But things have reached this time,Lin Feng still wants to ask Lin Yang again,It’s like someone who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness,But still want to have a dying struggle。

really,After Lin Feng saw Lin Yang’s facial expression,His mind is completely dead。
This time,I really gave up my heart completely!
Because after Lin Yang listened to his words,Just laughed。
After Lin Yang laughed,Lin Yang took two steps forward,Came to Lin Feng,Extend one’s right hand,While pointing Lin Feng’s chest with his finger,Humiliated:
“Lin Feng,You are not,brothers?Blood relationship?These words,What did you say?For my Lin family,Our Lin family child,There will always be only Lin Yang、Lin Hai、Lin Ping。There has never been a person named Lin Feng。”
“you,Lin Feng,Will never be the brother of a few of us,Will never be our family,you,understand?Forever,far,Do not,meeting。”
Lin Feng was so devastated that Lin Yang stepped back a few steps,Until Liu Chunlan reacted,Lin Feng who was about to fall after holding on。
Liu Chunlan shouted to Lin Yang, anxious:“Lin Yang,Don’t go too far,How to say,Lin Feng is also father’s son,Is your brother,You do,You will suffer retribution。”
Who knew Lin Yang would laugh when he heard this。
“retribution,OK,I am waiting!but,I have a chance to wait,but,As for you,Is there a chance to wait,That’s not necessarily!”
“Nowadays,About those Lin family’s industries in Yunshi,You have to give it,Give or give。”
After Lin Yang said this,,Just take out the phone,Made a call,Said:“Lawyer Wang,The contract I asked you to prepare,Bring me home now。”
After Lin Yang said this,,Just hung up。
And Lin Feng and his family,To this time now,I understand why Lin Yang took the initiative to invite his family to attend Lin Tiansheng’s ceremony this time.。

Geologically for the determination of weathering,Various natural rocks formed by decomposition and redeposition,Mixtures of minerals are also effective,Especially the quartz,Feldspar can be used as a sample。In studying the age of the loess layer,Also achieved satisfactory results。

Ye Xin tells everyone,This technology,Can measure the range from hundreds to one million years。
“but,We can’t completely rely on this so-called science,sometimes,It will deceive,Too easy to receive interference,The result will be different。
Like porcelain,Thermoluminescence dating can measure the age of ancient ceramics,But the required dose of a chemical element is different,Can disturb the age of ancient ceramics,That can make it older。
This limitation of thermoluminescence is often used by counterfeiters。”Old Chen told everyone。
Hu Yang couldn’t help but ask humbly:“Test age,How long will it take?”
“not always,According to the specific situation,Thousands and hundreds of years old,Results in a day or two。For those who have a longer time,The statistical data is naturally huge,So the time will be a little longer。”Ye Xin introduced。
It seems,The limitations are quite big,Not suitable for appraising treasure,Only some appraisal agencies will use。
Everyone listened,Also a little disappointed,I thought it was so awesome。There are so many loopholes to drill,According to Old Chen,Some people use those limitations to fake。
“Although there are limitations,But it is still very helpful for our work。Not everyone,Can use your eyes to determine the age of a cultural relic。”As young people in the new era,Ye Xin respects scientific instruments,More scientific methods。
Chen Lao is impartial,Smiled:“Single traditional method,And a single scientific method,Actually it’s not good。The best way,Is a combination of both,To minimize errors。”
After visiting the black technology,Everyone back to the original place again,Check the degree of dissolution。
Everyone found,Pretty fast。For a while,Porcelain bowls that were originally glued together,Has fallen off。
Chen Lao looked expectantly,Remove the top porcelain bowl,Put aside。At this moment,Everyone will see,As expected by Brother Hu,There is really a porcelain bowl inside,Too thin。
Old Chen and Ye Xin couldn’t help being excited,Seems to have guessed,What’s that baby。
“fast,Go and invite the curator over。”Old Chen told Ye Xin。
The live room was in an uproar,This is the first time,Hu Ge found a lost national treasure?

Lin Tian certainly does not have to bear any legal responsibility at this age,I’m not worrying about compensation。

But for a child,If the truth of this matter cannot be known,She will have a psychological shadow in the future!
and so,We must make this matter clear!
If Lin Tian is a legitimate defense,I won’t let that kid, his parents and the head teacher!
I will let them taste what life is better than death。
I have no right to judge anyone,But if I can,Will make them suffer the serious consequences of doing bad things。
I just opened the live broadcast with a try,At the same time, to prevent the other side from biting back。
Soon someone trusted me privately,Can provide strong evidence that Lin Tian is a legitimate defense!
I reply immediately,If you can provide evidence,I will thank and reward him!
The other party said it doesn’t need,Just for fairness and justice。
We are still arguing and stalemate,Someone rushed here,The other party is the one who can provide evidence。
He is a blogger,I accidentally photographed this material。
Because I was still busy,I didn’t pay attention to other things,I found this clip when I returned home for a return visit。

All this was shocked,Almost freaked out!

Just now he saw this man with his own magic shield,Knowing that the other party must be a big figure in the gods,Powerful,So I tried desperately when I came up,I just think that the other party will cherish his life,Can kill him with a fierce move。
The situation turned out to be completely opposite,The other party not only spares his life,And more courageous!I dare not fear that the two hammers fall on my head,But preemptively point to yourself。
Not to mention strength,But the guts to take chestnuts from the fire,It’s no longer acceptable to convince people。
It’s just that Bao Yongfei didn’t expect that he would be captured alive by the opponent,That finger,Looks unremarkable,But instantly stopped the blood in my body。
The two blood hammers condensed just now,Actually gradually converged back into the body,This strange change,Let Mao Yongfei not know how to be happy,Should be fear。
The other party seems to be very familiar with the way his blood runs,Even more familiar than myself!
Mao Yongfei looks drastically changed,I thought if I was captured alive,For the entire city of steel,Overall morale will be greatly affected,If the boss comes back in the future,I really don’t know how to confess!
“Mao Yongfei,Don’t try so hard in the future!The principle of being merciless,You should know better than me!”
I heard a familiar voice in front of me,Mao Yongfei raised his head in astonishment,Seeing the enemy in front of you start to change,The most weird thing is that the breath has started to change,The light energy peculiar to the god people disappeared,In exchange for the breath of energy and blood unique to the strong human race。
“boss!It’s you?Really you!”Mao Yongfei was a little confused,I still can’t believe my eyes,How come you suddenly become alive,It’s fine if your face changes,Can even the energy breath in the body change??
“You are the commander of the Guards, but you can’t do it,I’m so impulsive after being a marshal?If you hang up,Who will protect my parents?”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
Mao Yongfei heard this,understood,This is the real boss,Otherwise, I would never know about the guards,Not to mention the details of protecting the boss’ parents。
Turns out the boss defeated me!so close!Okay,Okay!Mao Yongfei thought so in his heart,Immediately relieved。
“Come all over!Our big boss is here!”Mao Yongfei shouted at the soldiers around。
Those soldiers are also confused by the second monk,The enemy seemed to have restrained the commander,Then the two chatted a few words,That appearance began to change。
I rely on!That person turned into boss Lu!When everyone is puzzled,I heard Mao Yongfei’s shout,Then they surrounded them one after another。

What he said,The female priests present,Looking at Wu Hao eagerly,Not in the slightest fear because the man’s hands were just stained with the blood of the priest,But full of expectations。

“Except my convenience,The priest I picked,What good is he?”Lu Menglin was curious for a while,Ignore the hot eyes around,Asked with a smile。
Priest Lei Ji nodded,Smiled:“Of course there are benefits!The more you sacrifice,The higher the sacrifice level,The priest who accompanied you to sacrifice,The more grace she gained,The level will increase soon,Can get a lot of benefits。”
“Oh!Turned out to be like this!Why don’t you invite priest Lei Jiji to preside over the sacrifice for me??”Lu Menglin smiled casually。
Anyway, that’s what he said,Will I come to sacrifice in the future or another matter?!Let’s talk more about such nice words,Without spending money。
The so-called sedan chair,This is the truth。
really,When Priest Lei Ji heard this,,I laughed so hard that I couldn’t even close my mouth。
if we assume,Just now he pleased this lucky guy because of the oracle,Then now,He really likes this Mr. Wu Hao!
Just for this boldness,Characters willing to share with others,Cooperate with this kind of man,It’s definitely a very comfortable process。
“Ha ha!Thanks a lot,Thank you Wu Hao for your kindness,Lei Ji accepted!”
“but,You should choose another priest!I’m already a great priest in a red robe,I will get my share of grace from the income of the entire Guangming Dragon Temple。And my level is too high,It’s not appropriate to be your exclusive priest,I suggest you find a low-level priest,Cultivate slowly,Grow up with him,This kind of friendship is the strongest。”
These words of priest Lei Jiji,Really sincere,It’s already a very intimate suggestion。
Lu Menglin nodded,About to refuse,Because he doesn’t want to get a priest by his side。
“Excuse me,Can i be a priest?If it was me,Brother Wuhao shouldn’t refuse。”Unexpectedly at this moment,A clear voice came from behind Wu Hao。

it’s actually really easy,In the subprime financial crisis“Subprime”,Refers to subprime loans in housing mortgage loans。

simply put,People who apply for a mortgage loan because of family conditions、income、Different factors such as historical credit history,The credit scores of lenders are also different。
Some lenders have high credit scores,Strong repayment ability,Low risk of default,Then their mortgage belongs to“Premium loan”,That is“Preferential loan”。
And some lenders have low credit scores,Weak repayment ability,High risk of default,Then their mortgage belongs to“Subprime loan”,That is“Subprime”。
In fact, in a popular sense,Mortgage loans and stocks、Bond、futures、Options and similar,All belong to the category of basic financial products,Lending bank lends to lenders,The lender repays the loan on time within the repayment period。
So the mortgage belongs to the loan relationship between the lender and the lending bank,No third party involved。
Which means,Even if the lender’s credit score is low,“Subprime”The risk is greater,The lender is very likely to default and fail to repay the loan。
But for the lending bank, it’s just a house default,They just took back the house,Irrelevant,It’s even less likely to cause a financial storm sweeping the world。
So from this we can see,Basic financial products including housing mortgage loans are relatively independent,Even if there is a problem with a certain product,The threat to the entire financial system is not great。
But financial derivatives are completely different。
Still go back2008The subprime financial crisis of 2015 came up。
For lending banks,Even though they can enjoy the benefits after they release the mortgage,Fixed date rent collection,This is a very happy thing,But the lending bank is slowly not satisfied with this。
Because of a very simple truth,The more mortgages the lending banks give out,Then the more people make money for lending banks,The higher the income of the lending bank。
But a cruel reality is,No matter how much money the lending bank has,,Also have an upper limit,And things like houses are very expensive,For lending banks,The mortgages they give out require a lot of their funds。
For example, the value of a house in the United States100Ten thousand U.S. dollars,The lending bank issued a mortgage for 10,000 houses,Will occupy them100Billion dollars in funding。
But the mortgage is dead,If all the money of the lending bank is occupied by the mortgage,Then the mortgage bank doesn’t have the funds to lend more mortgages,Earn more interest,This also fails to satisfy their dream of releasing more mortgages to make more money。
What to do then?
Is there a way,Can the lending bank use the limited funds in hand to issue unlimited mortgages??
This is a fantasy to ordinary people,However, it was solved by smart Wall Street investment bankers.。

This is to prevent Li Qiankun from having an accident in the future,I’m afraid I will be affected!

Through this matter,I began to think about how to pass all Li Qiankun’s assets through this operation,Become peace of mind。
Actually through Song Wei’s investigation,The assets Li Qiankun gave us are very clean assets,There is no dark history!
Because of this,I didn’t rush to do anything before。
but now,I suddenly felt a sense of urgent crisis!
I will discuss with Bai Yanni and Bai Anni,Decided to realize all the assets of the universe!
Including two cash cows, Qiankun Mining and Yunlong Mining!
After making this decision,I notified Tang Long and Zhou Zheng,Their shares will be liquidated,Direct account!
The two were very surprised。
But after listening to my consideration,Think it makes sense!
Because of Li Qiankun’s dark history,Lead to great uncertainty in the assets of the Qiankun system。
The best way to solve this problem is to cash in directly,Perform some operations after getting the capital,You can get rid of Li Qiankun’s influence。
Tang Long and Zhou Zheng are both talents,And it’s a rare talent。
I won’t give them up,After the Qiankun assets are processed,We will also invest in other areas,They will continue to serve me in other areas。
I told them my opinion directly,Ask them if they would continue to follow me。
The two are very happy,Without hesitation expressing willingness to continue following me,Start a career!
After we unified our opinions,Began to study who to transfer the two major mining companies to。
Tang Long has a wide network,He quickly found a very suitable buyer。

He felt that his decision just now was too wise,How does icing on the cake compare to giving charcoal in the snow?

The Sixth Prince was the first to stand up,The giants who support Wuhao,And his move,Have told all families,The relationship between the Six Princes House and Wu Hao is very shallow,Cooperation has started long ago,With this level of endorsement,It’s equivalent to raising Wu Hao’s worth。
Six Prince Mili believes,All that I have paid,Wu Hao should be very clear,Also know how to choose。
“Everyone be quiet!Please listen to me!”Lu Menglin didn’t expect the representatives of these rich family members to be so crazy,Isn’t it the ability to modify attributes??Why they behave so desperately?
I heard Master Wu Hao say,Everyone shut their mouths obediently,None of them wants to leave a bad impression on Master Wu Hao at this time。
One thousand one hundred and eight chapters Master of Magic
“Everyone saw it just now,The three Scarlet Moon equipment on the Three Black Blood Masters。Yes,Those three pieces of equipment are indeed my own changes。”
I didn’t wait for Master Wuhao to finish,There was another cheer from the representatives of the rich。
“First of all,The first thing I want to announce to you,Is my ability,I call it a magic,Means the magic of reconstruction。”
Lu Menglin said that,Deliberately paused,Everyone in the audience is listening carefully,The rhythm is completely under control。
“It turns out that this technique is called magic!”Many people present silently memorized this keyword that was created。
Lu Menglin paused,Keep saying:“then,Things are not what you think。to be honest,My current level of magic,Just can build on the original equipment,Make limited improvements。And the higher the level of equipment,The more difficult。”
When Master Wuhao is talking,Everyone present listened very carefully,Because of this scene,Is creating a new history of the god nation,And each of them is involved,You Rongyan。
“A simple analogy,Upgrade this Miss Mulan’s three-eye bracelet,For me,Very simple,But to improve the attributes of a Scarlet Moon equipment,It will take at least a week,And there is a risk of failure。”
“Actually, I’m not afraid of you guys,The three Scarlet Moon equipment on the Three Black Blood Masters you saw,Two of them are from our Bairimen collection,I matched it from the inventory,Only one,I personally promoted it。”Lu Menglin said calmly。
Everyone was taken aback first,Then they all laughed。

Chapter one hundred and thirty end

Subsequently,The Earth Alliance headquarters where the news was received,Send someone to the scene in a certain country the first time,After investigating the traces of fighting in this neighborhood,Formally filed a serious condemnation and protest to the government of the country。
The National Security Agency without permission,Send troops to attack the human hero Lu Menglin,In the end, he was successfully killed by Lu Menglin,In flesh and blood,Directly destroyed three gunships and four tanks,And caused dozens of military casualties。
When the fighting videos in the block circulated,The intelligence agencies of all countries were taken aback,The power analysis of Lu Menglin, the master of Jingshen Valley, restarted。
I thought he was already a low-key character,Now it seems,Not like this at all!Lu Menglin is still strong,Even in terms of individual combat power,He can definitely stand on top of the earth world。
but,Something unexpected happened,The country that initiated the action,Although the security chief was removed from office,,But it does not admit that this small-scale military operation was wrong,They refuted the condemnation of the Earth Alliance,And propose,Lu Menglin’s people without permission,Enter another country without permission,With his combat power,This in itself is an extremely dangerous move。
And the current superpowers,Actually acquiesced to this statement,They announced,Request the establishment of new defense regulations,Super combat power like Lu Menglin is not allowed,Enter their country at will,Otherwise it will be regarded as an extremely dangerous terrorist accident,They will retain the right to launch military strikes。
The strong backlash from these superpowers,Make the upper ranks of the Earth Allied Forces be devastated,But nothing to do。
Because of this signal,Not just from a political standpoint,It shows that these superpowers have been recuperating and rejuvenating in the past two years,The threat of the red zone has not been taken seriously enough,And in the hands of these politicians,And gradually mastered some high-end combat power,This is also where they dare to attack a strong like Lu Menglin.。
After all,Or because the threat of the red zone has been reduced,It’s been a long time since dark creatures descended on the earth,The huge military expenditures have made governments of all countries reluctant to hand over their military power and wealth to the Earth coalition forces to continue to squander.。
Including the inside of the Earth Alliance,Also have different voices。
As the information of the city of steel is gradually revealed,Some military leaders think,The Earth Alliance should be like Lu Menglin,Send troops to the Shenmin continent,Build more strongholds over there,Because only this,Humans will be stronger,To get more resources for the new world。
And Lu Menglin disappeared from the eyes of all parties once again,Including the Earth Alliance can’t reach him,Because he is so busy。
The last few days,Lu Menglin stayed in the Shocking God Valley,Stay in that broken alien warship。

“That one,good friend!Dying,I only have one last small request,Can you promise me?”Wei Xiaoxing blinked,Wryly smiled。

“You said!”He Bu answered without looking back。
Wei Xiaoxing laughed loudly:“Why don’t you help me hold Teacher Cao?!Let me kiss her,Don’t kiss a woman,I’m not willing to die!”
This remark,Everyone present couldn’t help but burst into laughter。
Although Wei Xiaoxing said so,But he didn’t do anything,Obviously joking。
Has reached this critical moment of life and death,This guy can actually joke,I really can’t help but say that it’s a very special character。
Cao Wen was surprised when she heard Wei Xiaoxing’s words,I was immediately infected by the laughter of these teenagers。By contrast,These children are much cuter than so-called suitors like Mausen。
If you really want to die,Then when death comes,She doesn’t mind letting that naughty kid kiss her。
Just thought of here,Cao Wen actually took a peek at that annoying Lu Lin,do not know why,Obviously that guy brought everyone into the red zone,But I can’t hate him in my heart。
And why would I look at him?at this time,Cao Wen is also a little confused。
Seeing the ice fog getting thinner and thinner,And the bee colony has surrounded these people in the ice mist,Surrounded by water,Maybe the next attack,It’s the last moment everyone died。
at this time,Lu Menglin finally stood up。
I saw him cough slightly,Took the initiative to walk to the forefront of the team,Shen Sheng:“Everyone get ready!The ice mist broke,You run towards the lake!”
“run?Can run?”Wei Xiaoxing muttered in her heart,But dare not say it。
Other people are like him,Looking at Teacher Lu with a face full of disbelief,They don’t want to lose hope of survival,But I can’t believe the grim situation in front of me.。
“I will block all the bees,Buy time for you!”Lu Menglin said lightly,Full of confidence in the tone。
Cao Wen said with surprise:“you?Can stop?”
“Ok,No problem!I’m your national martial arts instructor,This is just a small scene,do not worry!Just trust me。”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
Everyone looked at each other,I still can’t believe it,Teacher Lu is a martial arts instructor,But can Chinese martial arts and martial arts deal with such a large group of mutant bees??These mutant bees rushed over,As powerful as a rain of bullets,Teacher Lu can block it with bare hands?It’s this time,He’s still bragging?
“I should be able to hold it for five to eight seconds。You rushed along the lake,I’ll be fine if I get into the water。Remember not to go the wrong way,It will take too deep into the water