianfu from Beijing,Happened to be on the same flight as Yanni。We talked all the way,I wanted to have dinner during her gathering,But because I was busy with work!”
Bai Anni showed a very surprised look,Obviously don’t know about it。
“Yanni didn’t tell you?”I ask。
“Did not mention。I now doubt if he was really injured,More likely to be waiting for you to invite her to dinner!”
Bai Anni stared at me suddenly:“Yanni likes you,do you know?”
I know,But i won’t say。
It’s enough to understand some things,No need to say it!
“Look at your face at the moment,You should know this!”
Bai Anni sighed softly:“Yanni is a very stubborn child,Also a very picky child,Has been like this since childhood。She chooses you and won’t give up,Nothing is enough to be an obstacle to stop him!”
I suddenly remembered,Li Lin!
Li Lin arrived in the capital last week,Lived in Gaoqiang’s home,I get along very well with my mother Zhang Meng!